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Can love and money spells work together?

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“I’ve noticed that many spellcasters offer the so-called combined spells on their websites, such as love and money spells to give people financial success and love, or love and attraction spells to attract good luck and love. It seems reasonable and I don’t understand why you don’t cast combined spells.”

Love and money spell do not work together

Love and money spells booksI first noticed double, triple and even more complex rituals offered by spellcasters back in 2008. It is the year when the financial crisis broke out and this is how many weak sorcerers and witches decided to attract more clients.

Why do I call them weak? There are many reasons. The first one is that the services of a powerful spellcaster are always in high demand. Secondly, only amateurs can think that love and money spells can work together.

For example, a person is single because he does not really care about his looks and is overweight, and is poor because he tries to implement plans which are doomed to failure. In this case (in most cases) just one spell is not enough. To help this person lose weight, magic needs to improve his willpower, industriousness and physical activity, as well as reset his subtle bodies to ensure that he feels full eating less.

Let us assume magic does all of the above things and women find this man attractive. What about his financial instability? To solve this problem, magic needs to:

  • Develop his intuition to ensure he ignores business ideas which are doomed to failure;
  • Make him more cautious to ensure he thinks twice before risking his money which he, as you know, is short of;
  • Cleanse his mental body to ensure he can take advantage of his pure consciousness to always make the right choices bringing him money and success.

Now tell me: do you think this can be done with the help of love and money spells or several different rituals are needed?

“What if a man’s inability to have a romantic relationship and poverty are caused by the same thing, such as ill luck? In this case a ritual to attract good luck needs to be performed to improve both the man’s love life and financial situation. When this happens, this ritual will be attributed to love and attraction spells.”

Theoretically, anything can happen. Theory requires no proof. But if we analyze any real-life situation from the point of view of magic, especially if it is a symbiosis of several problems, we will understand that love and attraction spells are never a panacea.

For instance, your inability to find love may be caused by a curse cast on you or the fact that the one you love is bound to someone else with a powerful love spell. No ritual can remove the curse from you and, at the same time, break the love spell from the one you love and then unite the two of you.

Magic works in stages:

1. Curse removal.

2. Restoration of your energies.

3. Ensuring that you are protected from negative energies.

4. When your energies are pure and restored, the love spell is removed from the one you love.

5. Healing the one you love.

6. Your and your beloved’ energies are made harmonious.

7. Casting a love spell.

Love and money spells candles

At this point you face another challenge. You need to attract wealth. Money is also attracted with a number of rituals and the process may last for a few weeks or even months. The point is combined spells, such as love and money spells or love and attraction spells, cannot help you solve your problems. 

“What if a man’s loneliness and poverty are caused by his malfunctioning second chakra? What if he is too tired to work and be in a relationship? In this case the energy of love and money spells should be directed at this chakra and one ritual will be enough, won’t it?”

You forget that everything happens for a reason in our life. This is why a chakra cannot stop functioning normally without a reason. Even if you stop working out, stop fighting for your happiness, become lazy and start drinking too much alcohol, sooner or later your mind and soul will revolt and make you pull yourself together and take your life under control. This will improve your charka and you may not even need magic.

Unfortunately, that is not what usually happens. Thus, your inability to find love may be caused by:

  • Curses and hexes;
  • Your low self-esteem or broken vows;
  • Love, breakup and other spells;
  • Your karma (if you change it, you will never find love).

There are 10 more reasons which I, spellcaster Maxim, will skip in this article.

The same is true for your financial problems. They can be caused by magic or be the punishment imposed on your by the Higher Power for your laziness, foolishness, or be karma-related, etc. Thus, when a spellcaster has to solve a client’s love and money problems, the love problems turn out to have been caused by the man’s karma, while his money problems have to do with his attitude towards himself and his life. This makes it impossible to improve the man’s fate in one ritual.

“They say problems result from our energy diseases. If you cleanse your energies, the problems will go away. Is it true?”

Similarly, any disease results from the disease of a physical body. However, you do go to one doctor with a flu, appendicitis and gum diseases. At least three procedures, three kinds of drugs and three different doctors are needed.

Speaking of love and attraction spells, you will not need two spellcasters for a powerful and experienced spellcaster is able to solve all your problems. As for the rest, poverty and inability to find love are two different energy problems requiring two different magic solutions.

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