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Almost all people know how painful it is to break up with one’s partner – the person who you loved or, at least, seemed to love. After a while, we usually recover and it even gives us warm memories.

Each person takes and lives through a breakup individually and to some extent it depends on his horoscope, including his zodiacal sign.

It’s try to figure out what a breakup is for representatives of each zodiacal sign.


Love galaxy relationshipsThese are fiery and rather egocentric people. They love with passion and welcome the end of their relationship with passion, too.

If an Aries, a man or a woman, is dumped, it’s like a painful blow to them. They can make a scandal or go off into hysterics. A breakup is not easy for them but they recover quickly. Energetic by nature, they start looking for another partner pretty soon.

However, they don’t learn from their own relationship mistakes.


These people are calm, stable and reliable. So they gave to deal with a breakup not often. Usually, meeting their “the one,” they do their best to preserve the relationship, even if it reaches a deadlock.

Still, if they are dumped, they treat it an a betrayal, bear a grudge or can demand to return all the presents they gave.

It takes them a lot of time to recover from a breakup. Most likely, they will forgive and forget their ex, and in future will profit from their unfortunate experience.


Representative s of this sign are light-minded. Often, they are the first to suggest breaking up. However, when left alone, they start to suffer. Just one look or a new crash is enough for them to forget everything what’s been in the past.

As a rule, these people have lots of experience in breakups, but they can barely take advantage of it. An easy and trouble-free life is not for them.


These people are homy and caring. Falling in love, they treat their relationship with care and start preparing for a family life. They look at their partner as at their future husband or wife.

If a person they love breaks up with them, they won’t make a scandal or smash dishes. They will suffer quietly. The wound in their heart and sadness in their eyes will remain for long, while their memories – for ever.

A Cancer will recover from a breakup after some time, but falling in love again, he will give his new partner as much love.


These people think that their life is a stage and they are the actors playing leading characters. That’s why usually it’s a great surprise for them when their partners leave them.  Most likely, they will do their best to make it look like they are the ones who initiated the breakup.

Otherwise, they will treat their partners with scorn and cross them out of their lives.

However, they don’t bear a grudge for long. They don’t try to be friends either. If they leave someone, they leave forever.


Having a critical mind, they won’t be surprised if their lovers break up with them. Most likely, they will draw “the right” conclusions about the drawbacks of their ex which prevented them from being together. Having analyzed the reasons for the breakup, they will be more careful while choosing their partner next time.


Representative s of this zodiacal sign have inner harmony and long for beauty and love. They take the news about a breakup calmly, without unnecessary fuss.

They tend to attract partners like magnets so they don’t stay single for long. Realizing that, they don’t get too upset when their loved one breaks up with them. Although at first changes in their lifestyle which result from a breakup may cause discomfort.


They are reserved, emotional and sexual people. They often follow the motto, “All or nothing!” They are grasping and jealous men, so breaking up is always hard for them. They may also want to have their revenge on the people who broke up with them or even spoil their life.

If you are going to break up with a Scorpio, do it carefully and don’t rush things. Unlike the Taurus, they will never forgive and forget those who once hurt them.


Geometry astrological love relationshipsThey live and love philosophicall y, change partners and don’t fuss about breakups. They rarely suffer from depression, unlike representative s of the sign described above.

Loving someone truly, a Sagittarius will do whatever it takes to preserve the relationship. Otherwise, these people follow the following motto, “Give and spend, and God will send.”


These people don’t fall in love easily, while breaking up with them is easy.

A Capricorn won’t try to stop his lover from breaking up with him. He can even pretend that he doesn’t care. However, after a breakup, they feel wounded which may cause severe depression and continuous grief.

A Capricorn will try to conceal his true feelings and often even members of his family have no idea what’s really going on inside him. They just notice increased seriousness and gloom.

After a breakup, these people don’t enter into serious relationships for some time. Sometimes it’s not easy to drag them out of this state.


These people prefer to avoid serious relationships.

As a result, they don’t really suffer because of a breakup and try not to waste their time on grieving and thinking about their ex. Their emotional coolness helps them a lot and breakups don’t usually leave scars on their hearts. They usually stay friends with their exes.


These people dream of a prince or refuse to take their rose-colored glasses off, even if a breakup inevitable.

They suffer as much as the Cancer, but don’t hide their feelings. It is their family who help them out.

Vulnerable and sensitive, they tend to accuse themselves which can cause an inferiority complex and guilt.

Like with the Scorpio, breaking up with a Pisces be gentle and careful, don’t say mean things. While for the Scorpio it’s for your best interest, with the Pisces it’s for their psychical equilibrium.

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