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Casting break up spells that work on a spouse who cheats

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Break up spells that work to save your family

Many women ask me, spellcaster Maxim, as one of the leading magic practitioners in the world, to cast break up spells that work on their husbands who are cheating on them. Before I agree, I ask them, “Are you sure your husband is cheating on you?” Do you know what most women reply? “I don’t have proof but I can feel that he’s sleeping with another woman.”

When such suspicious women ask me for my breakup spells, I offer them to let me examine their family situation first to find out if the man is cheating or not. If I put a spell on a man who is loyal to his wife, even though the wife does not believe it, the spell will work anyway. However, it will destroy not the relationship of the man and his lover because this relationship does not exist. It will destroy the relationship of my client and her husband. It is not why people come to me.

Break up spells that workWhen you want to put a break them up spell on your husband and his lover, you do not have an opportunity to prove or to disprove your theory. You follow your instincts which can be wrong sometimes, so you risk ending up being cursed and losing your husband. Who is to blame for it? Of course you should blame only yourself for it. Who should you ask for help? Me, a spellcaster who can break any spell and give you your husband back. But knowing that such magic services are quite pricey, you will pay for your mistake with months of crying and being depressed. Is it worth it?

So before you cast a spell to breakup a relationship, find out if your husband is cheating on you or not because you need to know it for sure. If needed, hire a private investigator or spy on your husband by yourself. A cheaper option would be buying my relationship diagnostics services which always give highly accurate results with regard to all infidelity-related issues.

Three out of five women are mistaken about their husbands. Yes, your husband may become less passionate, his sex drive can go down a little, and he may be less attracted to you. However, it does not mean he has a lover. Remember that such changes can be seen in men for the following reasons:

  • Your husband gets too tired at work;
  • You keep finding fault with your husband;
  • You are cold to your husband but want him to be passionate and care about you;
  • An ongoing crisis, business or personal;
  • Your husband has a depression;
  • Your husband has health issues;
  • Your husband is just getting old;
  • You no longer look as attractive as you did before;
  • Your relationship is stagnant and nothing excites you about it anymore.

There are hundreds of reasons why your husband can no longer be interested in keeping the spark alive besides infidelity. So do not try to put a spell on your husband unless you are completely sure. Do not perform the ritual even if you decided to use one of the easy break up spells!

Things to do before using a break them up spell

I do not want the first part of my article to look like a poorly disguised advertisement, so I want to tell you about the signs to look for in your husband to figure out if he is cheating on you or not without using magic. Please read it carefully before you cast even one of the easy break up spells or a lemon break up spell hoodoo (I will tell you about it later).

To begin with, it is not his coldness but him being usually nice to you and trying to please you in all ways possible. The majority of men feel guilty when they cheat on their wives, even if they do not love them. If that is the case, men start taking better care of their wives, help them with their household chores, and pay compliments to them.

Another sign is when you see your husband is HIDING SOMETHING FROM YOU. He no longer leaves his phone where you can see it and it is now protected by a password. Other gadgets are also protected by a password, while in the past you could use them whenever you wanted.

Most importantly, your husband TAKES BETTER CARE OF HIMSELF. He gets a new haircut and buys better clothes. He may try to lose some weight and sign up for a gym. He keeps talking about changing his style and eventually he does.

If the above signs come with:

  • - Him being late from work all the time;
  • - Him being absent on weekends;
  • - Him being not interested in having sex with you;
  • - Him being forgetful and mixing up things;

then your husband is actually cheating on you and you need to use one of the break up spells that work as soon as possible.

What can be done instead of a spell to breakup a relationship?

Spell to breakup a relationshipHowever, you do not need to hurry and postpone your ritual until a later date. There are several good ways to make your husband love you again without the use of destructive spells. They are quite simple and are based on the energy of the loving wife, so they can be quite effective.

The first method is as follows. You wake up every morning thirty minutes before your husband. You wash your face with ice-cold water until your face and hands get red from cold. Then you take a comb (preferably a wooden one) and comb your hair without looking in the mirror. You take three longest hairs from the comb and sew them into the lining of the jacket your husband will wear to work. Take one more hair and wind it around one of the buttons.

After that it is important to be nice to your husband when he wakes up. Make something nice for him in the morning, remembering that you are fighting for his love. For example, make him some breakfast, pay him a compliment, or ask him how he is doing.

Avoid fights and insults. Do not try to blackmail him, cry or demand anything. If you let these negative emotions take control of you, you will radiate a lot of negative energy destroying the existing connection between you and your husband. And vice versa, the positive energy of joy, kindness and confidence will make it stronger, making it more difficult for your husband’s lover to convince him to leave you.

The second method has already been described on my website. If you have missed it, I can repeat it. Start collecting your first urine drops into a urine collection container three days before your period starts. Do it for several days in a row until the start of your menstruation, keeping in mind that the first drops are the most valuable. When your period ends, in the morning and in the evening make some drink for your husband that is not too hot, such as, for instance, iced tea, coke, etc. Add six drops of your urine into the drink and give it to your husband. To perform this ritual, you can use any drinks but coffee and alcoholic drinks. Thus, alcohol cocktails and beer are not used to get back the love of one’s husband.

If these methods prove unhelpful (they can be used together), try to cast one of the powerful break up spells that work on your husband and his mistress.

A lemon break up spell hoodoo – Proven method

The specifics of the ritual depend on what you have. To cast an authentic lemon break up spell hoodoo, you should have (or have access to) either:

  • - Your husband’s mistress’s hair;
  • - The bed on which your husband cheated on you;
  • - A photograph showing your husband together with his lover; or
  • - Their saliva or nail clippings.

If you do not have any of that, the ritual cannot be performed. Find an article in which I, spellcaster Maxim, told my readers about easy break up spells or contact me. Usually I work with photographs and biomaterials, but if they are unavailable, I find other ways to influence the man and make him end his love affair.

If you do have one of the ingredients listed above, perform the ritual according to what you have. If you have a photograph, cut it in half to separate the lovers. Take a locking box and put the photograph of your husband inside the box. On top of that put your photograph and some beautiful flower. Lock up the box and hide it. Burn the photograph of the mistress and bury the ashes together with the scissors you used earlier.

If you have the hair, make two voodoo dolls: one doll representing your husband and the other representing his lover. Bind the dolls with a string and then cut the string. Throw the lover doll outside and hide the husband doll. Perform this ritual when the moon is waning, preferably when it is raining or snowing. Then burn the string left after the ritual.

Now let us talk about the break them up spell cast with a lemon. Take a ripe lemon and pierce it through with a long needle. Take a cracked plate and put a photograph showing your husband together with his lover on the plate. Put the lemon on top of the photograph. Wrap it in food film and then in dark paper. Bind a towrope around it, bring the bundle to the garage and hide it there. Your husband’s relationship with his lover will decay along with the lemon and one day it will rot away completely.

The safest and easy break up spells

Break them up spellInformation about casting break up spells that work, can be found if you click on the link, so I omit the technical part in this article. I want to tell you more about spells because this is what you often ask me for in your letters.

Take a wooden comb and make sure it is exposed to all the four elements in one day:

  • - Air,
  • - Water;
  • - Earth;
  • - Fire.

Just wave with the comb to charge it with the energy of the air. Stick it into the ground to charge it with the energy of the earth. I am sure you can figure out how to charge it with the energy of the water and fire and you do not need my advice. Bring the comb to the front door of the house of the couple you are putting your spell on and break off one tooth and say,

“By the will of the fire, water, wind and mother earth, I command you (the man’s name) and you (the woman’s name) to break up and never get together again!”

Throw the tooth under the threshold and walk away. The next day repeat the ritual. Keep doing it until the lovers break up or until there are no more teeth left on the comb. If the latter happens, contact me. Perhaps you need more complex spells which can be cast only by me.

Another way to cast a spell to breakup a relationship is a little easier. Buy a ripe peach and a small cucumber. Remove the core carefully without cutting the peach in half and do not throw it away. Put the cucumber in the peach and put a couple photograph on top of it. Do not do anything else for a while.

Let the peach and the cucumber rot. Then put the core on top, wrap everything but the photograph in paper and leave it by the front door of the couple’s house. If any of the lovers touches the bag or tries to unwrap it, they will start fighting a lot. Since it is a curse, sexologists and other doctors will not be able to help them. To get help, they will need to work with a powerful spellcaster.

You need to be prepared for it, too. Buy an amulet to protect yourself against the kickback triggered if the spell is removed.

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