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Love astrology or how different zodiacal signs respond to love spells

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Different zodiacal signs respond to love magic differently

 Some turn into zombies or get sick, while for others it becomes the most amazing experience of their life. In this article I, spellcaster Maxim, will tell you how each zodiacal sign responds to love magic.

ARIES. The first symptom of a love spell put on the people born in the zodiacal sign of Aries is loss of usual liveliness and hyperactivity. Instead, they look dull and apathetic. They hardly understand what’s going on with them. They can no longer think clearly, see things as they are, or understand the feelings they have.

Zodiacal love signsTAURUS. People born in the zodiacal sign of Taurus respond to love magic in the same way – they get sick. This is what they are – any black witchcraft penetrating their subtle bodies turn into illnesses. The longer it stays there, the worse their illnesses get. White magic love spells fill Taurus people with energy and make them happy. A clear symptom of a love spell put on them is the fact that they turn into slaves and, no matter what you say to them, they can’t see their self-destructive behavior.

GEMINI. Gemini people should pay special attention to their bad habits and vices. Thus, if you start smoking or abusing alcohol after a very long break, get yourself checked for a love spell.

CANCER. The first symptom of a love spell put on a person born in the zodiacal sign of Cancer is anxiety. You come to be afraid of being home alone, you seem to hear noises and see things, and you may think you’re going crazy. The thing is Cancer people have a weak mental body. When a love spell is put on them, their mental body starts malfunctioning which eventually causes damage to their psyche and nervous system. Also, Cancer people can check themselves for a love spell by analyzing their dreams. The worse their dreams are, the more likely it is that they have a love spell on them.

LEO. Black love spells make Leo people depressed. The stronger the spell, the more difficult it will be for them to get their life back to normal. White love spells take away their confidence and desire to always prove that they’re better than others. Thus, a Leo turns from a dominating predator and alpha male into a lamb obediently following the one who put a love spell on him.

VIRGO. People born in the zodiacal sign of Virgo feel magic influence subconsciously, however they rarely try to remove their love spells with the help of witches and spellcasters. When they find out they have a love spell on them, they try to figure out why. They won’t try to break the love spell if they decide someone loves them and wants to be with them. But if they think its goal is to trick them out of their money, they’ll remove it at all costs.

LIBRA. Libra people respond to love witchcraft in the same way. They become aggressive towards those who put love spells on them. Have you ever seen relationships where one of the partners always finds fault with and makes fun of the other but doesn’t want to break up with him or her? Libra people never know when they have white love spells on them. They think they’ve finally found the one and their feelings are natural. As time goes by, they get more and more annoyed with their partners and eventually fall out of love with them.

SCORPIO. If you realize you have no enemies left, don’t feel like fighting and proving that you’re right, you have a white love spell on you. Only a white love spell can put out the fire in the heart of a Scorpio. If you start having suicidal thoughts, look for black witchcraft in your subtle bodies. Usually, they put love spells on Scorpio people by placing mind parasites into their subtle bodies.

Zodiacal love magicSAGITTARIUS. Sagittarius people should pay attention to their sudden desire for adventure which is not typical of them. They like to talk about some wild and adventurous life but in fact are stay-at-homes. If they suddenly change their lifestyle, it’s probably white love magic. Black love spells help them feel their demonic nature. This is when they feel a desire for power and passion and want to show their strength. Also, they may feel the need for perverted sex which involves pain.

CAPRICORN. Capricorn people can never diagnose a love spell on them, black or white. However, there are some symptoms to look for. First and foremost, it’s a desire to be loyal to your partner. Since loyalty is generally not inherent in Capricorn people, it may be a symptom of love witchcraft influencing them.

AQUARIUS. Humbleness is a symptom of a love spell in Aquarius people. If you don’t want to be the head of your family, guru determining what the relationship should be like, it’s a love spell. As with Gemini, when a black love spell is put on them, they may start abusing alcohol, while white love spells make them less careful and do reckless things which they later regret doing.

PISCES. One of the first symptoms of a love spell put on Pisces people is that they start to care what their partner is doing at the moment, thinking about and spending time with. Jealousy which is not typical of Pisces may also indicate a love spell. A love spell may affect fertility in Pisces people. Therefore, sexual dysfunction and “feminine” illnesses should make you want to go not only to a doctor but also to a spellcaster. Only a spellcaster can tell you for sure if you have a love spell on you or not.

As a matter of fact, you may contact me if you suspect you have a love spell on you. I, spellcaster Maxim, not only examine people but also remove love spells regardless of how strong they are and what branch of magic their belong to. I can easily put a love spell on anyone you want, too. Stay tuned for more information.

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