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Love amulets in everyday life

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A lot of people believe love talismans are only used by women, but this is not true and many men also use amulets to solve their love life problems.

While searching for love, people go to great lengths, and sooner or later try various magical things.

The main advantage of amulets and talismans for attracting love is that they are not dangerous to the people who use them, and they are not able to bring people into submission unlike some black and cemetery magic spells.

There are many ways to make an effective amulet to find or strengthen love.

Love amulets: A love knot

Runic love amulet

This effective amulet should be made only during the full moon. Take three red rose petals, one pink and one white yarrow flower, and one red tulip petal. Put the flowers and the petals in a bag made of red or pink fabric and sew it up. Take the bag in your hands, bring it to your lips, and whisper,

“I am sending my strength to God’s slave (name). Let him think about me, God’s slave (name), want me day and night. From this day until the end of days, God’s slave (name) will be in my power, will do everything I tell him, indulging my desires. I will be dearer than life to him. Come to me, tell me about your love and passion, and I will not refuse you. Let it be so. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

After saying the spell, put the bag on the windowsill under the moonlight. The next morning tie it with a red ribbon or lace, and carry the amulet with you until it has the desired effect.

This talisman will never deprive the target of his will. It will just draw the attention of the right person to you, while your relationship will depend entirely on you and your loved one.

Making a simple love amulet

This is one of the easiest ways to make an amulet for love. Cut out two paper circles about five centimeters in diameter and make a circle of a thin sheet of copper of the same size. Write down your name and date of birth on the first paper sheet with red ink or blood, and on the other circle – the name and date of birth of your loved one. Insert the copper circle between the paper circles in such a way that the sides of the sheets faced the metal.

Now make a small hole in the center of the circles, pass a red thread through it, make three knots, and say the spell:

“I unite the hearts, connect the thoughts and bodies, destinies, lives, words, and actions. I bring together the man and the woman with the threads, born on (date of birth of the beloved) and on (your date of birth). Let them be together from this day to the end of time. May be come true as said. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

Stones for amulets of love

To make talismans to attract love, natural stones are often used. One of the most effective minerals is turquoise. It is like a powerful magnet attracting love energy. In addition, turquoise is able to protect its owner from negative magical effects, including those of love spells and breakup spells.

With a special turquoise amulet, you can be not afraid of damage which might be caused to your love or relationship. If you are going to use a turquoise talisman, remember to keep it close to the body, as this mineral is most effective if at constant contact with the skin of its owner.

Turquoise can be used even if you are already under the negative influence of a spell, for example, when your love life is affected. In this case, the stone will take over all its negative energy. If there is too much of it, it can even crack. Do not worry if it happens because this is how such minerals fulfill their main function. If your turquoise turns black, thank the stone and replace it with a new one.

To attract love, use blue or light blue stones, but never green ones.

Other Love Stones

Love amuletTourmaline

Red tourmaline can help stagnating couples revive their relationship. For this purpose our ancestors put it under the pillow in the couple’s bedroom.


It is a stone for women. It is not good for men. Pearl is believed to attract potential husbands and contribute to a happy marriage. This is why wedding dresses are often decorated with pearls.


It can be used by men and women. Malachite is recommended to girls who are not happy with the way they look .

However, apart from buying a love talisman, you need to know how to use it so that it could bring the required changes into your life.

According to some bioenergy specialists, they are most effective if come in the form of beads or pendants and their length is up to the chest.

If you want to influence the opposite sex, then get a talisman in the form of a ring.

Herbal amulets for attracting love

Herbal and flower amulets are often used as talismans for love. For these purposes, the roots of the plant of St. John, known as St. John’s wort, and blue cow wheat are used. These plants are often worn together in a small red pouch.

Anise seeds can, too, be kept in a red flannel bag to attract love, eventually leading to a marriage.

Due to their seeds and sweet taste, orange tree flowers were considered to be a symbol of not only love, but also fertility in many eastern countries.

Cloves are a symbol of love in many countries. It is believed that a ripe orange picked with a clove and rolled in a mix of spices can make a very powerful amulet that can attract love and lead to a marriage and the birth of healthy children. Such amulets should be tied with a red thread or ribbon and kept in a safe place where no one could see them.

Orange flowers are considered a symbol of love, contributing to a strong and lasting marriage. Orange flowers are often mixed with anise seeds, violet roots and orange peel, and kept in one bag as an amulet for love.

Marjoram is the herb of Venus. If a woman wants to keep her husband in love with her for many years, she should scatter some marjoram in the corners of the house every few months.

Roses are one of the most popular symbols of Venus and love. It is believed that rose buds thrown into a fire can bring family happiness.

I will be happy to make any talisman for love for you and your family using any of the materials mentioned above to let you feel the happiness of mutual love.

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