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A spell of love cast for oneself can be easy if you know how to cast it properly

A spell of love cast for oneself can be easy if you know how to cast it properly
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To use a spell of love cast for oneself, start with preparing yourself for it

As for a spell of love cast for oneself, you should start with getting in the right mindset. I, spellcaster Maxim, am not talking about meditation, shaman vigilance or expanding one’s consciousness. Let those be handled by the people who are not familiar with magic and claim that love casts a spell by itself. The point is you should not start performing the ritual unless you are confident you will succeed.

Love candle cast spellThis feeling is not easily mistaken. You feel sunlight inside of you. You also have goosebumps on your skin, but it is not fear that gives you those goosebumps but excitement. It is the excitement of knowing you are about to experience something wonderful, something you have never experienced before. You feel strong and know that you have a chance to control your life for the first time. Without feeling it, forget about spells of love cast for oneself.

Always take your time in magic like in any other discipline. Spellcasters are not like confectioners or builders. They are not studying something to put their knowledge into practice one day. They are like sculptors or artists who can create their masterpieces only when they are filled with the energies from Higher Worlds.

Yes, true spellcasters never stop learning. However, they dedicate only 10-15% of their time to learning various spell-casting techniques, while most of their time they learn how to work with energies – what ancient magic practitioners called “a cup” in which Higher Powers could put their gifts – the energy needed to cast a love spell, while it is not true that love casts spells by itself.

I should clarify something. I am talking about white magic, the only kind of magic that is safe for everyone. Only white magic rituals can be performed using the energy of your love strengthened by the energy of your confidence in success. Those practicing black magic do not count on their energy, so they engage various evil spirits and invisible dark creatures to perform their rituals successfully.

Black magic practitioners never stop learning, too. However, they learn how to control and protect themselves from evil forces. A black magic ritual is always a fight. The spellcaster has to be the winner in this fight. Otherwise, he will be enslaved by the dark creature he called up for help.

When uninitiated people (most of my readers are uninitiated) try to use a spell of love cast for oneself, they doom themselves to be defeated and enslaved. No, they will not act like crazy people yelling at passersby and doing some crazy things. Let us leave these fantastic stories to those who want to believe in them. When you lose to an evil entity, you become its energy donor giving it most of your energy.

What does it mean? Let me list you the effects of continuous energy loss:

  • Feeling tired all the time and failing to develop the talents that you could have developed;
  • Loss of beauty;
  • Weight gain;
  • Destruction of your subtle bodies (they will melt like butter on a big slice of bread);
  • Feeling exhausted;
  • Feeling sad and indifferent;
  • Suspiciousness and inability to forgive;
  • Being attracted to bad things and avoidance of good ones because they seem inaccessible;
  • Cognitive problems;
  • Loss of interest in you from the part of the people you know.

Therefore, if you are thinking about using a spell of love cast for oneself, stick to white magic spells and remember that it is not true that love casts spells by itself.

Love casts a spell. Tools and materials

Love spell casterSo, your mindset is right. Still, before you use a spell of love cast for oneself, you need to cleanse and strengthen your energies. To this end, you need to fast for seven days. More information about fasting can be found in my previous articles about white magic.

However, in my articles I, spellcaster Maxim, try not to reveal all secrets because I do not want to put my readers in danger. So instead of the articles, you can download my book. I wrote it specifically for beginning magic practitioners whom I told what needs to be done to use a spell of love cast for oneself successfully. The price set for it is intended to separate those who really need my advice from those who want to download it for fun or out of curiosity. You can start reading this book any time you want expanding your knowledge of magic.

If you want to get a general idea of how to cast love spells for yourself because you do not believe love casts a spell itself, let us continue.

Since you are a beginning magic practitioner, I want to repeat the advice that I gave you before: take your time. Always start with the simplest spell of love cast for oneself. It is not true that love casts spells by itself. Remember that more complex spells will be available to you after some time. To cast any simple love spell, you will need:

  • Table;
  • Candles;
  • Salt;
  • Mirror;
  • Aroma herbs.

If you think love casts a spell by itself, you are wrong. To cast a love spell, get a small folding table. It should be used only for spell-casting and nothing else. When you do not use it, keep it in the closet to make sure nobody can touch it. The candles you use should meet certain requirements. Today there are many magic stores offering a wide range of magic products, so you will easily find what you need for your specific ritual. Salt is needed for protection. If needed (read my previous articles about it), pour some salt around yourself for protection.

A mirror hanging on the wall in front of you will help you get rid of the feeling inherent in beginning spellcasters that there is something standing behind your back. Aroma herbs will awaken your energies to help you make the most of the spell of love cast for oneself.

Love casts a spell. Casting a love spell at home

All beginning spellcasters believe that a spell of love cast for oneself should be cast at home. Unfortunately, not all houses and apartments are suitable for ritual performance. Do you remember how you cleansed your energies to cast a love spell? Well, you need to cleanse the energies of your house, too. It is not enough to just clean up your place or wash the walls and the floors with a salt solution.

Above all, you need to make sure your place does not generate negative energies. To this end, all people living with you should:

  • Stop fighting;
  • Stop finding fault with one another;
  • Stop trying to be in control and stop mocking one another;
  • Stop feeling sad;
  • Stop getting angry;
  • Stop watching horror movies and reading scary books;
  • Stop drinking strong drinks.

One of the most difficult things for beginning magic practitioners is working with those they live with, because their energies impact the effectiveness of the spell as much as the spellcaster’s energies do. Love casts a spell by itself. So my advice is as follows: find a safe and pure place to practice magic. Rent an apartment or a house outside the city which is surrounded by trees or has a nice lawn. Do everything you can to be both filled with and surrounded by light energies and you will use your spell of love cast for oneself successfully.

This is how professional magic practitioners build their world. They do it step by step, interlacing it from rays and specks of light energy. If you want to become a professional magic practitioner, start doing it right now. If you want to use a love spell just once, contact me and your dream will be fulfilled within three or four weeks.

Questions about love spells to be cast for oneself


“Why are other websites do not teaching magic like yours?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

It is about responsibility. When I decided to teach magic to my readers, I agreed to be responsible for it and promised not to harm anyone. Hence my thorough approach to each lesson I give.


“You’ve shared a lot of simple love spell recipes. Will you ever teach us more complex ones?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Do you know how a shaman would answer your question? The worst thing a student can do is repeat the actions of his teacher. To become a shaman, the student has to create his own songs, dances and tambourine beat. This is also true for magic practitioners. To go pro, they need to create or select their own spells to help people.


“Can I try to put a love spell for myself and reach out to you if it fails?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

You can. However, I suggest that you reach out to me right away because the number of the people waiting for my help can be too big by the time you do.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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