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They are custom-made amulets. Each amulet is made for a particular person. 

A money amulet brings money to its owner. It’s not a joke or play on words.

The person who always carries it with him will never be poor. He pays off all his debts and there appear money streams that bring him into a well-to-do life. Each amulet is made for a particular person; it’s bound to a particular name. The ritual is based on the power of our ancestors and time. Its magical power lies in runes and rune formulas – galdrastafirs. Uruz is the rune of power, vital and magical energy, action and success. Fehu is the rune of ownership, material wealth. Inguz is the rune of fertility. Jera is the rune of “harvest” of results and cycle completion.


Money amuletsAnsuz is the rune of magic, prophecy, knowledge and words. Talismans are made of clay. I extract it by the Oka, not far from the old city of Vladimir. In terms of its energy, the clay is very pure. In terms of its extraction, it’s pure, too. I collect it with my hands. The energy of the ritual to make an amulet is also pure and has no negative shades. I charge $250 for each amulet. Probably, the price will rise as there’s a great demand for talismans and I can’t make more than just 5 of them a month, because it takes much time and effort. Amulets do work and the feedback, as well as repeat orders (people order an amulet for themselves and then order one for their brothers, children, etc.), confirms it. 

Amulets are made in turn, depending on the time your requests are submitted. Helpful information on how to take care of an amulet: 

1. An amulet is a very powerful thing. Don’t disregard it. 

2. Remember, it’s your ally, so you should take care of it. After all, it is part of you, your energy. 

3. Clean it at least once a month. Wash it with cold water and wipe it dry with some flannel. 

4. Protect it from scratches by keeping it in a leather or fabric case. It would be perfect if you make it with your own hands. 

5. Wear it over your clothes on special occasions only – that way, it gets especially powerful. 

6. Charge it near the window. Leave it there for a while and ask it to charge. 

7. Don’t show it to random strangers. Remember, the thing’s unique. 

8. Its energy may enlighten you. Rocks have their history which they can share with you.


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