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Big Interview with Spellcaster Maxim. Part 2. Black Magic for Love

Big Interview with Spellcaster Maxim. Part 2. Black Magic for Love
Esoteric, astrologer, writer

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You said black magic for love could be used only by people who are ready to let the evil or representatives of evil worlds into their lives.

To begin with, I want you to understand the following simple truth which, by the way, has been known to Buddhists for thousands of years: there are no hellish worlds as we know them. For example, our world that we believe is normal, interesting, beautiful and offering a bunch of amazing opportunities, is hell to everyone living in the Higher Worlds, while we, humans, appear to be demons to them.

At the same time, for those living in lower worlds our world is heaven and they have to work really hard to get here.

Black magic candle spells for loveHow do they do that?

They use black magic love

When I perform a black magic ritual, I know which energies and entities I’m going to have to work with. Being a skilled spellcaster, I know how to call up an entity, take advantage of its powers and then send it back to where it came from. By the way, this is what makes my rituals and spells safe.

However, when black magic of love is used by an amateur, someone who doesn’t have the ability to control energies or can’t even feel them, this person makes one serious mistake – he lets the entity stay with him. This is when the worst begins.

What do you mean?

The entity called up with black magic on love will try to obsess you and seize control of your heart and mind enslaving your body, or will start feeding on your energies using you like people use farm animals.

Maybe, people shouldn’t use black magic for love at all?

Black magic love is not dangerous if used by an experienced spellcaster

If you see a gun in the hands of a policeman, you don’t expect him to shoot you, do you? On the contrary, you feel safe because you know if something happens to you, the policeman will help you.

Black magic of love can be compared with a handgun. When an inexperienced spellcaster uses it, he’s like an armed murderer or self-murderer, but it’s a completely different story when black magic on love is used by a professional spellcaster in order to make his clients happy.

In your articles you say that all dark entities feed on dark energies. Does it mean if black magic for love is used by a person with light energies, dark entities can’t harm him?

The danger of black magic love lies in the fact that no one is protected from the entities behind it. No matter how kind and humble you are, the entity will find a way to seize control of you. It can take advantage of your greed or pride, your strong sense of justice or even faith. Many of those kept in mental hospitals went crazy and killed someone because that’s what their “angel” or “god” had asked them to do.

I believe it’s possession and this is the way the entities choose to destroy their victims. They encourage them to commit a crime convincing them it’s a good thing for which they are put to prison or mental hospital.

Does it always happen to people trying to use black magic of love on their own?

Casting black magic spells for loveThis happens to everyone trying to practice black magic in general. As with any disease, possession can be cured if diagnosed early. No matter how bad a person you are, you are still looked out by the Higher Powers which will lead you or your relatives or friends to a powerful spellcaster who will exorcise the entity and send it back to where it came from.

Do you advise not to use black magic on love at all?

My advice is to never try to cast black magic spells on your own but have a skilled spellcaster like I am do that for you.

What about the fact that black magic for love has been created to do evil?

Who told you that? The goals to be achieved with black magic love depend on the spellcaster and the client’s wises.

Here’s a simple example. John and Sally are married. John is a lazy and rude womanizer. Sally is a hard-working mother of three putting up with domestic violence and having to work two jobs to provide for her family. There is a third person, Sam. Sam is kind, hard-working and reliable, perhaps even successful. He loves Sally and asks her to leave John, promising her a better life.

Sally loves Sam, too. However, she can’t bring herself to leaving John despite the fact that he hasn’t had one sober day over the last two weeks. Sally believes she has to be with John because he is the father of her three kids. Besides, she is afraid that John might find out about Sam and hurt him or their children.

When Sam asks a spellcaster for help, what should the spellcaster do?

Should he use white magic and make John stop being violent and let Sally go and be happy with the man who loves her?

Unfortunately, white rituals can’t influence John. His energies are so stained that he won’t be able to hear the message sent to him with a white magic ritual. However, he will feel the energies of black magic of love just fine. This is how I, spellcaster Maxim, can make him lose interest in Sally and their children, fall in love with another woman who will share his interests and find John’s behavior normal. That way, Sally will be able to get a divorce, take the children and move in with Sam. As a result, everyone will be happy: John and his new girlfriend, Sam and Sally and, of course, the children (if you want, I can perform a ritual that will make the children love Sam like a father).

Don’t you think that you are taking on the role of the Higher Powers by changing people’s fates so radically?

You need to understand that when the Higher Powers don’t want to help the spellcaster, the spellcaster is unable to change anyone’s fate, no matter how experienced he is in black magic on love or black magic for love. This is why I, spellcaster Maxim, study the fates of everyone who I’m going to influence with magic. Thus, if it turns out Sally, according to her karma, is to have John but not Sam taking care of the children, or Sally is repaying some karmic debts by living with John, I won’t interfere no matter how hard Sam tries to persuade me to perform one of my black magic love rituals.

This means I don’t interfere in people’s fates. I just get their fates back on track. 

Sometimes, only black magic of love can help me do so

What else can a spellcaster who cares about the happiness of others use black magic on love for?

My answer is as follows: every time you need to unite two people, white magic is used. When you need to make two people break up, cause a fight or make them love each other, black magic on love is used.

Does it mean black magic for love destroys things which is why it’s not as good as you’re trying to make it look?

I’m not trying to do anything. I’m just explaining to those who don’t understand why spellcasters use not only white but also black rituals to create love.

Here’re some examples when black magic love can be used to do good:

  • Black magic of love can help you in case you can’t forget the person who left you or passed away;
  • It’s used if you have a love spell on you, meaning you’ve been forced to fall in love with someone;
  • Black magic for love is the only tool to fight voodoo spells, the most dangerous spells in magic;
  • Black magic love is the only kind of magic that can free you from a relationship in case you don’t love your partner but your partner loves you – can this relationship ever be happy?

Can you call a girl happy who married a drug addict who’s going to get her addicted to drugs too? Do you think it’s a bad thing that the girl’s mother orders black magic of love from me to end this marriage?

Yes, this subject is complicated and there’s still a lot to be discussed and I’m sorry that we don’t have more time. Well, do you have anything to say in conclusion, any final words?

There are no final words in black magic on love which is why one interview is not enough to answer its questions. This is why if you’re interested in white or black love magic, please send in your questions and I’ll be happy to answer them in my next articles which I’m going to post on my website dedicated to magic and witchcraft. 

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