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Homepage Articles Magic for beginner “CAN YOU TREAT WITH THE HELP OF MAGIC?” TEST
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Some overconfident and ambitious people think they can treat other people and themselves with magic. Belief is a strong energy source which can help turn on the necessary powers both in the body of the one who cures and that of the one who is cured. But when it comes to illnesses, belief is not enough. One needs knowledge. Otherwise, such treatment won’t help and, moreover, harm the sick person.

Help of magic ritual testIf you want to know if you can treat using magic, answer the following questions.

  • Do you feel powers in you which could help you cure a person with the help of magic?

  • Is your belief in paranormal abilities strong enough that you can start treating another person?

  • While scanning a person, do you feel warmth or pricking when you run your hand over the damaged organ?

  • Have your suspicious ever been confirmed by a medical examination?

  • Do you know the location of organs in a human body?

  • Do you know how to use herbs or you are going to use your paranormal abilities only?

  • Can you think critically, including about your actions? Do you consider the opinion of your more experienced colleagues?

  • Do you refuse to help a person when you are not sure that you can help him?

  • Do you always try to help a person, even if you are not sure that you can help him?

  • Will you charge people for your work before you get any results?

If you answered “yes” to five questions of ten, you can try to develop your abilities. As soon as you learn how to do it, you will be able to help people solve their problems. If you answered “yes” to seven questions, you have some knowledge about paranormal phenomena, but it’s not enough for you to be able to guarantee anyone that you’ll help him. If you answered “yes” to all ten questions, you’re a magician. But you should never stop at what has been accomplished and always develop your powers.

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