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People use white magic spells to solve their everyday problems and make life easier. White magic is safe if the ritual is performed correctly (no matter what ritual you perform and what tools you use).

That’s why you should be very careful casting spells, including white magic ones, and don’t use magic unless you really need it.

What is the difference between white and black magic?

While the majority of my readers know that magic can be white and black, very few know what differs white magic from black one. Some think they differ in their name or the effect produced (black magic is more effective than white one). Others believe white magic is the magiс used for the benefit of other people, while black magic is used when a person wants to solve his own problems… In fact, the difference is so delicate that some people don’t even see it. The only thing I can say for sure is that white magic is not supposed to do harm to people.

White magic spells paraphernaliaAlso, white and black magic spells address different forces, while their rituals require different tools. In addition, white and black magic have a different influence on people. Thus, casting a white magic spell, the spell caster addresses God and saints, while black magic spells address directly demons. Instead of church candles and herbs, black magic rituals require blood, dolls, grave ground, etc.

White and black magic have a different effect on people. White magic spells are believed to preserve the integrity of the energy shell, while black magic ones destroy it causing various illnesses. Black magic spells can do harm to both the object of the spell and the spell caster, while those practicing white magic are relatively safe.

What a white magic spell is and what white magic spells are like

Now you understand why use of white magic spells seems more reasonable. Now let’s see how they influence people. To begin with, a spell is a combination of words and actions which may change the person and the world around him by influencing his energy field. A spell is a word formula which only helps the spell caster to strengthen the effect of the ritual performed (that’s why experienced spell casters and sorcerers perform rituals without even saying anything).

Spells differ in the tone they’re said in. They can be demanding and aggressive, calm and pleading. As you understand, white magic spells are usually said in a calm or pleading tone. White spell casters may demand anything or display aggression only when they’re struggling with someone’s disease and want it to leave the body of this person.

Some spells are to be said in a loud voice (almost shouting), while others are to be whispered or pronounced in one’s mind. So before casing a spell to solve your own problems or help someone else, make sure you know how the spell should be said to achieve best results and minimize the risks.

In conclusion, I would like to add that some white spells are to be learned word by word, while others allow improvisation. Even if you change a spell slightly, expressing your feelings you make it even stronger (because you support the spell with the energy of your emotions as well). Nevertheless, remember that using white magic, you intervene in subtle matters. If you’re not careful enough, it will bring the opposite results of what you expect.

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