HOW TO CAST A LOVE SPELL ON YOUR OWN Not only young girls wonder how they can cast a love spell on their own. Divorced middle-aged women and men want to know it too. Many spell casters and psychics persuade us that it’s impossible to cast a love spell on your own. The point is they just don’t want to lose a client. Usually people try to cast a love spell on their own after encountering a fraud or because they don’t have money to pay to a spell caster whose services are not that cheap…

Think about whether you want to cast a love spell on a person. Make sure you won’t regret it later, when the person you love falls in love with you under the influence of your love spell but not because you deserve it. So, if you still think a love spell is what you need, below are some basic rules for casting a love spell on your own.

Never try to cast a love spell out of curiosity. Do it when you really need it!

Believe in what you do.

Casting a love spell, focus on the purpose and results.

Make sure no one will bother you while you will be casting a love spell. Cast the love spell the way it should be cast (be careful and accurate while saying the spell, mixing components, etc.)

Avoid makeup, take off your cross and shoes.

Calling up the spirits, make sure all the doors and windows in the room are closed tightly.

Don’t cast a love spell during menstruation.

Sunset is the best time for casting a love spell.

Before performing the ritual, say your prayer to St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker.

Don’t tell anyone about the love spell cast.

Set up breakup spell protection, such as “key in the ground,” “lock in the sea,” “tongue within your teeth.”

One of the main secrets for a successful love spell is visualization of the images of the ritual words. You should understand each phrase of the spell, they all should have a meaning to you. Visualize what you say.

You should be relaxed while casing a love spell. Don’t try to hold back your feelings. The more emotional you are, the better. Don’t restrain your love and passion, and your love spell will make your wish come true faster.

Love spells are most effective if cast during the waxing and new moon. Never cast a love spell when the moon is waning. The energy of nature will confront your wish which may prevent it from coming true.

To make your love spell stronger, imagine thin energy strings coming out of your belly button and entering the belly button of the object of your love spell, rooting themselves in his soul. It will make it easier for you to establish connection and the ritual will take effect faster.

Upon completing your love spell, ask the Universe not to harm your beloved one (or don’t hurt him bad in cast you’ve cast a black magic love spell).

Good luck finding your way to the heart of your beloved one!

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