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A love spell cast with a cigarette activates two very powerful magic elements, namely tobacco which was first used by ancient Hindu shamans thousands of years ago due to its energy features, and fire which is an incredibly powerful element patronizing love and passion. Besides, cigarettes are phallus-shaped which symbolizes the energy of love. Men, regardless of their age and religion, show similar signs of a cigarette love spell, such as mental and physical disorders (brain-related), heart and genitals problems.

Weak-willed men who have been cast a cigarette love spell on may suffer from melancholic depression, apathy, anxiety and fatigue. They become irritable, sad and indifferent to their job, family and sex problems. They can do reckless things without realizing it.

A love spell cast with a cigarette causes discomfort to its victim’s heart and throat. The man is drawn to a woman he’s never been attracted to, he’s obsessed with her and longs to see her and make love with her.

Casting a love spell with a cigarette – simple and effective

Love spells on a cigaretteA love spell cast with a cigarette is a popular magic tool. This love spell can be cast only on smokers. People use it to arouse love and make it stronger, as well as reunite with the ex.

If you want to cast a love spell using a cigarette, soak some tobacco in your blood and say the spell. Dry the tobacco, fill the cigarette with it, and give it to the man to smoke.

The information is kept in the crystal lattice of the nicotine. It enters the body together with the smoke and stays there. Today the ritual has many forms.

Casting a friendship love spell on a man using a cigarette

The magic of a friendship love spell cast on a man using a cigarette works gently. It can be cast to create or restore a friendship or make it stronger. The spell is cast on Friday, during the waning or full moon. Give a present to your friend and make sure it stays with him in days to come.

Take the tobacco out of a cigarette and mix it with a pinch of salt and sugar. The cigarette should be new and you should be the first to touch it. Put the tobacco back into the cigarette and light it, saying,

“Our friendship flares up like the cigarette does from this fire. Sugar and salt make our friendship strong and lasting.”

Smoke the cigarette, put the ashes on your palm and shake them off, saying,

“The offence vanishes together with the ashes.”

The ritual contributes to your friendship and it can even grow into something bigger. Besides, the spell may have no effect in case you’ve had a serious quarrel with that person.

Casting a love spell with a cigarette

Love spells cast with a cigarette enjoy increasing popularity. The spell can be cast almost any time. However, to ensure best results, try to cast it on Friday during the waning or full moon.

The spell is most effective if cast sometime from 5 a.m. to 6 a.m., from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., and from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. The ritual should be performed in perfect silence. The spell caster should be alone in the room the ritual is performed in.  

Take a cigarette and write the man’s name (given at christening) on it using a pencil or a pen. To make the love spell stronger, use your blood. Light the cigarette and smoke it. Make sure all the letters burn down. Smoking the cigarette, hold it in your right hand and let the ashes fall down on your left hand.

While casting a love spell with a cigarette, concentrate on your beloved and visualize your future life together. You can use a photo of your beloved for that. Avoid spitting out during the ritual.

Put the cigarette out in the ashes in your left hand and say,

“You won’t leave me until you gather it together.”

Blow the ashes away through an open window, from the balcony, or over the river. If the ashes don’t fly away, re-cast the spell and blow the ashes away again (up to 3 times).

Results of a love spell

Spell on a cigarette

As a rule, love spells cast with a cigarette give quick results, regardless of how far away the person the spell is cast on is. If the spell caster gets burned on the hands during the ritual, the spell will produce effect the moment the burns are healed.

The spell will make this person have different feelings (such as affection, desire to flirt) which will eventually turn into sexual attraction.

To end the ritual, you can also wrap the ashes in a kerchief and say,

“As the ashes are together, we are together forever.”

Hide the bundle without showing it to anyone. Make sure you don’t lose or spill the ashes. If you do, your relationship won’t last long.

From now on, your future with the man you’ve cast a love spell on depends on you.

A man can cast a love spell on a woman as well.

Casting a love spell on a boyfriend/husband

The ritual is performed during the waxing moon. Take a pack of cigarettes and take all the tobacco out. Put the tobacco on a white patternless plate. Spread the tobacco evenly. Focus on the man you love and draw his name on the plate with your finger.

Focus and imagine the feelings you and your beloved will have towards each other in the future. Gather the tobacco and light it. Add a pinch of the ashes to the food and drinks every time you have a meal. The power of the spell lies in the power of the words pronounced. Saying the spell, the spell caster concentrates on the beloved and forgets about the reality with its problems.

Neutralization of a love spell cast with a cigarette

For those who cast a love spell with a cigarette having no proper knowledge and skill, the spell poses serious danger. To find out about the consequences of an incorrectly cast love spell with a photo, read a few reviews.

Before casting a love spell with a photo on a person, make sure you really love this person and want to spend your whole life with him. If you don’t, after a while you will fall out of love with him and start hating him. This can end up badly for both you and your beloved. So if you’re not sure about your feelings, don’t try to cast a love spell with a cigarette.

To neutralize a love spell cast with a cigarette, consult a professional. Men and women can remove a love spell cast with a cigarette on their own by using special tools and carrying out certain actions. For example, one can go to a river, take off one’s clothes and say,

“The water cleans me and protects me from the love spell. My body becomes clean; the love spell is being washed away from me. Swimming in the clean water, I become free.”

Dive and take a short swim in the river.

You can also break the love spell cast on your husband/boyfriend. To do that, wake up early in the morning and make breakfast. Cast a protection spell over a pinch of salt, saying,

“Salt, white, clean, light… Guard (name), protect him from witchcraft, prevent the love spell from influencing him. Let the spell caster be vexed about it and never achieve the desired.”

Put it in the food. Keep performing the ritual until the signs of a love spell disappear.

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