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Love spells have always been used by spell casters and sorcerers to arouse passion, interest, psychological and physical affection, even against the man’s will. The majority of love spells are still extensively used by both men and women to solve their love life problems.

It should be noted that many love spells constitute danger to both the spell caster and the person the love spell is cast on. Some spell casters and healers insist that black magic love spells may impact people’s fate in the long run.

How to determine if the spell is white or black?

Black love spells

An apparent indication that the spell or the ritual belongs to black magic is the fact that some evil spirit is mentioned in it. Black magic spells never address God, Virgin, Jesus Christ, Apostles, Guardian Angel, etc.  

Besides, love rituals originating from black magic usually involve sacrifice or use of animals’ organs, blood, bones, as well as crosses turned upside down. To avoid the effects of black magic, which may be very dangerous, experienced spell casters warn people without appropriate knowledge and skill against casting black magic love spells and performing black magic love rituals.

There are plenty of simple spells and rituals which can be used for solving problems in love life and winning the heart of the one you love.

Below are some of them.

And old ritual and a love spell to be cast on men

Take an apple, thread, and a knife. Cut the apple in two, cut the apple core out, and give it to birds. Write down the name of the man you love on a piece of paper and put it in the hollow, saying,

“God’s servant (the man’s name) will be lovesick for me like this apply is drying in the sun.”

The two halves are tied together with the thread and put in the sun, in a secure place where nobody could find it. As the apple is drying out, the spell will get stronger and the man will feel a growing affection to you.

To perform the following ritual, you will need a twig. When the moon is waxing, cut off a twig from a tree and put it near the front door of the house of the man you’re in love with. Wait until the man steps it over. After that, take the twig and put it in a high temperature place, such as a sauna, and say,

“God’s servant (the man’s name) is lovesick for me like this twig is drying. So be it.”

The ritual described below can help you get the man you love to have affection to you or even fall in love with you. To perform this ritual, you will need a mirror and a white wax candle. The ritual should be performed on a Thursday night. This is when the spirits of family and marriage are in charge. Before performing the ritual, make sure nobody will bother you and distract you from doing what to have to do.

Put the mirror on the table so you can see your own reflection. Light the white candle (using matches) and put it in front of the mirror. Look in the mirror and say,

“I won’t be alone the way I’m not alone now. I’ll become twice as strong and powerful, and God’s servant (the man’s name) will be with me. With me, he won’t have problems but will be happy. My female power and the power of fertility will do what needs to be done. Nobody will destroy my happiness.”

Blow the candle out, wrap it in a kerchief, and put in a secure place.

Love spells and rituals to be cast on women

White love spellTo get a woman to have affection to you and arouse her interest, make a drink, say the following spell and let her drink it.

“I, God’s servant (the man’s name), will go to bed saying my prayers, wake up receiving my blessing, wash my face with dew, and wipe it dry with a sheet. I will walk from door to door, from gate to gate, go out into the green field. I will stand on the moist ground and look eastward. I will look at the sun, the way it’ll be rising, warming moss-swamps and black dirt. That’s how God’s servant (the woman’s name) will be warmed and attached to me, eye to eye, heart to heart, thought to thought. She won’t fall asleep and go out with other men. Amen.”

The following ritual is one of the easiest to perform. It should be performed during the new moon. Put a handful of labdanum on a plate, light it, and say.

“The soul and heart of God’s servant (the woman’s name) melt and burn to be with me, God’s servant (your name), forever, like this labdanum melts and burns.”

Here’s another old and effective love ritual. On the eve of Kupala Night (July, 6) before sunrise, pick some elecampane, wrap it in a linen cloth, and wear it on your chest as an amulet for 9 days. After that, take the plant out, grind it to powder and add some ambergris. Sprinkle it over the flowers and give them to the girl you like.

Here’s another love spell which can be cast on women. It is old, but still very popular. It’s cast during the waxing moon.

“God’s servant (the girl’s name) can neither drink, nor eat, live or sleep without God’s servant (the man’s name), she respects him and loves him more than her father and mother, just as God’s servant (the man’s name) loves her. Forever and ever. My word’s strong. Amen.”

Spell casters believe the man casting this spell should love the woman deeply and his feelings should be sincere. Otherwise, the spell won’t work.

What can make a spell stronger

It is believed that any spell gets stronger if an object that belongs to the person the spell is cast on is used during its casting. These are personal belongings (clothes, jewelry, tableware, etc.), photos, things which the person the spell is cast on touched recently. Certain objects (such as stones or objects made of wood) are believed to be able to keep the energy of the person who touched them, meaning they are connected with that person.

This explains why hair, blood and nail clippings are used in so many love spells and rituals. However, the consequences of making a mistake while casting a love spell using another person’s blood, hair or nail clippings are unforeseeable.

Another important rule to be observed is that the spell caster must be single, unmarried. The above love spells and rituals must not be used for fun, out of curiosity or revenge. Remember, the price you may have to pay for it may be too high.

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