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Practical magic has been used since primeval times. People always feared the supernatural and believed in the power of nature and the soul. Many myths people used to believe in have been discredited by science which explained most phenomena scientifically. Yet practical magic is still very popular and many people believe in miracles and go to witches for their magical drinks and spells. Why? Why do people prefer practical magic to medicine, science and psychologists?

Practical magic booksThe answer is simple. Practical magic will never refuse to help you. The only thing spell casters ask their clients to do is to completely trust them and believe in the miracle. Modern people grew up surrounded by the modern creature comforts of civilized life. They go to a doctor when they get sick, employment agency when they lose their job, and matchmaker when they’re looking for a wife. But what can you do if the doctors shrug their shoulders, there are no vacancies to be filled and your wife left you without even saying a goodbye? Not all people believe in miracles and want to use practical magic, but those who do receive answers to all their questions. Hope returns to their soul together with a belief in miracles.

Practical magic with all its spells, charms and rituals can inspire optimism in any person, which will be his first step to success. Those believing in luck will always achieve want they want. People who believe they can be cured will live longer and have better health, their body mobilized. A person longing to find his true love will never be alone. Encouraging, guiding, inspiring confidence is what the spell caster ought to do in the first place. Practical magic is a science with no proof. It has no rules or formulae and uses no facts. It doesn’t work with people’s minds, like other sciences. It’s a mysterious, hardly tangible substance of belief, hope and soul.

Each witch or spell caster has tools to work with a man’s soul and skills to work with his body. Their hands, eyes, brain can go deep inside people and, as best medical equipment, scan and diagnose all disorders, defects and mistakes to be later fixed. Practical magic is capable of more than any modern science. It inspires belief and hope that both body and soul can be cured… the belief and hope many people lost a long time ago. Many people don’t want to go to a church to ask an incorporeal god for a blessing. They prefer spell casters, people with certain powers who they can talk or share their troubles with, who can give them hope for a better future and who can actually fulfill their dreams. Practical magic heals souls and helps people who really want to be helped and for whom belief and optimism is the only medicine.

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