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What you need to know about voodoo amulets

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I will focus on the voodoo traditions of New Orleans, since voodoo and its talismans and gris-gris bags are very popular there.

Voodoo amulets are made with the use of medicinal herbs, spices, brown sugar, garlic, aloe, stones, and other sacred objects. They are wrapped in red velvet and stitched with a red thread. Such amulets should have an image of the golden sword applied to them. If the sword gets damaged, it means god Shango has stood up for the owner of the amulet.

Voodoo money amuletSo what exactly is a gris-gris amulet? And how can it be made? Gris-gris amulets are used in both white and black magic rituals. Today gris-gris bags are small leather bags or bags of red flannel or suede, about ten centimeters long and five centimeters wide. These amulets are small but they can change your life for the better. Be very careful while making your gris-gris bags or ask a professional magic practitioner to make it for you to make your dreams come true.

A very important component of these bags is some personal things belonging to the owner of the gris-gris bag, such as nails, hair, pieces of clothes smelling of sweat, dirty handkerchiefs, etc.

Such bags can bring good luck or failure, depending on the purpose. They should be worn on a thread around the neck or be keep close to the owner. Gris-gris bags provide necessary psychological support, give strength and faith, help achieve goals and stay away from trouble.

However, it is not enough to just put the necessary components inside the bag. A specific procedure should be followed, depending on your purpose. Voodoo amulets are made on the altar and each object should be consecrated with four elements: earth (salt), air (incense), water, and fire (candle flame). The mandatory part of any ritual is burning candles of different colors on the altar (white or red). Besides the sanctifying function, candles also perform a purifying one.

In addition, it is very important that there is one, three, five, seven, nine or thirteen items in the bag, but not more than that. After you have completed the bag, it needs to be lubricated with some oil corresponding to its purpose: love oil, success oil, or protective oil. Nevertheless, the key ingredient of your gris-gris bad is your right attitude and state of mind, as well as the ability to make your thoughts materialize.

It is important to visualize your dream accurately. What do you want? Money? Love? Happiness? If it is money, think about how much exactly you need, how you can get it – for example, by hitting the jackpot or getting a bonus – and hold this image in your head while filling the bag with the appropriate components to attract money.

One of the most important components of voodoo amulets is magical herbs.

Herbs to get richness: horse chestnut, clover, beans.

Herbs to perform magical rituals: cumin, asparagus, laurel, iris, coltsfoot, sweet peas.

Herbs to grow spiritually: asparagus, anise seeds, celery seed, lemon, thorn trees, parsley, cinnamon, mint, cumin, sage, marigold flowers.

Herbs with protective properties: garlic, basil, laurel, asparagus, grape juice, male fern, cumin seeds.

Herbs to improve health: verbena, cumin, peppermint, hop, dandelion, catnip, immortelle, hyssop, pumpkin seeds.

Herbs to find love: violet root, vanilla, violet, laurel, lavender, horse chestnut, asparagus, gentian root, couch grass.

Herbs to boost the passion: myrtle, wormwood, aloe, clover, dill seeds, coriander, dark red alga, sweet basil, juniper berries, fennel seeds, verbena root.

Herbs to get lucky: alfalfa, ash leaves, basil, thistle flowers, chamomile, mustard seeds, peony, beans, iris, bluegrass root, asparagus, quince seeds, parsley, cinchona, four petals clover.

Herbs to achieve success: red clover, horse chestnut, iris, asparagus, elm bark, sweet peas, beans, verbena leaves.

Voodoo amuletThe second most important gris-gris component is stones.

Agate: brings peace, gambling success, happiness and luck.

Amethyst: brings love, good luck, helps stop drinking alcoholic drinks, protects against black magic.

Beryl: brings love, gives hope, has protective properties.

Turquoise: brings love and courage, protects against evil thoughts and actions.

Heliotrope: helps in friendship, calms down, removes sadness, protects from the evil eye.

Jadeite: it is a sacred stone that brings good luck, protects against diseases and evil spirits. It strengthens the occult power of the person. It is believed to bring peace and make people immortal.

Coral: one of the strongest protective stones. It protects from the evil eye, malicious spells, natural disasters and accidents.

Blue malachite: gives physical and spiritual strength. It is believed that the person wearing this stone is endowed with supernatural powers.

Moonstone: protects love and inspires great passions.

Sardonyx: protects from spells and witchcraft. Improves the cognitive function of the brain of its owner.

Topaz: defends in war, has the ability to drive away evil demons and suppress spells of black magic.

Zircon: attracts women and good luck. It is considered to be a stone fulfilling desires. It protects against accidents and natural disasters.

Jasper: protects from pain and helps gain independence, brings good luck and protects from danger.

Magnets are used to attract positive forces and repel negative ones, so two magnets are usually placed in the bag to work in both directions.

Four-leaf clover is a symbol of luck (not only in voodoo). Faith is usually symbolized by small crosses or crucifixes, as well as the images of saints. Coins put in a bag are intended to attract money. Pieces of colored fabric can also be put inside the bag (each color influences the world in its own way). A rabbit’s foot is put for luck. As I mentioned earlier, always put some personal things inside the bag to establish a connection between the voodoo amulet and its owner.

You do not have to wear your voodoo amulet all the time. It is enough to just touch it once in a while. The more you touch it, the sooner you will get the desired result.

However, the strength of your voodoo amulet increases when the amulet comes into contact with your skin. Sometimes people need to place a voodoo amulet as close to a person as possible without this person knowing about it. A good way to do it is to hide the bag inside the pillow or under the mattress in the bedroom, or in the armchair or the sofa this person spends a lot of time in. Another good place for the gris-gris bag is under the threshold – that way, the person will step over it every time he leaves and comes back home.

I will be honored to make a voodoo amulet fitting your desires and wishes.

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