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Witch spells are among the most powerful spells in magic. It’s not only about the specific character of the words and tokens which are used in these spells, but also about who created them and who casts them. Let’s talk about witches and the spells they use. That’s what each person who is interested in practical and theoretical magic should know.

What a witch is and what witches are like

Witch casting powerful magic spellIn ancient times, witches were considered to be the women who secluded themselves and possessed secret knowledge. Often they lived on the outskirts of a village or in impenetrable forests and swamps. They avoided other people, picked mushrooms, berries and herbs, and did magic. They did both black and white magic. Back then, witches were called both women practicing black magic and women practicing white magic, such as healers and herbalists. Many of their spells have continued to this day.

The majority of witches are given their unique gift the moment they’re born. Usually, they don’t need to cast spells or perform rituals to know that they have powers. However, a woman can become a witch, even if she wasn’t born one, if a witch touches her with her hand before she dies. That’s when her powers go to the woman and she becomes a witch (that’s the only way how the soul of a witch can become free). Anyway, a newly-made witch has to acquire certain knowledge, learn magical rituals and spells. Otherwise, her gift will cause her nothing but suffering.

Besides, there are women who become witches by casting certain spells and performing certain rituals. Some of them fail though, because not all the spells are authentic. Besides, to become a witch, a woman must perform the ritual of initiation correctly. It’s hard and dangerous. If you do it, there is no going back.

About the ritual of initiation

Naturally, if you just find a spell on the Internet and cast it, nothing will happen. You should prepare for it beforehand. You should start keeping the fast three days prior to it, take a shower and put on clean clothes. Avoid drinking alcohol. Also, it’s very important to focus and understand that what’s going on is real. You should understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing this. You should realize the responsibility you’re taking, as well as the fact that your life’s going to change greatly. Of course, you should believe in success.

Most powerful candle spellsCasting the spell, say it slowly, with feelings, articulating each word. Don’t stammer or replace words, stay focused and don’t pay attention to unrelated sounds (actually, there should be no unrelated sounds in the room where the spell is cast). Let the spell absorb you, and it will yield the results you expect. It is believed that any woman can become a witch if she really wants it.

How to perform the ritual of initiation

According to specialists, ancient witch spells had to be cast during the full moon. The woman who performed the ritual had to be alone. She had to go to the beach, turn around thrice and lie down on the sand (on her back). The woman stretched her arms and legs. Four large rocks were put near them. Also, she had rocks on her heart, chest, and forehead. In this position she said her spell.

After that, the woman had to turn on her left side and get up. She was to throw the rocks into the water saying certain words. The ritual was completed and she woman became a witch. Today, people don’t use rituals this complicated. They prefer simpler ones.

Modern girls and women who are dreaming of becoming a witch can perform the ritual of initiation in their room. Make sure nobody will bother you while you will be performing the ritual and nothing will distract you from it. Light an icon lamp (let it burn for three days after the ritual is performed). Focus on the ritual and cast the spell.

Notes to remember

You must understand that what you’re doing is very serious. After you become a witch, you will have to pay attention to what your say and do. Any word you say as a witch can influence a life. Also remember that the spell will make you a black magic witch, not a white magic one. You will be able to rule over spirits and demons, which is very dangerous. So consider all options before making your final decision.

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