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How to Remove a Powerful Love Spell? Fast and Effective Rituals. Advice from Spell Caster Maxim

Homepage Articles Love magic How to Remove a Powerful Love Spell? Fast and Effective Rituals. Advice from Spell Caster Maxim
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This article contains information on how to remove a love spell from yourself and your beloved one. Types and specifics of love rituals are described here in the magic love spells section of this website 

How to remove a love spell?

1. Once people started using magic to influence other people, there appeared methods of removing this influence. Different love spells require different love spell removal rituals. In case you know which love spell was put on you, it’s better to use this very ritual. Yet, in most case all people know for sure is that they have been put a love spell on. If that’s the case, common rituals are used.

2. How can you remove a love spell from yourself?

Remove a powerful love spellIt’s easier to remove a love spell from yourself, as there is a possibility of creating favorable conditions to increase chances of success. Below are some recommendations for people wanting to remove a love spell from themselves:

abstain from sex for a few weeks;
fast for at least one week;
stint yourself of unnecessary communication with other people, especially who you suspect of having put a love spell on you;
eat only what you’ve cooked.

One of the most popular rituals is a salt ritual. To perform this ritual, you will need:

some salt;
a frying pan and a saucer;
your photograph;
a source of fire (such as a gas cooker)

Note that it’s better to perform this ritual in the daytime (preferably at noon).

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Pour the salt into the frying pan, light the cooker, and put the pan on it, while pronouncing the following words, “The salt is white – whiten me. The salt is pure – purify me. Remove the love spell, remove the evil prisukha, put on me by (the name of the spell caster). Take it from me, take it away, free me.”

If you don’t know the name of the spell caster, replace the name with the following, “either a young woman, old woman, girl, boy, enemy or a friend.”

Pronounce the words while heating the salt up. Pour the salt into the saucer.

Put your photo on the saucer, digging it into the salt, and leave it until evening.

In the evening, take the photo out and repeat the spell. Salt (just like sugar) is a great energy conductor (sugar is better for positive energy, while salt is better for negative energy), that’s why it’s used in this ritual. To enhance the effect of the ritual, while pronouncing it, imagine the love spell leaving you and getting absorbed by the salt, as if it were a sponge.

Pronounce the spell again in the evening of the second and third day. The next morning, wash the salt off with plenty of running water.

For better results, follow the above recommendations for a few more weeks. Wash your clothes or buy new ones.

How to remove a powerful love spell from a spouse?

Remove love spells correctly3. The problem people face while trying to remove a love spell from another person is that this person usually refuses to believe to have been put a love spell on and therefore refuses to follow any recommendations, participate in the love spell removal ritual, etc. So, we have another question to answer: how to remove a love spell from a spouse without him (her) knowing about it. This often happens when a person is under this ritual as described here in the article about a powerful love spell

Below is what you can do to prepare your spouse for a love spell removal ritual:

 - Cook for your spouse. While cooking, think about how much you love him (or her).
 - Wash your spouse’s clothes as often as you can.
 - Don’t try to put a love spell on your spouse to get him (her) back. It may make things even more complicated.
 - Be patient. Don’t worry. Any argument you have will make the love spell even stronger.
 - Let’s get to the ritual itself. It requires patience and calmness.
 - So, get up before sunrise and pour some (preferably crystal) water into a glass.
 - Try to see the reflection of your eyes in the water. While looking at it, pronounce the following spell,
 - “I’m a wife of my husband, loved and the only one,
 - Our love is strong and unbreakable.
 - As the water washes the dirt off,
 -So wash I the stranger’s lust off.
 - As the water purifies of everything,
 - So purify I my husband of the rival in love. ”

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Stay focused, while pronouncing the spell. Imagine the water getting filled with energy to wash the stranger’s influence off. To remove a love spell from a female, adjust the spell to the gender accordingly.

Use the water (not all of it) to sprinkle or wash your husband’s face in the morning before waking up. Make sure he doesn’t get angry or suspect anything, so think of a good explanation in advance.

Repeat what’s suggested in the previous paragraph until you run out of the water.

4. What if you still can’t remove the love spell?

For example, one of such rituals which is very difficult to remove is described in this article about a black magic love spell 

You should understand one thing: even though removal of a love spell on one’s own is possible in theory, in real life people usually fail. There are only two reasons for it:

the one performing the ritual doesn’t have enough skills;

as a psychic, the spell caster is way stronger than you.

Usually people have to deal with both at the same time. I can tell you for sure that 85% of actually effective love spells have been put by professional spell casters. Obviously, a man without proper skills doesn’t have enough strength to remove the influence. On top of that, even a love spell put by an amateur is often hard to remove.

If you are one of those people who want to but can’t remove a love spell, contact me. I know how to remove any love spell put on you or your spouse, regardless of how powerful this love spell is.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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