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Esoteric, astrologer, writer

Depending on their magical abilities, spell casters can be divided into three groups: searchers, healers and makers.

Searchers. Their main purpose is to obtain information about someone or something. They have a big target detection radius and high sensitivity, but use little energy. They can use the information they receive only partially. Usually they search for hidden treasures, lost objects, people and animals, tell fortune, etc.

Healers. Their main purpose is healing: physical, mental, magical. They heal not only people but also animals and the whole biosphere. They have high sensitivity to biological objects and a small target detection radius. Continuous use of light power flows.

Makers. Their main purpose is global protection from natural anthropogenic and magical disasters causing death of living creatures. They possess almost all magical abilities, but not all of them are well-developed (mostly those they use most often). They have medium sensitivity and target detection radius. They use ultrahigh energies within a very short period of time. They can easily destroy something and change the world. However, they can make a mess of things because of low sensitivity, so it’s better for them if they work together with a searcher or a healer.

Black and white spell casters

Depending on their attitude to the world, magicians can be divided into three groups: black, white and grey magicians.

Black magicians adhere to the following principles: live your life to the fullest, the stronger one is the right one. They use magic only for their own benefit and to gain power. Black magicians make a compromise only to benefit from it in future. Magicians stronger than them are the only ones they obey.

White magicians adhere to the following principles: live for the benefit of other people, public benefit over personal benefit, who is not with us is against us. White magicians and witches don’t benefit from their magical abilities. So do the higher powers standing behind them and controlling them. White magicians almost never make compromises, which often leads to grave consequences. White magicians obey higher powers or those passing themselves off as higher powers. Thus, sometimes black magicians rule over white ones.

Grey magicians adhere to the principle “live and let other people live, too.” Grey magicians and witches use magic for their own benefit and absolutely selflessly. Grey magicians always try to find a compromise to satisfy both parties. Grey magicians don’t obey anybody. They are free which is why black and white magicians hate them.

Depending on how spell casters use magic, they can be divided into the magicians of chaos, order and balance.

The magicians of chaos have things breaking and exploding around them. They use magic often, but have no control over it. They find themselves in extreme situations but get off easy. They have bruises and bumps, but serious wounds are rare. Chaos protects its bearers. Their things are in a mess but they can always find what they need when necessary. They are always in a hurry and are always late. They have a lot of friends but people can’t stand them for long. They can barely be found in the same place. They scatter pieces of chaos around them. Even speaking with them on the phone is not safe. After such a conversation, you need to clean your house and the communication line. Their protection is unsteady. Their actions are unpredictable. Their body is hot but you can’t feel when they touch you. They can’t heal. They surround themselves by mirrors to reflect the negative energy back at the attacker. Chaos accumulates around their home. That’s why is dangerous to be in there and call their numbers even when they are out.

Spell caster with candlesThings are in order around the magicians of order. Everything is where it should be. They will never give up what they’ve started. They are neat. They have a special place for each object. They stay in the same place most of the time. They are never late and can’t stand those who are. They don’t like spending their time with other people and are always busy doing something. They have few friends. Their magic is predictable, but very powerful. They rarely find themselves in extreme situations, but when they do, the consequences can be fatal. They try to put things in order. They are boring to talk to.

The magicians of balance prefer to avoid extremes. They have a bunch of stuff on their table but everything is in a certain order which they only know of. Sometimes they are late, but as a rule they come a little earlier than they should. They think things through before doing something, but if anything goes wrong, they take risks. They find themselves in extreme situations rarely and always find a way out. They fall rarely and almost never hurt themselves. They can be different depending on the situation. They are powerful but prefer to use their powers as rarely as possible. They interfere only when the world balance is seriously disturbed. They seem lazy and not dangerous. They are indifferent to money and power. They attract little attention. They have a very strong protection.

They are friendly with all kinds of magical creatures, magicians, witches and believers, unless they try to influence them or change their system of beliefs. They can heal and kill, save and destroy, use any magic and protect from any hostile influence.

Depending on the level of their inner energy, spell casters can be divided into:

  • others outside the category (0-30 degrees)

  • high others (level 1 others) (30-60 degrees)

  • powerful others (level 2 others) (60-75 degrees)

  • others (level 1 others) (75-85 degrees)

  • untrained others (85-95 degrees)

  • not magicians or regular people (95-135 degrees)

  • apprentices (energy level varies from the level of a regular person to that of a magician) (135-150 degrees)

  • magicians (level 3 magician) (150-180 degrees)

  • powerful magicians (level 2 magician) (180-210 degrees)

  • higher magicians (level 1 magician) (210-240 degrees)

  • magicians outside the category (over 240 degrees)

The energy level is measured with a G-shaped frame according to the rotation angle counterclockwise. The average level of the environment is 90 degrees.

People whose inner energy is less than 120 degrees are susceptible to illnesses. They need charging. The death level of a regular person is 97-98 degrees.

The energy of true magicians is much higher than the average energy level of the environment. They are hotter than it. Magicians use their own energy to do magic.

The energy of others is lower than the average energy level of the environment. They are colder than it. Others use other people’s energy to do magic. They are all energy vampires.

The energy of a regular person is slightly higher than the average energy level of the environment.

Clairvoyants (searchers) are divided depending on their abilities to look into the future and remote places.

Healers are divided depending on how fast they heal people and how many people they can heal within a given space of time, as well as how severe the illnesses they cure are.

Depending of their egoism, regular people are divided into black, dark, grey (neutral), light and white people. Children are born light (unless they are children of demons who are born black). They get darker with age.


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