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Break up spells to do at home if you are tired of your relationship

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Break up spells white magic

Break up spells to do at home are quite easy to cast. But before I tell you about the rituals, let me specify what kind of relationship I am talking about. I am talking about the relationship which does not make you happy anymore, which you are tired of, and which you are too scared to end either because you do not want to upset your partner who still loves you or because you are afraid of ending up feeling lonely.

Break up spells at homeYes, it can be pretty scary to be alone. Yes, it is usually impossible to break up with your partner without breaking their heart because living together for so many years has also made you each other’s best friends. Nevertheless, if you are not happy in this relationship, you have to end it. Otherwise, it is toxic and it is poisoning your life. It is stealing those happy days from you which you may have in the future, as well as an opportunity to love and be loved again. It does not let you enjoy your freedom or build a family you have always wanted.

Moreover, you should always remember almost every person has a partner destined to them by karma. Some people manage to find them when they are still young, while others have to search for one for years. Keep trying and sooner or later you will find your better half. But if you give up and waste your energy on the wrong person, you will never be happy.

I, spellcaster Maxim, receive a lot of emails from women who say they are unhappy in love. They keep trying to find true love but always end up feeing disappointed.

In fact, they are not looking for true love. You keep changing partners preventing the Universe from leading you to the one who is right for you, who can actually make you happy, and who you can spend the rest of your life with. To help people find true love, many spells have been created, which brings up to the question I want to answer today: How effective are break up spell?

Break up your ex’s new relationship spells

You tell your partner it is over but he refuses to understand it. You tell him you no longer want to be with him but he is chasing you and telling your friends you still love each other and everything is great. Sometimes he threatens your new boyfriends claiming you belong to him.

You can cast one of the powerful break up spells using hair if your ex-boyfriend is a stalker. To perform the ritual, you need his hair. I understand you cannot just cut off a lock of his hair, yet you can come up with an excuse why you need to pay him a visit, go to his place, distract him by, for example, asking him to bring you a glass of water, and pick out some hairs from his hair brush.

Put the hairs into an envelope and bring it home. The envelope will not let the hair lose its energy which you need to cast a good break up spell. Note that I, spellcater Maxim, will not tell you about dark break up spells. In this article you will find information only about the white magic methods to break up a relationship spell which are completely safe for one’s karma.

When you come home, put the hair in the middle of the table. Put a candle next to it. Light it up. Put your photograph to the left of the hair and the photograph of your ex-boyfriend to the right of the hair, with the ends of the hair touching the photographs. Drip some wax over the hair to make it like a link holding the photographs together. Say a prayer and then cut the hair saying,

“By cutting the hair, I cut everything there is between us. You (your ex-boyfriend’s name) will no longer think about me. You (your ex-boyfriend’s name) will no longer bother me. You (your ex-boyfriend’s name) will no longer stalk me.”

Fold the photograph of your ex-boyfriend in four and go to his place without putting out the candle (use a candlestick or put it on a plate to prevent a house fire). Put the photograph into his mail box and go home. On your way home, keep saying that spell you said while cutting the hair.

This is one of the very strong break up spells, so it is cast only once. If it does not work, it means the bond between you and that man is still very strong and it can be cut only by an experienced and professional magic practitioner.

Another break up spell with photos

Break up spellThere is another way to cast a break up spell with photos but it is more time-consuming. Take a photograph of your ex-boyfriend and put it in direct sunlight. When it fades to an extent that you can no longer see the face, tear the photograph into small pieces saying,

“Your interest in me fades along with your face. Your nose can no longer smell me, your mouth can no longer feel my taste, your eyes can no longer see me. You do not hear, do not feel and do not see me anymore. You no longer remember me. You forget me to leave me. You leave me to never come back and bother me again.”

Scatter the pieces of the photograph (from the balcony, for example). Then take off your clothes (everything you were wearing while performing one of the break up spells) and burn them. Then take a shower and put on something new to start a new life from scratch, the life free of the baggage of your old relationship.

This reminds me of a great article you can find interesting that I wrote about break up spells. To read it, click HERE.

In this article you will learn which spells should not be cast at home and what to look out for while casting break up spells, and why not all couples can be broken up with magic.

Many spells are just very dangerous because they not only break up the energy bonds between the partners like white magic rituals do. They destroy you and your partner and break your energies to make you want to break up. Such dangerous spells include:

- Voodoo break up spells;

- Break up spells calling up demons;

- Break up spells cast with the use of blood (your or anyone else’s blood);

- Break up spells cast while you are menstruating;

- Break up spells cast on people with physical or mental health issues;

- Rituals designed to make the target suffer;

- Rituals performed at the cemetery.

On my website you can find everything you need to know to cast break up spells, including a how to break a marriage spell. If you still have any questions left after reading my articles, download my book with detailed instructions for how and when to cast spells, how to set up an altar, how to protect yourself from backfiring spells, how to make sure your spells are not broken by another magic practitioner, etc. To download and read this amazing book about magic, visit SPELLSHELP.COM.

A break up spell with pictures – Method 2

It is time to tell you about one more break up spell with pictures which is cast using a drawing. To perform the ritual, you are going to have to draw something. You do not have to draw well. This spell can be used if you are still in a relationship but want to end it. Interestingly, it is one of the most universal break up spells in magic. You can read about how to break up a couple with spells all you want but you will not find a second spell like that.

This spell should be used if you want to:

- Break up with your partner whom you no longer love;

- Break up with your partner who is cheating on you;

- Divorce your husband peacefully;

- Stay friends with your ex-partner, make him want to care about you without being in a relationship with you.

Take a sheet of paper and draw yourself. Draw your ex on the other side. Make sure the sheet of paper is big enough as you need to also draw next to you and your ex what you want each of you to keep after the breakup or divorce.

For example:

Draw the car or the house that you want to keep after your divorce or breakup;

Draw your children who you want to stay with you. If you want them to have a good relationship with their father, draw them smiling at one another;

If you want to keep the money, draw money.

If you want your easy and effective break up spell to end your relationship completely, draw two walls – one wall on each side of the paper. They should be parallel to each other separating you and your partner.

You can draw other things too, such as you moving to another country or dating another person or having a wedding (draw yourself in a wedding dress standing next to the groom). Be creative and you will get everything you have drawn. Visualize your dreams and turn them into reality.

Then take the pen and start moving it in the middle of the drawing from one end to the other, saying,

“I’m separating myself from my ex (name), building a border between us, building a wall between us, digging a deep hole between us. No one will fall into the hole, no one will hit against the wall, no one will stumble on the border. But we will never come to each other again. We do not have common paths to follow in life. Each one of us is to follow their own path. Each one of us will stay on their own side. My ex (name) will keep what he wants and I (name) will keep what I want. So be it. May angles help me.”

I will tell you about other ways to cast spell break up relationship in the next part of my article.

Keep saying the spell until the pen divides the paper in two. Roll up your half and hide it. Put the half with your ex into an envelope and mail it to him. Upon getting the envelope, he will ask you what it means, to which you may reply it is just a joke. Your words will mean nothing as such break a relationship up spells take effect as soon as the envelope is opened. As a result, the man will want to break up with you shortly letting you keep everything you drew on that sheet of paper while performing your ritual.

How long do break up spells take and how to cast them?

Break up spell with candlesHow to cast break up spells with lime? To perform this ritual, you need a lime that looks slightly rotten and a picture of the couple you want to break up. They should look very happy in the picture. Also make sure there are no other people in the picture but them.

At night, when the moon is waning, put the lime on the table. It should be completely dark in the room. Take the picture by the bottom corners and try to cut the lime with it. Stop halfway leaving the picture in the lime. Wind it around with black threads, put it in a box, and put the box away without turning the light on.

In one week take the box outside and throw it out into a garbage container. Do not open the box as that way the magic will stay at your place affecting your family and your relations. The ritual should start working by the end of the second week. The couple will start having big fights and eventually split up.

Get over a break up spell using candles. Use a white candle. Some sorcerers say black or lilac candles need to be used but they are wrong. Such candles should never be used by amateurish magic practitioners. Even a simple ritual can hurt a lot of people if performed with the use of a black candle, while lilac or purple candles are known to cause insanity or suicidal thoughts in people.

Start casting this break up spell for couple at 8.55 p.m. Scratch the woman’s name on one side of the white candle and the man’s name on the other side. Light the candle and let it burn for three hours. Come back to the room at 11.55 p.m. Note that no one is allowed to enter the room while the candle is burning, including you.

Now take a close look at the names scratched on the candle. If you cannot see them because of the melted candle wax, it means this couple is protected by Higher Powers and it is impossible to break them up with home magic. You need to work with a professional and experienced spellcaster. If the names burned down along with the candle, the partners are sure to split up shortly. If only half of the names burned down, it means you need to cast one more break up spell fast which you can find in this article or any other article available on my website. If the candle went out for some reason and the names are intact, it means you have selected the wrong day for your ritual and forgot one very important rule that good break up spell results can be achieved only if the spell is cast while the moon is waning.

Break up spell effects if the spell is cast using matches. Let me tell you about this spell in the video that you can find below and watch right now.

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