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Use of Altars in Rituals with Candles

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You can make an altar of a table where sacred and ritual objects are placed and rituals themselves are held at. You can put your altar anywhere in your house. However, it’s better be a specially assigned place, free of unnecessary furniture, so nothing can distract you from your ritual.

This place will also be good for meditation, which will improve the overall energy of the place. You should be sure that the area where your altar is is clean and not affected by negative energy. The altar, as well as candles and other altar accessories, should only be used for rituals.

Candles magic ritualsThe table should be placed in a way so you can walk around it or make a circle when necessary. Some rituals require that the altar sides face certain directions. Use of “temporary altars” is allowed in candle magic when, let’s say, there is no place for an altar in your home, as it’s too small.

So, instead of the table, a tablecloth can be used. The tablecloth should also be used only for rituals.

Spread a tablecloth on the altar. It should be of dark, quiet color. You can make a pentagram or other symbols on it. Put the items you need for a ritual on the altar: a knife, clay of metal ashtray, pen (pencil), paper, notebook where spells and rituals are written down, candlesticks, amulets, etc. Always keep your altar in order. Unnecessary things will make the ritual less powerful.

Decorate your altar with objects important to you. Flowers, crystals and other decorations will amplify its energy. It is advisable to have a candle on the altar which will be there every time you hold your ritual. It will also strengthen the energy of the altar and keep it consecrated. It’s also good to have two altar candles on your altar, black and white (or just one white candle). Altar candles should be lit only when rituals are held. For some rituals, the altar candles should be put out before it burns down. Never blow out candles as it has a negative effect on magical energy, disperses and reduces it. Put out candles with wet fingers or a special device.

Different magic trends provide different rules for altar organization.

Candles used in rituals (ritual candles) should be new every time. Candles which have been lit or used as part of the décor of your home (even without lighting) can’t be used for spell casting. These candles absorb the energy of the events occurring around them and can’t be considered pure. Always use candles bought or made specially for magical rituals.

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