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Many peoples have rituals for putting a love spell. Many of them require the objects of the person the love spell is put on. Below you will find the description of rituals of putting a love spell using different herbs.

Herbs for casting spells

Love rituals with the use of herbsSlavic women call orchids with finger-shaped tubers “Christ’s hand.” They believe that it’s enough to run this orchid over the naked body of their lover to make him faithful to them forever.

South Slavs have an interesting love spell, too. A girl digs up the ground which has a footprint of her lover; then she puts this ground into pots and plants calendula officinalis there, which in German is called the flower of the dead as can often be found growing on graves. Note that these flowers never wither

The love of the young man will never finish blooming, just like this flower. Krauss tells the following story. One peasant woman fell in love with a young man of a higher social status. Wanting to attract him, at midnight she killed a black cat, tore out its heart and then tore it apart. Then she made a pie with the pieces of the cat’s heart and sent it to the man as a gift for breakfast. He refused to eat it though. It should be noted that means to arouse the sex instinct are usually taken from animals, which are very sensitive creatures, namely the organs responsible for the sex instinct (heart, sperm). Besides, these organs should be taken during the peak sensitivity.

Its influence is based on the same principles as Brown-Séquard’s organotherapy. Animals’ scrotal juice is injected into an aging body. The injected areas become inflamed. However, despite all the pain, eventually it revives and rejuvenates this person. The creator of this method was very proud of it.

Slightly milder means which excite love are anise, flagroot, etc. Slovak women plait Asplenium Trichomanes L. (a variety of fern) into their hair to attract men.

For young men, fern brings luck in gambling and success among women.

Willowherb (Lycopodium selage L), a sacred herb of druids, serves as a means for witchcraft for Slovaks, too. Girls attach it to their dresses to have more admirers. But this herb has one more feature: it prevents unwanted pregnancy.

Peasant girls put arum into their shoes before dancing, saying,

“I’m putting you in a shoe,
My dear arum;
Hurry up to me my friend.”

If a young man wants a girl to fall in love with him, he should carry marigold wrapped in a silk violet handkerchief. Grondola and carline, mixed with red wax, can also inspire love for the young man.

Verbena (verbenu officinalis L) is great for restless spouses. No one will resist the love of the person who spread verbena over his body.

When South Slavs argue with each other (family dispute), the wife takes an apple and leaves it for the night in the hands of a dead child who was born out of wedlock. Then she gives this apple to her husband. He eats it up and peace comes to their family again. For the same purpose, she also adds a stork’s feces into her cooking. These two rituals are based on the following idea: limited fertility and sexual dissatisfaction lead to arguments between spouses. The words “child born out of wedlock” and “stork’s feces” indicate it.

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