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Love spell protection is art that is as old as the love spell itself. Some wanted to love and be loved and went to a spell caster for help, while others wanted to protect the happiness they had and also went to a spell caster. Like any other magical discipline, love magic has its own laws and rules. That’s why those who protect from love spells and cast love spells are the same people. Generations of love magic adepts improved their love spells, at the same times studying the ways how one could protect oneself from them. That’s why the number of love spell protection methods is even higher than the number of love spells.

Rival protection spell (for women)

Love spell powerfull protectionThose who use love magic are mostly women who want to win the man over from their rivals. That’s why it’s not enough to just find your happiness. It’s also important to keep it. There are many ways how you can protect your beloved one from magical interference. Some of them require the man participating in the spell casting, while others are as effective but simple, such as the following aspen water spell.

To perform this ritual, you will need a glass and a pan with water, a handful of aspen sawdust and a gas cooker. An electric cooker can’t be used in this ritual as fire is an important element of this protection spell. On the fortieth day after Kupala Night, the sawdust is thrown into the pan with water and put on the gas cooker. When the water starts boiling, the following spell is repeated three times (one time for the boiling water and two times for the water in the glass):

“There’re many love spells and locks, there’re many love spells. Each love spell has its lock. Let no love spell take God’s servant (name), no lock lock him up. As the aspen’s boiling in the water violently, so will his heart never ache.”

After that, the water with the sawdust is poured out, while the man drinks the water from the glass.

Rival protection spell (for men)

Along with women, men also fear that their beloved one can be put a love spell on so they also use protection magic. A great example of a rival protection spell for men is a nightgown spell. To perform this ritual, you should give your beloved one a nightgown (peignoir or underwear) as a name day present. Before presenting it, say the following spell,

“You take this from me and give me your love. Neither during the day nor at night will you be cast a love spell on, taken peace and strengths away. Amen.”

Wearing the nightgown on the name day, the woman will protect herself from love spells.

Love spell protection talisman

Talismans provide the best protection from love spells, given they are charged correctly. Usually, talismans are objects people carry around a lot. The following protection spell is put on the object:

“Neither you, nor your shadow, eyes, heart blood can be cast a love spell on. Your angel is always with you: on the road, at the dinner table, in bed, in church and everywhere. Let it be your Guardian. Now and ever and into ages of ages. Amen!” You can also say prayers everyday. A regular prayer is strong enough to protect a person from magical interference. You should be honest and sincere while saying your prayers. Undoubtedly, you can try to make a love spell protection talisman on your own. But remember that making a magical talisman which will be able to provide love spell protection is a long and difficult process, and only an experienced spell caster who has enough knowledge and skill can guarantee success.

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