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Big Interview with Spellcaster Maxim. Part 1. White Magic for Love

Homepage Practical magic Big Interview with Spellcaster Maxim. Part 1. White Magic for Love
Esoteric, astrologer, writer

How long have you been practicing magic?

I’ve been practicing magic for many years. This is why I’ve become one of the best spellcasters offering their services online. I’m not trying to promote myself but I indeed have the knowledge and skills to perform any of the most complex and dangerous rituals or to improve the fate of any person no matter how bad and distorted it is.

Do you practice only white magic for love?

White magic cards for loveNo, I practice all types of magic, including voodoo and shaman magic. Of course, I’m familiar with black magic rituals. As a professional spellcaster, I need this knowledge to be able to help any person regardless of the circumstances. If I focused only on white magic love, I’d be like a surgeon who knows how to find the problem organ having no idea what to do next.

A beginning spellcaster becomes a professional one when he learns not how to perform separate rituals but how to use magic as a whole. That’s why when someone tells me about some spellcaster who studied for a year or two or completed some magic courses, I understand that this person can’t be a spellcaster and can’t possibly have any magic powers.

What magic level are you currently at?

I understand my answer will surprise you but there are no levels in magic. Magic levels belong in books or computer games. In magic, all spellcasters are divided into strong and weak spellcasters, experienced and inexperienced spellcasters. There is no other hierarchy in magic.

By the way, if you meet someone claiming to be some “level 80” spellcaster who promises you to cast his white magic love spells or offers you white magic for love, ignore him. You’re dealing with a liar who has no idea how magic works which makes him useless for you. The only thing he is capable of is reducing the amount of money in your bank account.

The good news is it doesn’t take long before such “spellcasters,” “sorcerers” and “shamans” get punished by the Higher Powers and disappear from the market of magic services.

How can you tell a strong spellcaster from an inexperienced one?

There are three ways. The first one is to order white magic love services, see what happens and write a positive or negative review. The second one is to find some reviews on the Internet and decide whether you want to work with this spellcaster or not. The last one is to study the spellcaster’s website. Thus, if I guarantee that I can cast white magic love spells, it means I’m going to white and post articles on white magic for love on my website. You will understand whether or not I’m saying the truth based on the information contained in these articles.

Below are signs indicating that the website is run by a fake or inexperienced spellcaster:

1. The website was launched less than a year ago;

2. It has little information about magic;

3. Its information appears to have been copied from other websites;

4. Its articles are not informative and have a lot of advertisements, hidden or not.

Is it better to order white magic love services from a male or female spellcaster?

I keep saying that the quality of white magic love spells depends not on the gender of the spellcaster but the spellcaster’s experience, inner strength, honesty and whether or not the spellcaster guarantees his or her clients’ safety. It doesn’t matter whether the services are provided by a male or female spellcaster because both male and female spellcasters can lack expertise in white magic for love.

White magic love is believed to be completely safe

White magic figure for love

This is why I find it strange that you use the word “safety” so often, as if you’re asking people to be careful while casting white magic love spells.

People are taught that white magic for love is safe when they are little kids. This idea is imposed on them though cartoons and children’s movies. Ancient philosophers said, “And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.”

Even if you use white magic love, you go beyond your reality entering the so-called parallel worlds or attracting the energies which don’t belong in your life. The majority of people can’t even say what energies are generated by their loved ones. That being said, how can they understand what energies they’ve attracted or what entities they’ve called up by using magic?

The chances are that you will call up dark entities with your white magic love spell. The less experienced you are, the better the chance. Even though I, spellcaster Maxim, have no statistical data, in my experience it’s about 80-90%.

Why so? 

White magic for love engages light forces, doesn’t it? 

Doesn’t it mean that the spellcaster shouldn’t worry about dark forces?

Do you know what one of the first things taught to future priests is? They are taught how to discern the evil hiding behind the mask of the good. Modern religion has little to do with magic but even today those connected with religion understand that this knowledge is needed to ensure the safety of priests.

They are not discussing people or organisms. They are discussing energy entities coming from other worlds and realms. This means that these entities can penetrate our world and try to contact anyone trying to perform a magic ritual, and that they like to pretend to be someone they are not.

Does it mean that if a person is just saying a prayer (from what you said, a prayer is a magic ritual, too), without trying to practice white magic love, he can’t know who he asks for help and who will respond?

Yes, a prayer is a magic ritual. The fact that there are love and breakup prayers, that a magic shield can be created with a prayer, and that you can attract money through praying, proves it.

Speaking of who responds to your prayer or love ritual, it’s simple. The purer your energies, the lighter the entity responding to your call will be. The more mental and energy dirt you have, the more dangerous the entity will be called up by you.

Given how easily we lie to ourselves regarding who we are, it is also easy for the entities living in the worlds of the evil to fool us and pass themselves off as good and light forces.

From what you said, it turns out people who are good persons should cast white magic love spells, while bad ones should stick to black magic. Am I right?

Being a skilled spellcaster, I can perform a ritual from white magic for love even for people who are terrible persons with tons of negative energy. However – let me repeat it – most people are wrong about black and white magic. This is why I suggest that we discuss black magic in the second part of this interview.

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