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Astrology and black magic. Astrological safety tips

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When I, spellcaster Maxim, began learning magic, I was surprised that many treatises and books by the greatest spellcasters advised the same thing – write a fake biography, never reveal your true date and place of birth. At first I thought a fake biography was to help the spellcaster win customers’ respect and present himself in the most favorable light. Later I realized it was not that.

Astrological black magicIn fact, a spellcaster should never reveal his date and place of birth so no one could create his astrological chart and find out his weaknesses. Any professional chart unveils people’s secrets related to their energies, fate, habits, karma, strengths and weaknesses. Thus, with this information, an ill-wisher can get anyone sick or even killed.

By keeping your date and place of birth secret, you protect yourself and maintain your confidentiality. Thanks to it, you can protect yourself against witchcraft in nearly 9 out of 10 cases.

Secondly, never work with low-qualified astrologists and don’t try to create your own astrological chart using online astrology software.

Speaking of astrology software, the majority of astrology programs are designed by people who know very little or nothing about astrology. As a result, their charts may contain confusing or contradicting information which may have nothing to do with reality.

As for low-qualified astrologists, the damage they may cause is obvious. If your astrological chart is inaccurate and you follow its advice, you may make serious mistakes which, in my experience, might lead to suicide attempts or death.

Here’s an example. A woman wrote me complaining of her husband’s alcohol addiction. She said he would stay sober for a few months, but then have a breakdown and go on a drinking bout which spanned a few months, too. Analysis of that man’s astrological chart showed that serving in the military or working for the police was bad for him. However, the man was in the Marine Corps for five years and then joined the Sheriff’s Department and was promoted to only Sheriff Assistant. He would be more successful had he devoted himself to mechanical maintenance and repair. The woman persuaded him to find a new job and he stopped drinking. Moreover, he gladly left the sheriff’s department because deep in his heart he knew he didn’t like what he was doing. On top of that, the man knew he was truly happy only when he was fixing his car by himself.

Later I learned the woman had another astrologist create an astrological chart for her husband earlier but the astrologist proved to lack the knowledge and skills to find out the root cause of the man’s drinking problem.

Mistake number three is not trusting the astrological chart. A professional chart can answer all questions related to your fate. It can show you your true purpose in this life and the mistakes to avoid, your true karmic missions and everything that can make your karma heavier. A quality horoscope can give you a happy and fulfilling life, provided you always follow its advice and use it as your only road map.

Mistake number four is not common, but I’d like to tell you about it anyway. There was a couple interested in astrology. One day they decided to have a baby. The baby was to be born on a specificс day to ensure that the baby would “get everything he or she wants without working hard”. The baby was born exactly on that day. However, he was disabled, meaning he’d have to spend his whole life under the care of his parents and medical personnel. The horoscope didn’t lie – the baby would indeed get everything without working hard. Do you think the parents’ attempt to fool Fate was successful? Do you think this kid will ever be happy? Me neither.

Now let me answer some of the most-frequently asked questions that I find in my readers’ letters.

Geometry astrological black magic“I worked with a witch once so she knows my date of birth. Now I keep thinking whether or not she’ll be able to use this information against me and, for instance, put a curse on me. Or, as witches often do, throw their magic retribution off onto me. How can I protect myself?”

The only way for you to protect yourself is to let me cast a protection spell on you. Thanks to it, you will protect your energies not only from the witch’s influence but also from any negative influence. Protection spells are rather affordable but still highly effective.

“They wrote down the wrong time of my birth. I never asked them to change my birth certificate because I thought it wasn’t important. Now I can’t help thinking if that mistake cost me the life destined to me.”

Well, if I write down that you’re not a human but a tiger, you won’t start roaring, will you? The same is true for your date of birth. It doesn’t matter what’s stated in your birth certificate. It matters when you were born.

The only problem is that if you don’t know when you were born, it might be problematic creating an accurate astrological chart for you, while trying to build your life based on a fake date of birth is foolish. It’s wrong. It’s like trying to live someone else’s life.

“I don’t know the time of my birth. I have no one to ask and there’s nothing about it in the archives (I checked). How can I have an accurate astrological chart created for me? Or should I put up with the fact that I’ll never learn the whole truth about myself?”

You need to find an astrologist who also can tell fortunes. By combining these two skills, he’ll be able to create your accurate life map and answer all the questions needed to help you find happiness. Or find someone who can read karma. With his help, you’ll be able to avoid mistakes and choose the right path to follow.

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