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Black magic spell casters for those who are struggling to survive

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People tend to believe that white magic is used by good people, while black magic is used by bad ones. All spell casters are divided into two groups accordingly. Thus, if a spell caster uses black magic, he is considered a bad, mean person or, in other words, a black spell caster; but if a spell caster performs white magic rituals, he can be trusted and he doesn’t wish anyone ill.

I have been practicing magic professionally for so many years, that I have collected my own statistics. According to it, no magic can be called good or bad. I’ve seen lots of people suffer because of white magic rituals, while by casting black magic spells people survived and became a better person. How so? It fact, black magic rituals were initially designed for helping people survive. That’s why never underestimate black magic when faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem.

Some say that white magic is created by angels and therefore it works according to the angelic laws, while black magic follows the laws of evil. But the problem is both black and white forces referring to black and white magic respectively are mere energies, which initially have no color. They receive color later and that’s the color of the thoughts, goals and emotions of those using them. Speaking of angels, there are also punishing angels, death angels, bad news angels, and revenge angels. Reading the Bible, pay your attention to in what light the angels are presented there. 

But in this article we are talking not about angels or forces. 

We are discussing black magic spell casters and their clients.

Black magic spell caster's skulls

 Yesterday I received emails from 5 people looking for a black magic spell caster to cast a black magic spell to: 

  • Remove a curse;
  • Attract money;
  • Two people asked me to cast a black magic health-improving ritual; however, one of them asked me to improve his health, while the other needed a ritual to improve the health of his sister’s sick child;

  • The last person wanted to stop his coworker from plotting against him, which affects his career.

Now tell me, are all of those black magic rituals bad?

Aren’t you ready to answer? Let me make things clear for you and say that not a single person has been affected by those rituals. When I removed the curse from my client, I sent the curse back onto the curse caster. That’s why that man got what he deserved. Speaking of my second client, I have redirected the money flows, so after a while he’ll discover a business talent, which will help him understand how he can earn and multiply money, as well as what’s better to spend it on.

Sometimes, to improve a person’s health, I have to perform certain rituals to boost his energy. However, when it comes to children (like that situation with my client), I have to clean the karma of all members of the family of that sick child.

By casting black magic spells, I will slap that envious upstart down to make him stop poisoning my client’s existence and that of other office employees. So, is that evil, punishing the one who spreads evil around himself?

Every time we try to find out what’s better to use and what is right – white magic or black magic rituals – we move to a new level of philosophy, where there is no such thing as definite answers. Each individual case has its own answer, giving magic some color and it’s not final.

The main difference between white and black magic is not the color or the intention of those who practice magic professionally or order magic services. The main difference is the fact that white magic was created for continuous development which sometimes spans decades, while black magic rituals are designed for those who are struggling to survive at a given time, those who need money right now and right here.

Speaking of money, casting black magic spells, you can attract a particular sum right now. It doesn’t matter what you need this money for – to repay your debt, buy an apartment, or pay for your college. If you are dreaming of love, black magic will help you win the heart of the one you love. Right now black magic rituals can restore your health, curing all your illnesses, including terminal ones!

Black magic rituals

Casting black magic spells, you can remove any curse, not matter how bad it is. 

If you consult a white spell caster, he will tell you that your curse will be broken only after you readjust your mind and remove all evil wishes, thoughts, fear, irritation and envy from it. He will add that it will take you about 5 years to get rid of your curse and that’s true.

But what if you can’t wait? What if you understand that your curse is about to break your will and drive you insane, making you give up or even commit a suicide. That’s when you go to a black magic spell caster and he starts casting black magic spells which remove your curse within a few days. But… I have to stop here because I need to tell you one very important thing.

What I want you to know is that whatever magic help you receive, black or white, you will have to pay for that with your energies. Using white magic, you pay “by installments” and this can last for years. You will get what you want once your debt is repaid.  

Casting black magic spells, you have you repay your debt at once. I am sure you have heard of the people who cast black magic spells to become rich but lost their health, or those who wanted to find love but had to sacrifice their career. That’s the payment I’m talking about. Giving a person one thing, black magic takes away another.

It so happens not because that’s how black magic spells work. It happens because black magic rituals have been performed by an unexperienced spell caster. Hire me and none of that will happen. If those people had consulted me, they would have achieved their goals without having to pay anything. 

Well, payment is still required, but my clients pay not with their energies but with their money. Paying for my services, they relieve themselves of the obligation to pay with their energies because I will pay with mine. That’s part of my job. I exchange my clients’ money, who pay me for my services, for my energies. Magic forces don’t mind because it doesn’t matter for them who pays them, the person they help or the black magic spell caster who acts as a mediator between them and this person.

This works for all black magic rituals, including death and vengeance rituals, until the client honestly complies with all terms and conditions of the agreement. However, once the client refuses for pay, the black magic spell caster refuses to be the mediator.  That’s when magic forces will expect their payment from the client. I am deeply sorry for such people because they never know what magic forces will take away from them. It can be anything, including their health, wealth, good luck, or sanity.

I don’t try to scary you. I only tell you about what to expect casting black magic spells. I want to teach you to not be afraid of black magic and, on the other hand, always bear responsibility for your actions and promises. 

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