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Mysticism. What Is It?

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Esoteric, astrologer, writer
You all know what this word means, so I want to share with you my thoughts about the unknown.

What is mysticism, a plus or a minus? If it’s a plus, then how should one use it?

These questions aroused a while ago, maybe in a different form, but the answer came in a mystical way – it just crossed my mind.

Mysticism what is itThe world of limitless opportunities with minimal abilities can open to anyone.

A wish is what makes wonders in the first place.

Focused on a goal and supported by imagination, a wish gives amazing results. Focus your wish, goal and imagination on one thing and eventually you’ll get what you want.

But don’t ask for all at once. It will come to you at the end of your life, and it’s not only a gain, it’s a loss, too. The end of everything you have ever strived for. But that’s not too bad. A kickback is what’s bad and god forbid during one’s lifetime.

A kickback leaves non-erasable traces on your off-springs. Their type and color depends on you, your wish and goal you have achieved and how vivid your imagination was.

Good doesn’t exist without evil and vice versa. Either way, there is pain. Doing good, in their opinion, they are often repaid with evil. It’s because the wishes are different.

Adjust your wish to your goal and use your imagination accordingly. Focus on something good, bright, joyful and light, and get suchlike kickback. Let the off-springs and gods rejoice!

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