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Spell Caster Maxim: Magic and Herbs. How Herbs Are Used in Magic

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An extract from an interview:

Spell caster Maxim, how are herbs used in magic?

Witch cast herbal magic spellThe magic of herbs is one of the oldest and most effective types of magic. It takes its powers from the nature itself, it’s good for your soul and body.

People have always used herbs not only for medical and cosmetic purposes, but also to attract or keep off different kinds of energy. Oils, essences, decoctions are used for besprinkling, putting symbols, meditation, relaxation, and achieving harmony.

Herbs are powerful sources of natural energy. Each plant has a supply of pure energy of the earth, however to preserve it after the herbs are gathered and a decoction, tincture or essence is made, it’s important to take into consideration such factors as the time of gathering, time of the day, weather, ripeness of each plant, and the personality of the one gathering the herbs.

The magic of herbs is not only about using the energy potential of plants, but also about transmission of the energy of a man to the plant gathered. Merging of these two energies may charge the plant to have certain properties (cure illnesses, drive negative energy out) and serve as an accumulator of the given program (protection of a person or house, protection from illnesses). The plant can be charged only once and the program can’t be changed. Otherwise, it can transform into a neutral or destructive one.

Herbs are used in magic for:

- fumigation (to protect or purify places);

- essential oil making (for meditation, putting symbols on people or house walls);

- powder making (to protect specified areas or home (by sprinkling with charged ground herbs);

- amulet making (dried herbs keep the program for a long time).

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