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A professional magic test for anyone who wants to cast the most powerful spell

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The test I’m offering you here will let you understand if you have a gift for magic that will allow you to cast the most powerful spell on your own, as well as find out whether your actions will or will not trigger magic kickback that will harm you and the people around you, turning your powerful magic spell into a curse.

Answering the following questions, be honest and sincere and don’t let your pride and the sense of your own importance control you. Remember, performing a powerful spell may ruin your life if you get a false idea of your own importance and consider yourself a skilled spell caster, while in fact you are not. That’s why I urge you again to be as honest as possible. With regard to your score:

- Sum up all your affirmative answers; the more you have, the better your chances are that one day you may become one of the most powerful spell casters;

- Each “always,” “yes” and “I’m sure” answer gives you 1 point; each negative answer gives you 0. Sum up your points and find out what your score means at the end of this article. 

Casting the most powerful spell1. Do you want to cast the most powerful spell because you know for sure that it’s the best way to solve your problem?

2. Are you aware that any powerful magic spell may entail serious consequences, but it doesn’t stop you because you think it’s a fair price to pay for an opportunity to achieve your goal?

3. Do you tend to wish people well rather than ill?

4. Do you usually wake up in the morning feeling elated?

5. Do you have nightmares rarely?

6. Do you sometimes have dreams in which you are casting a powerful spell or are a spell caster?

7. Do you never wake up several times at night?

8. Are 5-6 hours of sleep enough for you to restore your energy?

9. Are you slim?

10. Do you eat under 2,500 kcal a day?

11. Do you eat healthy?

12. Do you drink alcohol on rare occasions?

13. Are you a non-smoker? Have you never used drugs? 

14. Can you go for long without food?

15. Do you go to the gym?

16. Do you know of any of your ancestors who were powerful spell casters?

17.  Do you know of any of your ancestors who ordered the most powerful spell from a professional spell caster or sorcerer?

18. Do you know of any spell caster who was living in your neighborhood when you were a kid?

19. Do you read a lot about magic and witchcraft?

20. Is it easy for you to understand if an article about some powerful magic spell posted on some website is true or false?

21. Do you sometimes find yourself thinking that in the past you were a sorcerer and studied magic?

22. Do you consider magic to be a science just like chemistry or biology?

23. Have you ever belonged to a religion but got disappointed in it?

24. Can you feel your body organs?

25. Can you change your mood or health condition with the power of your mind?

26. Have you ever seen strange objects or creatures that don’t belong to this world?

27. Are you a successful person?

28. Are you talented?

29. Do you know that the world is far more complex that it seems and that a powerful spell is only a small part of it?

30. Have you ever studied magic?

31. Have you ever sensed the feelings of others?

32. Have you ever read other people’s mind?

33. Do you want to find someone, a mentor, who could teach you how to become one of the powerful spell casters and introduce you to the world of magic?

34. Are you a sexually active person?

35. Are you ready to practice magic professionally?

36. Have you ever cast the most powerful spell and succeeded?

37. Do you have a clear mind? Are you in full control of it?

38. Have you never suffered from psychological breakdowns, depression, apathy?

39. Are you sure that none of your family members has never committed suicide?

40. Do members of your family die at an old age and never suffer from serious diseases?

41. Are you sure that there are no losers, madmen or criminals in your family?

42. Have you never violated the law?

43. Can you swear that you have never done anything reckless which would make you wonder why you did that?

44. Do you feel safe at home? Do you feel your home protects you from the world around you?

45. Do you have a lot of friends?

46. Have you ever discussed with your friends any powerful magic spell?

47. Do you think you are the life and soul of any party?

48. Are people excited to see you at events?

49. Does your partner’s mood always reflect your mood?

50. Did it ever happen to you that as soon as you started dreaming of something, your dream started to come true?

51. Do you have a good intuition?

52. Have you chosen a powerful spell for you to cast?

53. Have you ever done meditation or something like this?

54. Have you done yoga?

55. Do you think you are an energy creature?

56.  Do you have an idea of how powerful spell casters influence the energies of the world and people?

57. Do you agree that nothing in this world in 100% good or bad?

58. Do you not feel fear or are you not panic-stricken when you think of death?

59. Do you think you are a smart person?

60. Do you spend under 1 hour a day browsing the Internet, playing computer games, and watching TV?

You definitely can not be most powerful spell caster

Most powerful spell caster1 – 10 – You can’t be a spell caster, because you have no gift for magic. However, it looks like you need some magic help. Here’s my advice to you: don’t try to cast the most powerful spell on your own, but consult a professional spell caster. If you try to cast a powerful magic spell on your own, you may be cursed, fall ill, and have to go through all kinds of karmic punishment. 

11 – 20 – You’re not a spell caster, even if you think you are. You are confident you have a gift that will allow you to cast any powerful spell, and despite the fact that the world doesn’t know it yet, you are an extraordinary person. But you’re mistaken. Perhaps, you’re not quite happy with your life and you’re just looking for something that will bring some meaning to it. You have chosen magic, because you believe that by becoming one of the powerful spell casters, you will make others respect or fear you. Stop it until it’s too late! Your delusion will get you in a lot of trouble!

21 – 30 – You are a victim of your own imagination. However, your dreams have nothing to do with reality. Your thoughts of casting the most powerful spell is a game of your mind, that makes your life more exciting and the world around you less commonplace and eventless. The bright side is your dream will always remain just a dream, meaning you won’t hurt yourself. 

31 – 40 – You have a good intuition and energy. But it’s too early to celebrate yet. You still can’t cast any powerful magic spell. In fact, there are a lot of people like you, and they all also have a “gift.” However, your great advantage over them is the fact that you’re smart and hard-working, meaning you can achieve anything you want without magic. Speaking of casing a powerful spell, consult a professional spell caster, for mastering the art of being one of the powerful spell casters takes a lot of time. Why waste it?

41 – 50 – You have a gift for magic. I guess you know that already. However, I would warn you against casting the most powerful spell on your own, for you need to find a good teacher first who will educate you on magic. Only after that you can try to cast your first powerful magic spell. This may take you a few years, however eventually you will become a very powerful spell caster capable of casting any powerful spell to change anyone’s life, including you own.

You have every chance to cast most powerful spells

51 – 60 – If you want to cast magic spells, I assure you you can do that professionally. You have a gift for magic and for some reason so far you’ve been escaping your fate, that is being one of the most powerful spell casters. Don’t resist it! You need to study and practice a little by performing some simple rituals first rather than the most powerful spell. That’s when magic will open up its secrets to you. Having become a spell caster, you will learn to make wonders, because you are one of the few capable of casting the most complex and powerful magic spell!

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