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Fire magic gives us peace, harmony and optimism. But seeing something on fire gives us fear and despair. A lot of rituals and spells are connected with fire. As the legend runs, fire came to people in the form of lightnings or lava streams coming out of the earth. Also, according to this legend, different religions have different stories about the fight between gods and animals and that of people for fire. Fire has always been worshipped. Preserving fire was a sacred duty of all men.

Fire magicOn Easter Eve, all Orthodox Christians go to Jerusalem to see the miracle. The Holy Fire makes people believe in magic. The fire self-ignites and for some time it can cure sick people and doesn’t burn.

People have been using the power of fire for centuries, as fire magic appeared along with first rituals and spells. Everybody knows that true healers and magicians are in accord with all the spirits of the elements.  A person attracts power from the universe which is represented by a burning candle. Fire is a unique element which can’t be affected by evil. That’s why fire’s used for consecration of homes and objects, treating people and many other purposes. That’s why fire is found in churches and temples. There are different types of fire such as lamp fire, volcano fire, candle fire. Yet they all have identical features, namely dryness and warmth. Fire can both destroy and bring peace.

The salamander is the spirit of fire. In ancient times, they were believed to be small dragons or lizards living in the power of fire. According to the legends, they had power over volcanoes and lightnings, caused strong emotional and spiritual currents in the human body. The salamander is believed to be able to cure and strengthen people’s aura, revealing higher spiritual powers.

Rituals and spells of fire magic are performed near an open fire. All people can feel the influence of the Element of Fire. While warming up by a fireplace or a fire, we think, dream or pour our hearts out. This is when all problems become smaller, while our soul calms down.

Each person can attract the power of fire magic. For example, though meditation. Normally, a candle is used for it. But don’t forget that fire has to be treated like a living creature. While meditating and falling into a trance, it is important to feel the main qualities of fire such as uncontrollability, fierceness and passion. Don’t allow fire to take control over you. The ritual should be performed in an empty and quiet place. It’s important to relax and forget about all problems. Your breathing is smooth and even. Then light the candles and focus on the flames. The warmth and light of the fire will start filling you. You will feel a burst of energy. All your problems will become insignificant. Wisdom and experience of many generations will penetrate your mind. This is when you can ask yourself your most burning questions and receive answers. Afterwards, thank the fire, loosen the connection with it and finish your meditation.

Nowadays people often combine the power of fire and the energy of color. Candles of different colors have their mood and aim. The ritual can be performed at home as well. If you’re surrounded by your friends and family, light orange candles. Blue candles bring peace into the house. Red candles improve physical strength and energy. Green color improves the person’s immune system. White candles are multipurpose. But the words pronounced while lighting the candle are crucial.

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