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Relationship Psychology vs Love Spells

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Just a hundred years ago a woman or man in one-sided love knew they had two options: put up with the fact that their beloved would never love them back or go to a witch or sorcerer. Witches and sorcerers have been giving people mutual love from time immemorial.

Love relationship spellAs time went by, people started treating sorcerers as charlatans, ignoramuses, worthless archaism keepers, or frauds. The fact that today we think of sorcerers as frauds has do to with amateurs trying to practice magic but having no idea what it is and, of course, with multiple scammers operating on the market. Speaking of the profanation of magic, it’s the fault of pop culture showing sorcerers as some crazy freaks or villains whose goal is to hurt as many people as possible.

This has nothing to do with reality. Spellcasters are not madmen or liars, and surely they are not freaks. Spellcasters are people so advanced that they can control reality and influence energies and other people’s behavior.

It’s very hard to understand without meeting or working with a real spellcaster. This is why the majority of people prefer to seek help of another specialist, namely a psychologist, when they have some one-sided love situations.

People think talking to a psychologist is the right thing to do. But what else can they think, provided, when we grow up, we keep hearing that only a psychologist can help us solve our problems related to our feelings, emotions and fears? You find a psychologist and spend an hour talking to him in his office. Then you come again and spend another hour with him. You keep coming until you realize that the point of you coming is sharing with someone what’s bothering you. If you ask your psychologist for advice as to how to win the heart of someone you love, it’ll hardly be useful. As for the spellcaster, he will put a love spell on your beloved and give you the happiness of mutual love.

This is the main difference between a psychologist and spellcaster. But this has been just theory. Below is a few real-life examples for you to better understand how the help of a spellcaster differs from that of a psychologist.

YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE WHO CONSIDERS YOU JUST A FRIEND. Normally, a psychologist would advise you to be patient, always be around to let your beloved get used to having you around, and after a while tell your beloved about your feelings.

As a rule, this proves useless. The more your beloved gets used to you being just a friend, the more difficult it will be for him (or her) to imagine you being something else. Besides, while you’re wasting your time “taming” your beloved, he will probably meet someone else, fall in love and enter into a relationship. Moreover, in my experience, 99 out of 100 couples trying to take their friendship to the next level fail, and only one couple spends together more than 5 years.

If you come to a spellcaster with this problem, the spellcaster will tell you that putting a love spell on your beloved is easy. You’re already in this person’s heart, he trusts you and likes spending time with you. All he needs is to have his chakras readjusted so that they radiate not the energies of friendship but the energies of love.

YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE WHO THINKS YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOGH FOR HIM. It doesn’t matter why your beloved doesn’t like you – because of your race, religion, social status, financial situation, or because he doesn’t find you attractive. Whatever it is, your psychologist will tell you that you can’t change it, that you should accept it and try to forget about that person to not feel inferior.

As for your financial situation and social status, the psychologist would probably also say that you shouldn’t try to build a relationship with someone who treats people based on their financial situation. The psychologist would say it can’t be changed so you should try to find someone else.

If you come to a spellcaster, he’ll never refuse to help you. Spellcasters know that they can use spells to influence people’s mental fields. Thus, they can make people accept what’s always been inacceptable for them and like what they’ve always hated, and vice versa. With his spells, the spellcaster can eliminate all obstacles preventing your beloved from falling in love with you and you will finally be together.

THERE IS A BIG AGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU. According to psychology, such relationships are doomed. They rarely last longer than three years because sooner or later the younger partner gets tired of the older one and becomes attracted to peers.

Book of love relationship spells

What would a spellcaster say? The spellcaster knows he has the ability to make two people with a 10, 20, 30-year age difference love each other. Moreover, if certain conditions are met, the spellcaster will be able to ensure that the partners stay faithful to each other their entire life and love each other as passionately as when they just met.

Note that this can be achieved only if you work with a professional and experienced spellcaster. Amateurs and frauds will be as useless as the psychologists that I, spellcaster Maxim, have described in this article.

This brings us to the questions that you might want to ask a real spellcaster:

Are your services expensive?

My services are cheaper than the shortest psychotherapy course you can possibly undergo.

Can you really remove all differences between two people which prevent them from being together?

I’m able to make two people, no matter how different they are, love each other as passionately as if they were born for each other.

Can you put a love spell on someone who’s currently married?

When I cast love spells on people, it doesn’t really matter whether or not they are married or in a relationship. 

However, you need to remember that before casting a love spell on a person, I need to end all current relationships of this person and, if needed, break up this person’s marriage.

Can I ask you to put a love spell on someone who hates me for what I’ve done?

To begin with, I’ll need to cast a spell to make this person forget all bad memories related to you and forgive you. Then I’ll be able to cast a love spell.

Can I pay for your services after I see any results?

No, according to the law of energy exchange, I’m allowed to help people only after I get my compensation. Otherwise, I just won’t be given the powers to help you.

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