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How true spell casters work

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“My question may sound weird, but I still want to ask it. And I would like you to answer it. Here’s what I want to know.

Are there true spell casters in the world?

Are they real? Or are those claiming to be spell casters just frauds making money off of people’s love for fantasy books?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

True spell castersTry asking this question to those I have helped. And not just one person but thousands of them. Ask all those who became rich or healthy, found the love of their life, got even with the enemy (I offer revenge spells as well), and they will tell you true spell casters are real and they know one… and this person is me.

As for the attempts of make money out of people’s love for fantasy books, this is not uncommon. However, such people are not spell casters. They are liars pretending to be magic practitioners. As a rule, they wear ridiculous outfits and weird accessories, speak in an ominous voice and boast of some impressive titles or ranks. Their goal is to make you believe they are sorcerers, yet they are not.

True spell casters work with inner energies which are invisible to regular people. They prefer to keep a low profile and do not talk about their work. A true spell caster cannot be identified from the crowd because they look like ordinary people.

There are reality shows about magic practitioners in many countries. Contestants who do not stand out usually win, while those looking like typical witches, shamans or sorcerers get eliminated almost in the beginning of the show.


“How can I tell true spell casters from frauds?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I have answered this question multiple times in my articles, but people still ask it every now and then. Since detailed instruction can be found on my website, here is just a summary:

1. Study customer reviews disregarding those which are 100% positive or 100% negative. 2. Study the spell caster’s website and evaluate his level of professionalism. 3. Talk to the spell caster in person and try to understand if he is lying or telling the truth. 4. Listen to your heart. Usually our intuition and subconscious mind have all the answers. Try to hear them to figure out if you are dealing with a true spell caster or a fraud.


“I’m worried about possible blackmail. I’m a businessman and my reputation will be ruined if my business partners find out that I used magic. Can I use a made up name while working with a spell caster just to be on the safe side?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

True spell casters never blackmail their customers.

True spell caster casting a spellSpell casters are always on the edge, balancing on an invisible rope over the bottomless abyss. For as long as spell casters follow all human and karmic laws, without breaking the laws of the Universe and Higher Powers, they are safe. But as soon as they commit a crime, such as try to blackmail their clients, they fall landing not where they started but much lower.

Such spell casters end up living almost like animals – they care only about food, sleep and other physiological needs. Higher Powers do not let them access their subtle bodies, including those in charge of their mental health or connection with love or God. Spell casters develop mental disorders as their punishment or have other problems turning their life into hell.

Instead of worrying about possible blackmail by professional spell casters, you should be worried about dealing with frauds. They have fallen so law that they have nothing to lose, even though they still get their karmic lessons every time they trick someone like you.

In addition, all people are equal before the law. It does not matter who is trying to blackmail you, a spell caster or a regular person. Blackmail is a crime. It is punishable either by fines or by imprisonment. If you have doubts regarding your spell caster’s honesty, I suggest that you remind him about it when you talk to him next time. If this person is a liar, this should scary him away.


“My problem hasn’t been solved by one spell caster. He was a real spell caster. Can it be solved by another one? Or a spell shouldn’t be recast if it failed once? ”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

How do you know it was a real spell caster? Let us assume he was not very experienced. If so, your problem can be easily solved by a powerful magic practitioner, because powerful spell casters can solve almost any problem.

But what if the first spell failed because of some curse you had on you or because of your bad karma (Note: there are a lot of articles on my website about interaction between magic and karma).

If that is the case, it is important to fix the problem before recasting the spell: remove the curse or cure karma. True spell casters offer such services and the results are always great.


“Today there are a lot of sorcerers and witches from Eastern Europe. How would you explain it? Do you think they can be trusted?”


You cannot say more powerful magic practitioners live in one part of the planet, and less powerful ones live in the other part, or that the percentage of frauds is higher in Eastern Europe than in the USA or India. It is like saying that magic practitioners living in a certain geographic area cannot be trusted. It just does not make sense.

However, it is true that there are more magic practitioners in Eastern Europe than in some other areas of the globe and I can explain why. For example, Russia has a rich history and traditions which have been carried through the centuries. Witches and sorcerers have always been greatly appreciated in this country. Besides, let me remind you that Russia, unlike Europe where almost all the most powerful dynasties of magic practitioners were murdered, did not have the inquisition or priests deliberately destroying ancient magic books and, along with them, magic practitioners.


“Can a regular person suddenly discover a natural talent in magic and realize he is one of the true spell casters?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

In our world miracles do happen. So yes, it is possible. Nevertheless, the majority of people who “suddenly discover some hidden natural talents in magic” are mistaken. To find out if you are right about your talent, please watch the video below.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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