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White magic lesson for a beginning caster

White magic and magic in general is a science about the subtle matter. White magic is good magic, if we can say so, while black magic is bad magic. It’s all about good and bad things. There are many notions of white magic and magic in general. One of them is use of the Divine for mercenary motives or taking advantage of the knowledge about the subtle matter.  Another notion reads that white magic is a science about the desire to cognize the Divine. Perhaps, the second notion describes the essence of white magic better. Our life consists of things which can all be interpreted as means to profit. But we life to develop and without profit or, to put it mildly, interest, we won’t need this life. A prayer also implies certain profit, whether we want it consciously or subconsciously

Everything in this world is driven by people’s need to love, develop, learn, etc. So we shouldn’t define white magic as good magic, as well as we shouldn’t define any other type of magic as bad magic, unless of course it contradicts moral standards, common sense, morals, etc.  We don’t know what will happen if a so call white magician starts doing something which is right, good in his opinion. It’s important what consequences it will have. This is what concerns helping others. The same can be said about magic which pursues solely scientific purposes, meaning expanding the knowledge about the subtle matter and so on. What’s the way out? In Colo Center, they know how to help people get closer to the Creator and He himself will put everything in their places without white magic or any other type of magic. Contact the research-psychological alternative medicine center Colo and learn more about the methods for achieving what you want.

White magic lessonSaint Augustin used to say that you can do whatever you want as long as you have love for God in your heart. It’s simple and there cannot be any allegory or double interpretation of his advice. So, specialists who claim to be white magic professionals or claim to do something good work with white magic. You can assess their knowledge of white magic and skills intuitively, because the souls of the white magic specialist and his patient meet to decide whether it’s worth trying or not long before it even crosses the patient’s mind to go to a magician. The fact that the two meet in real life is already good results.

There are many people offering magical services today. 

You can come across advertisements in newspapers reading something like “white magic master” or “magician from a family of magicians” or “the best of the best.” So before you chose who to go to, sit down and meditate for a while trying to understand which one’s better for you. Advertisements mislead people so many patients eventually change their magician and the second one has to solve the problems created by the first one. An advertisement can be placed by a fraud or a true magician. A magician should listen to his patient carefully and figure out if the previous magician has done anything and how it affected the patient. White magic specialists are good psychologists and start helping their clients as early as during the first consultation. Many complex situations can be solved with the help of hypnosis, entrancement, clairvoyance sessions, etc.

Continuation of the article “Magic Categories.” This article is intended for those who doesn’t know where to begin. That’s what I myself started studying magic with. But before you do anything, take a sheet of paper and for one week write down why you want to study magic on one side, while on the other side write down why you think you shouldn’t study magic. A week later, read what you’ve written. Analyze all pros and cons. If pros prevail, go ahead. Then, regardless of the result, burn the paper down.  


First of all, all fairytales about the power of sorcerers, witches and magicians are a lie. Unfortunately, to some extent. You should understand that, unlike they show it in movies, miracles don’t happen instantly. It takes time. For example, performing a money ritual, remember that money won’t come to you in a day. A week or even a month will go by before you notice some extra dollars in your wallet. Nobody will give you magical powers. You should deserve it. There’s only one way for it: practice, practice, practice. At first, keep records of all your practical experiments and dreams (two separate record books should be used).


Start today, start right now! When you imagine something, when you see something in a dream (all people see dreams), one of the four things happen:

1. Astral reality.  When you study it, you have a lesson according to your spiritual, physical and magical development – the same about preparation for these lessons. It’s called “astral plan.” You learn more about Kabbalah and further magical interpretations of the astral plan. –

2. Psychological message. Many times your subconscious mind wanted to communicate something important to your consciousness but it wouldn’t hear. Our subconscious mind can send us messages through our thoughts – it’s the basis of Freud’s analysis.

3. Play. Our mind can wander aimlessly and communicate fanciful images to our consciousness.

4. Compilation of the aforesaid.

If you’ve never kept a diary, don’t worry. It’s very simple. Just take a notebook and a pencil and put them near your bed. If you can’t remember you dream in the morning, you can write down the following, “I didn’t want to remember my dreams.” This will be enough. At first, you will remember just a small part of your dream, just one event or one feeling. But in a month, you’ll be worried if your note is shorter than a page.

Also you have to have a notebook to copy extracts from your dreams to. If you write a bad hand, type. It will take you a little more time, but then it will be easier for you to find what you need. Date each note you make.

You will need the notes in several years. It’s very important. You don’t have to try to analyze every dream you have. Also you don’t have to know which of the above four dreams you had. Instead, pay attention to the repeated images, changes which occur in the repeated dreams. And please, stay away from dream books.

Here’s an example of how important keeping a diary is. A young woman often had a dream full of fights, chases, pursuits… Every time she would wake up in fear. The dreams she had reflected the way she saw her life. Then she performed several protection rituals and her dreams changed. Nobody was chasing her anymore trying to rape, she was safe. Her old mental block, which made her fear men and sex, was destroyed. Her relationship with a friend improved, she felt more confident. The changes in her dreams triggered that. This is how you will be able to foresee changes in life by watching the changes in your dreams.

Beginning spell caster


Below you will find rituals to be performed once a day. It won’t take you more than half an hour to perform at the beginning and even less after you master it. You should keep a ritual diary. I can offer you one design version. You will have to copy these pages and then fill them in every day. All data is important, nothing can be omitted. Then you will be able to see which conditions are most favorable for practicing magic. Some people are better performers when the night’s warm. Others – when they have a depression or it’s raining. Your dream diary together with your ritual diary will become a great magical test which will fit only you. 

In the column “Moon phase” state whether the moon is waxing or waning. You can learn more about it in special astrological calendars. The “Weather” column: precipitation, temperature, humidity, etc. The “Emotions” column: joy, sadness, depression, etc. The “Actions” column: it’s about what you’ve done good, bad, magical… The “Results” column: what you feel and what’s been accomplished. The list can be expanded. That way, make sure you date your additions.  


  • Moon phase

  • Weather

  • Emotions

  • Physical state

  • Ritual performed

  • Action

  • Results


Don’t try to perform the ritual seven times a day so you don’t have to do it all week. You must perform one ritual every day.


Before you master your first ritual, pay your attention to the following. For better results, get a tarot deck. It’s very important for study. The most popular tarot deck is a 78 card deck that includes 22 Major Arcana and 56 Lesser Arcana. Here’s your first ritual, it should be performed once a day. It’s rather easy but you shouldn’t disregard it. Walking is simple but remember the time you were jut learning to walk. This ritual is a preparation ritual for all further magical rituals of the course.



STEP 1. Sit or lay down in a place where you will feel comfortable staying in the chosen position for at least five minutes. Turn off your cell phone, make yourself comfortable. Make sure you’re not stooping. Your arms and legs shouldn’t be crossed. If you’ve chosen a sitting position, put your palms on your laps and close your eyes.

STEP 2. Visualize a golden ball filled with beautiful warm light. If you can’t “see” it, don’t worry. Just know that it exists. With time, you’ll learn how to visualize it. A ball of warm light brings peace and full relaxation. When it appears, your tension vanishes, so let it appear. As soon as it happens, feel the warmth, the golden ball with your feet, relax.

STEP 3. Let the ball go up your feet and proceed along your torso. Let it go down your arms and reach your fingers, then go up your neck and enter your head, where you will fee warmth and relaxation. If you feel anxiety anywhere, send the ball there and it will disappear.

STEP 4. Stay relaxed for a while. Know that you can go back to this state any time you want by simply recalling the ritual. If you have trouble falling asleep, perform this ritual instead of taking a sleeping pill. Enjoy your solitude.

STEP 5. When you’re ready to come out of the state of full relaxation, take a deep breath three times, feel the new life, energy entering you with every breath you take. Don’t forget to write down your observations into your ritual diary.

Before proceeding to the next stage, try to keep a diary and buy a tarot deck, if you don’t have one.

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