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Astrological Spell

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Spell caster Maxim:

Astrological Spell

An astrological spell for women from spell caster Maxim or how to attach a man knowing his zodiacal sign.

So, below are a few important rules on how to behave with men depending on their zodiacal sign. What you should and shouldn’t do if your man is:


Astrological signs spell- they tend to be grasping people so don’t take his stuff without his permission or spend his money;

- learn how to cook. They are big eaters;

- never try to prohibit him from spending time with his friends;

- let him do things his way. He knows everything well without you;

- don’t be stubborn. He’s way more stubborn than you!


- apart from everything else, be his friend, it’s very important to him;

- be interesting to talk to and a good listener;

- don’t limit his freedom, put up with his friends, no matter how many of them he has;

- don’t nag at him, it may destroy your relationship;

- try to understand his sense of humor.


- create a quiet and comfortable atmosphere in your home, make sure your man enjoys being there;

- treat things important to him with care, even when you think they are trash;

- don’t make him nervous;

- show to him that you understand, sympathize and empathize with him;

- set up good relations with his parents, especially his mother.


- don’t nag at him, reproach him or be boring in terms of your relationship;

- try to turn a blind eye to his flirtation with other women, for this zodiacal sign it’s a norm;

- praise him, stress his best qualities, especially while comparing him with other men. It’s very important to him!

- share his views on eventful, posh life;

- make him be proud of you!


- avoid flirtation with other men, at least when he’s around;

- be thrifty;

- keep the house clean and in order. His things should always be in place;

- always look good and wear nice clothes;

- remember that Virgos hate gossip!

- be punctual.


- make sure you always look good;

- everyday life problems are your problems. Libras prefer to keep away from them;

- don’t prohibit him from admiring and discussing other women. Libras are aesthetes. Join the discussion and compliment his good taste;


- be relaxed and passionate!

- never hurt his pride;

- let him take care of his business, appreciate his independency;

- don’t keep secrets from him, don’t make him jealous and suspicious, be frank. Mutual trust is very important for Scorpios!

- don’t argue with him.


Geometry astrological spells- share his interests;

- don’t undermine his authority;

- don’t make things complicated, be natural and simple.

- attentively listen to his opinion, even if you disagree;

- be sexy!


- their home is their castle, so make sure friends and relatives come to your place not too often;

- don’t complain or weep on his shoulder;

- help him get a rise, support him;

- don’t wash your dirty linen in public;

- don’t make him apologize, even when he’s made a mistake!


- don’t criticize his friends!

- give him freedom, let him understand that you trust him and need him to trust you, too!

- share his interests and do things together;

- be friendly and democratic.


- let him be alone when he wants it, he needs it;

- don’t hurry him!

- take over the reins in your everyday life, this man is not fitted for it;

- be decisive, because your man’s not.


- be punctual;

- let him do things he likes, even if you see no point in it;

- let him have his personal space;

- avoid long arguments. Just say what bothers you directly for him to take it into consideration;

- support all his undertakings!

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