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How a powerful break up spell works and when to use it

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Should a powerful break up spell be cast only on married couples? 

Or, perhaps, it can also be used against people who haven’t registered their relationships?

Powerful break up spell ritualIf you work with a skilled spellcaster, it does not matter who a powerful break up spell is put on, however a registered relationship is more difficult to break than a short-term love affair. Luckily, it should not be a problem for an experienced and professional spellcaster.

My friend brought me a bottle of essential oil from Europe. She said she bought it at some flower farm. My aunt is a psychic and medium. When she saw the bottle, she said it was break up oil for spells. Nothing bad has happened to our relationship yet but this thing scares me. I don’t know what to do with it. I need your advice.

As far as I understand, your friend knew what she was giving you. Before she got the oil, I assure you that she had talked to a witch to find out how to cast a break up spell. Perhaps, it was the witch who advised her to use break up oil for spells. The witch made the break up oil for spells but, maybe, did not say that she had to spill the oil over your apartment. Or your friend forgot to do so. If she did, you would have been divorced by now.

Since you are still married which means the powerful break up spell has failed, consider yourself lucky. Do not experiment on your life. Next Saturday take the bottle and drive to a solitary place. While standing on the side of the road, throw the bottle as far as you can. Drive back without looking at the rear-view mirror. If you do everything right, the break up oil for spells will disappear from your life without harming you and your marriage.

My question is also related to break up oil for spells.

I bought a bottle of magic oil at an online store to make the woman I love break up with her boyfriend. The oil is yellow. I smelled it out of curiosity and it smells like flowers. I wonder if it’s real and whether it can help me cast a powerful break up spell.

I, spellcaster Maxim, keep telling my readers how dangerous it is to buy magic accessories at online stores. 80% of the products offered by online stores are fake. It is hard to say if your break up oil for spells is real or not. Speaking of its ingredients, there are many different ingredients which can be used to make magic oils, including flower and essential oils. Sometimes break up oils for spells are made in the form of perfume. If the recipe describing how to cast a break up spell says that the woman has to consider and wear the oil as perfume, the sorcerer or witch make one accordingly.

There is one thing in your letter that is bothering me. It is the fact that you have smelled the oil. I wonder if those who sold you the oil have any idea how to cast a break up spell. Do they not know that if you smell it, the best part of its negative energies will pass onto you?

Now your break up oil for spells is useless

Powerful break up skull spellThis is why you can throw it away if you want. However, now you need to be examined thoroughly. Otherwise, all your current and future relationships will be affected by the powerful break up spell that you accidentally let inside your subtle bodies, thus cursing yourself.

Dear spellcaster Maxim, could you teach me how to cast a break up spell to end my husband’s love affair? I know he’s cheating on me with a coworker. She’s married and she’s not going to divorce her husband. My husband says he loves me but I know that two or three times a month they book a hotel room where they spend Friday evenings making love. It’s breaking my heart which is why I want you to teach me how to cast a break up spell.

If we study your husband’s horoscope and karma carefully, we will understand that he is cheating on you not because you are a bad wife or because he is in love with that woman from his work. 

Adultery is part of his fate and even the most powerful break up spell cannot help you

Even if your husband breaks up with this woman, it will not be long before he finds another woman. This man will always cheat on you and this vicious circle is not easy to break.

Luckily, instead of wasting your time and money learning how to cast a break up spell on your own which consequences are hard to predict, you can contact me and I will change your husband’s karma with magic to ensure he will never cheat on you again. Even if he wants to, pain or sudden loss of erection will stop him.

I really liked that recipe of how to cast a break up spell with magic oil. I have the following question: Do you make magic oil? What is it made of and how much does it cost?

Like all experienced spellcasters, I know how to cast a break up spell and how to make magic oils to ensure that my break up spells bring the desired results. I cannot answer the rest of your questions yet because first I need to study your case, the history of the people who you want to use a break up spell against and decide which powerful break up spell to use. I do not know yet whether or not magic oil will be needed. Also, until I carry out my magic examination, I cannot say which ingredients will be used and how much your oil will cost.

I, spellcaster Maxim, one of the most powerful spellcasters in the country, cannot know the price of the ritual before I start preparing for one. One thing that I know for sure is the fact that the prices of my quality magic services are not the highest.

I’ve found numerous oil stains on the furniture in my apartment. They smell like herbs. We’ve had a lot of fights with my husband recently. I think someone might’ve used break up oil for spells to ruin our marriage. I tried to remove the stains but unsuccessfully. There are traces left. Besides, now they have a putrid smell. Could you help me?

Yes, I can cleanse your apartment remotely or advise you on how to do so on your own. Speaking of the stink, it happens almost every time powerful black magic is used. It may come from rather unexpected sources, as if not from this world. As soon as I perform the ritual, the stink will be gone and you and your husband will stop having fights.

Note that to ensure that no one will harm your marriage in the future, a protection ritual will be required. It will protect you from magic preventing others from trying to destroy your marriage. 

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