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Casting a same sex love spell on the person you love

Homepage Practical magic Casting a same sex love spell on the person you love
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A same sex love spell is one of the most complex spells to cast because you do to not work with completely different yet perfectly compatible energies like it happens with traditional love spells. Rather, you work with two similar energy systems which, as you know, always repel each other. It is the same thing that happens to magnets. Try to get two negative (or two positive) magnets close to each other and see what happens. Now try to do the same using one positive and one negative magnet – they will stick to each other immediately. To separate them, you will need to put some effort.

Same Sex Love SpellI, spellcaster Maxim, find this analogy quite accurate, so I will continue explaining to you how same sex spells work using magnets as an example. For example, how and why does a traditional love spell work? In this case we have two magnets and one of them is charged to the maximum – this person is in love – and the other one is neutral like a piece of iron. When a magic practitioner casts a traditional love spell, he takes some of the energy of the charged magnet, makes it stronger with a special ritual or rituals, and then uses it to charge the other magnet. Both magnets are prepared to stick together which eventually happens.

However, after a while one or both of them lose their charge and the partners start getting distant. This process is unavoidable at least because nothing lasts forever in our world. The magnets lose their charge also because our energies keep changing. Cells in the body are renewed every 7 years, and transformation happens even faster for energies. Sometimes just a couple of years is enough for a person’s energies to get completely transformed.

As soon as this happens, the same sex love spells stop working. It does not mean it will be over between you and your partner. First of all, you can always order a new spell any time. This spell will be cast taking the changes your and your partner’s energy systems have gone through into account. Secondly, you can order a special protective amulet as a precautionary measure. My amulet works like a lens ensuring your energies always suit each other perfectly, so you will always be attracted to each other no matter what.

Energy changes are unavoidable. They trigger changes in our physical appearance, tastes, habits, worldviews, etc. As a result, your partner who seems like the right match for you today will become completely unsuitable in a year, demonstrating new qualities you cannot put up with, such as:

- Poor physical shape;

- Your partner is not as smart anymore;

- Or the opposite – Your partner becomes much smarter which makes you the silly one in your relationship;

- Bad habits;

- Or the opposite – Obsession with exercising which you are not a fan of;

- Loss of sex drive;

- Completely different lifestyle and rhythm of life;

- New friends;

- Cutting ties with old friends;

- Unwillingness to go out or travel which you have always enjoyed;

- Or the opposite – Obsession with traveling and partying while you prefer to stay in whenever you can.

With special spells – and I can cast every spell to attract same sex partners successfully – I will help you accept and support your partner’s new habits and other changes (do not forget that you will be undergoing some changes as well). Besides, by charging both magnets once in a while (figuratively speaking), I will make your relationship equally strong and happy at all times – true love is a source of happiness and joy which also makes people younger, healthier, more beautiful and creative.

Why is it difficult to cast a love spell for same sex couples?

Same Sex Love Spell candlesSpeaking of magnets, if they have the same shape or at least if each one has a side which is the mirror opposite of the other (do not forget about the charge), the magnets can be united with ease. This is why many love spells cast at home prove to be quite successful – the spell casters are just lucky to have found a perfect match for them right from the start, and an easy ritual helps them take the first step and start dating.

If there are no sides like that, they need to be created. You cannot do that using home magic. Take a magnet, squeeze it with your palms, and try to change its shape with the power of your mind. This is what happens when a professional magic practitioner brings together two people who are not right for each other. He changes their energies ensuring they start attracting each other.

Sometimes just one pair of matching sides can be not enough. For example, it is not good for a relationship when the partners have just one thing in common, such as love for good sex or nature, taste in food, or joint business. True love requires more than that. It needs good sex, common interests and hobbies, compatible temperaments, and common goals. One side is responsible for each of the previously mentioned aspects (in other words, one chakra out of seven), and a lot of changes are required in each of the partners to create true love.

The right choice between home magic and professional magic is pretty obvious. Only a trained professional is able to cast this spell successfully, considering you want the best results possible. But if you are doing it just for fun, to have a short-term love affair, go ahead and cast the spell by yourself. I, spellcaster Maxim, have no right to prohibit you from doing it. Moreover, I will publish a video on this page to teach you the best way to do it.

First and foremost, I want to do it to make sure you will not hurt yourself. There are many articles about black magic same sex love spells on the Internet today. When such spells are cast, you make one magnet huge in comparison with the other. The big magnet attracts the small one easily to basically keep it hostage. However, the small magnet being taken prisoner is not the only problem. Another problem is that the big one sucks the energy out of the other one until one day the latter becomes a lifeless piece of dead metal. No, it is not literally dead. However, this partner eventually gets too tired to love and to want their partner and to fight for their relationship.

Sadly, when black magic same sex love spells are cast, you never know which magnet you will transform into, the big or the small one. Therefore you do not know if this relationship will make you stronger or turn you into an energy mess.

How to order a same sex attraction spell from spellcaster Maxim

The requirements to order a same sex attraction spell are not too difficult to follow. But as a professional magic practitioner, I need you to follow all of them carefully. So please read this part of the article to avoid possible future delays and misunderstanding between you and me.

First and foremost, you should know the target in person. No professional spellcaster will agree to cast a love spell for you, unless you have talked to your loved one at least once. Those who agree to work with clients who have never met the target are con artists and scammers.

Secondly, you should have no hard feelings for each other. Otherwise, a peacemaking ritual is performed before a love spell is cast.

Thirdly, if the target is seeing someone, this relationship needs to be ended before using a love spell.

Fourthly, I do not cast spells on famous people. Even if you know a celebrity in person, I am still unable to influence this celebrity through my spells. Famous people are special people. They have a mission in this world and are protected by Higher Powers, so spellcasters are prohibited from casting spells on them.

Fifthly – there are no exceptions to this rule either – underage persons, pregnant women, and mentally unstable persons should never order spells or become their targets.

Sixthly – not the client but the spellcaster should choose a ritual to cast the love spell. As an experienced magic practitioner, I know more rituals than you do and I can offer you better options meeting all your needs.

Rule seven – to have a clear idea of what you need, read this ARTICLE about same sex love spells. 

Rule eight – the work should be done by a single magic practitioner. You are not allowed to hire another sorcerer just in case or have your fortune told to find out how the spell will turn out.

Rule nine – before casting a love spell, your energy and that of your loved one need to be examined.

Rule ten – You should follow all the instructions provided by me and fulfill all my requests, including:

- Provide a picture of your loved one;

- Provide the personal information of your loved one – name, date of birth, etc.

- Believe that the spell will work;

- Hide some magical object in the target’s place to make the spell stronger;

- Other requests.

Lastly, never demand me to speed up the results. Everything will happen exactly when it should happen. This rule is important for obtaining the best results possible.

If you follow all of the above rules, you will like the outcome. If you work with me, the spell will attract love and happiness into your life.

Questions and answers about the same sex love spell

Same Sex Love Spells ritualQuestion:

“Can you help me get back someone I once had a love spell put on?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

The perfect option for you would be hiring the same spellcaster as the one who cast that first love spell. If you cannot find him, if he discontinued his service for some reason, or if something happened between you and your partner which that magic practitioner cannot handle, I will agree to work with you. Luckily for you, complex and unusual spells are what I am best at.


“Why do so many sorcerers and sorceresses clearly specify they don’t offer a same sex love spell on their websites?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

Because this is a very complex job. Every person can make a playdough ball, but what about a figurine that looks almost like a real human? The same can be applied to same sex love spells – one needs good skills and special knowledge to cast them.


“Do same sex love spells cause mental disorders? Who is more in danger, the client or the target?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

Such spells may have negative mental health effects if you work with a low qualified magic practitioner who is not in control of the processes happening during and after the ritual; if you try to cast such spells at home without having the required skills and knowledge; if you use black magic. To minimize (or eliminate) risks, do not attempt to cast love spells at home, work with a proven and reliable spellcaster, and stick to white magic.


“My country’s legalized gay marriages, so I’d like to use your spell to attract same sex love to start dating and eventually get married. Is this possible at all or is it not in your powers?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

It is in my powers to solve far more complex problems than that, which means I can perform a series of rituals to ensure that you and the woman you love get married and have a happy married life.


“I’ve tried to have a same sex relationship many times but always ended up being cheated on. Can you cast a love spell for same sex couples and make sure my partner doesn’t cheat on me?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

I can keep any person faithful to the partner. Besides, this can be achieved in many different ways: it can become a matter of principle to your partner or your partner may start feeling physical pain every time he or she tries to cheat on you. If I were you, I would start with having your karma and energy examined as this may help you determine the reason why you keep being cheated on, such as:

- Loneliness curses;

- Hexes being your punishment for cheating on your partner in the past;

- Hexes or curses you got from your older family members;

- Punishment for your infidelity in your past lives;

- Higher Powers which try to protect you from partners who are not right for you (as cruel as this may seem to you).

When the reason of infidelity has been identified, I will be able to remove it. After that, if you want, I can put a fidelity spell on your partner, even though this will not be necessary anymore.


“How long does it take a same sex attraction spell to take full effect?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

It ranges from a few weeks to several months, depending on each specific client.


“Are there any restrictions applying to your customers?”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

I will be happy to help every person who is understanding about my requests and fulfills them and who does not question my powers. Call me or email me any time and we will discuss it in more detail.


“Could you teach me how to cast a same sex love spell at home? Please! I really need it!”

Answer by spellcaster Maxim:

Watch the video below as it is just about it.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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