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You will not be alone as long as there is magic to attract someone

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Magic to attract someone for men and women


“Is there a way for a girl who is not good-looking and not very sexy to attract a man? Naturally, with the help of a sorcerer or a witch.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Magic candles to attract someoneIt is called magic to attract someone, specifically a magic spell to attract someone. Such spells should be bought from professional magic practitioners like I am, because this is the only chance for such girls to make it a success. Girls and women trying to cast love spells for themselves are like travelers trying to find their way in the dark. They have no idea where they are going. Moreover, they do not know that they are walking on the edge of an abyss, while surrounded by energy predators, which means their life is in mortal danger.

Even if they manage to find the way and put a spell of magic to attract someone, they will still have no clue:

Who they have attracted;

What kind of person this man is;

If he is mean or selfish;

If he is good in bed;

If they will be happy together;

If their energies will be affected by the spell.

Only a powerful spellcaster can know it all. Knowing it, he will give you a choice – to use or not to use a love spell. In my experience, women tend to be attracted to the men who are not right for them, who hurt them, and who can never make them happy.


“How old should I be to be able to use a magic spell to attract someone?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

You can use any kind of magic (except for health and protective magic) starting from the moment of energy crystallization, provided you want to use it to change your fate. Energies are very agile and unstable in young people. It allows them to choose the life they want to live and the kind of person they want to be. Personality is developed when we are young. The older we get, the more difficult it gets to change it.

When we are young, we choose a profession to pursue and a type of men we like. While we can stay faithful to our profession forever, the type of men that attracts us may change from time to time. It happens not because our energies change, but because we gain experience.

When the gods want to punish us, they answer our prayers. When a spell of magic to attract someone is put on a young girl, the spellcaster can make that old saying come true. Young girls do not understand what men are good for them and fall in love with bad boys. But the problem is not even that. To have a desired effect, the spell puts the energies in order and retains them. It means that if the girl has not understood who she is and has not chosen her path, she may never do.

So magic practitioners prefer not to work with people under 18 years of age, so 18 years is a safe age to start using magic.

A magic spell to attract someone if you suffer from an energy disease

Magic spell to attract someoneQuestion:

“Why should I have my celibacy wreath removed before using magic to attract someone?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

For the same reason why you should have your diseases treated before participation in sports, or visit a cosmetologist before trying to be a model.

When a magic spell to attract someone is cast, the spellcaster works with your energy. Like a sculptor, he uses it to make a beautiful sculpture of your fate. Imagine how beautiful it will be if it is made of marble. Now imagine a sculpture made of garbage and roadside dirt. That is what your life will be if your fate is shaped from dark and negative energies.

These are the kinds of energies radiated by women with a celibacy wreath or even with a loneliness curse on them, or by women given the evil eye. If the magic practitioner uses these unhealthy energies without curing them, the love spell will attract love but will not make them happy. Like calls to like. Light energies attract joy and happiness, while dark ones lead to tears, jealousy and humiliation.

Do you want to be happy? Do you want a spell of magic to attract someone to make your dreams come true? To begin with, purify your energies. Do not use a love spell unless you are perfectly healthy, radiating and accumulating only light energies.


“The sorcerer I reached out to refused to cast a magic spell to attract someone because the man I have feelings for is already influenced by a love spell. Was he right?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Yes, he was right. One should never put love spells on people who are already under the influence of a love spell. A second love spell can make the first one stronger or permanent, or turn it into a serious disease. The first happens when white magic is used and the second when black one is used. There is a third option: the first spell may serve like an energy shield protecting the target against the second one. It will push your love spell away sending it onto you as a strong blowback. A backfiring spell may:

- Harm your health;

- Take away your good luck;

- Take away your beauty;

- Cause premature aging;

- Cause ill luck;

- Make you lose your sex appeal.

How not to break a magic spell


“Can a spellcaster require me to do something after a ritual of magic to attract someone has been performed?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

He has to. When a magic spell to attract someone is cast for you, you should be told, “You were alone, you needed love, and you wanted to be with this person. Now he is yours and everything depends on you. Magic does not work forever. If you do not do anything but just reap its fruits, the spell will wear out fast. It is in your power to keep it working forever. Love your man, take care of him, be faithful to him, avoid fighting with him and do not let him see your mood swings, do not give him a reason to cheat on you or be jealous of you, and the man will be yours for as long as you want his love. But if you are selfish, demanding and manipulating, if you keep finding fault with him, he will leave you in a couple of months, as if no love spell has been cast on him.”


“A spell of magic to attract someone was cast not long ago and I’ve been trying really hard, but the man’s still distancing himself. What should I do?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Well, you should be sorry for working with an irresponsible or inexperienced spellcaster. If you love your man but the love spell does not work or works poorly and you see that your relationship is falling apart, look for the root cause in your or your man’s energies.

Remember what I told you about curses and what makes love magic work. To let your man feel your love, you need to send out your light energies. To love you, the man needs to give you his inner light. If dark energies prevail in your relationship, love magic is powerless. The spell will dissipate leaving you alone. You can apply to zombification or love obsession by using black magic rituals, but that is not a good idea because black magic does not give people true feelings and it cannot make a coupe develop a deep and profound connection. It can only force two people to be together. But if you ask any of them why they are together and if they want to stay together, none of them will be able to answer this question.


“Should I stop loving my boyfriend to end our relationship? Will it be enough? I mean if I fall out of love with him, will the magic spell to attract someone stop working?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

The spell will stop working, but it does not mean you can let the man go and forget about him. Before breaking up, you need to reach out to your spellcaster and ask him to remove the magic put into the man’s subtle bodies with the love spell. Otherwise, it will transform into a disease which can shorten the man’s life. If that happens, you will incur terrible karmic punishment.


“How can I cast a love spell for myself?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

My readers have noticed a new trend lately. Along with each new article I post a video. This time I want to show you a video about one love spell and tell you how to cast it for yourself.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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