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Today, in the era of computer technology and innovation, people still use the centuries-old experience and knowledge of their ancestors. Thus, black and white magic spells are still widely used to solve various problems.

True candle spellDepending on the problem, spell casters use healing, money, love or black magic, as well as magic which contributes to trade and financial success. Also, magic helps people gain the favor of house spirits who live side by side with them protecting their home. Old magical spells, runic amulets and talismans protect people from hexes and curses, envy and other negative and dangerous phenomena.

What is the difference between a spell and a prayer?

I understand why beginning spell casters and people not connected with the world of supernatural want to know the difference between a spell and a prayer. Think about it: why use spells when you can always seek help from the Holy Church? Then why did Christianity never replace spells? Why do so many people still use them?

As experienced spell casters explain it, the difference between a spell and a prayer is substantial. Praying, the person speaks to God or Saints. John Chrysostom used to say that the prayer is a conversation between a human and God. However, prayers don’t guarantee that the request will be met. Moreover, after praying, the person is often forced to undergo many severe trials as a test.

Unlike prayers, spells solve people’s problems by meeting their requests. Many spells contain Orthodox terms. On the one hand, they may confuse people. On the other hand, they increase the effectiveness of the spell significantly.

Are there harmless spells?

People tend to think that black magic spells and ritual are dangerous, while white magic spells are perfectly safe.

According to esoteric specialists, there’s no such thing as a safe spell. The point is any spell serves to solve certain life problems (diseases, love and financial problems, etc.) which are given to people from above. Interfering, both the spell caster and the person put themselves in danger. No mortal is allowed to influence his fate.

True magic spells with candles

Experienced spell casters know it. In fact, problems are sent to people to make them pay attention to their own mistakes and be sorry for them. Under a lot of stress, people turn to religion and start believing in God. 

People have incurable diseases for a reason, too. As a rule, they’re punished for their sins, pride, lies and unwillingness to forgive. Any spell caster should understand that helping such people, they will have to answer for it with their head.

Hexes & curses

Also, I would like to tell you about people who become the victims of hexes and curses, who are cast a love spell or a death spell on. Obviously, Higher Powers are supposed to help such people. But what can they do if Higher Powers are deaf to their cries for help?

Usually, people seek help from spell casters and sorcerers by asking them to perform healing rituals and cast spells. However, any spell caster should understand that in the following chain

“The one ordering the spell – the spell caster (who casts the spell) – the object of the spell – the spell caster (who removes the spell)”

- the last link is the most vulnerable one. A single mistake, and the spell (hex, curse) may be redirected at him. However, if the spell is cast professionally, the magical influence will return to those who ordered and cast the spell hitting them even stronger.

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