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Difference between a magic spell for love and voodoo magic for love

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It always happens in the same way. A person decides to use a love spell, types “magic spell for love” in the search box, and tries to find the best ritual. At some point he finds a website about voodoo magic for love and decides it is exactly what he needs. He has heard about traditional magic so much that it seems boring to him, while voodoo magic appears to be something new, luring and unexplored. It is so exotic! After a while, the person selects a love spells and places his order for voodoo magic for love. He has no idea what a terrible mistake he is making.

Do you want to know what it is? Today I will not tell you any sad stories like I usually do. I do not want to teach you which rituals to choose. I will let you make this choice. As a professional spellcaster, I will conduct a comparative analysis of a traditional magic spell for love and traditional voodoo magic for love, letting you draw your own conclusions.

So, let us begin.

Magic practitioner who casts the love spell

Candle magic spell for loveA strong and high-quality magic spell for love can be cast by multiple spellcasters. All it takes to cast such spells is inner strength and experience. To practice voodoo magic for love, the spellcaster has to take an initiation ceremony.

By the way, I, spellcaster Maxim, took it a white ago, which is why I can perform the most complex voodoo rituals and are very good at this kind of magic in general. Trust me, very few of those who offer voodoo love spells have done an initiation.

Most of them are self-taught voodoo sorcerers and frauds, or magic practitioners who claim to perform voodoo rituals but in fact cast regular love spells. Why do they do it? They believe voodoo attracts more clients due to its exotic nature, so they can make more money from it.

Yet, I do not want to discuss the work of dilettantes or liars. I will talk about powerful spellcasters capable of casting a quality magic spell for love and true professionals specializing in voodoo magic for love.


To cast a magic spell for love, the spellcaster has to engage the energies of the world. As you know, these energies twine around the planet forming an invisible net. Through this net, the spellcaster can access any person. It is like accessing a website using the Internet. Voodoo magic for love works in a different way. To cast a voodoo love spell, the spellcaster has to travel to the worlds where the voodoo egregors live, find one and convince it to help him, and then bring the spirit to our world. The spirit influences the target playing the role of a messenger between the target and the spellcaster.

It is very difficult to control such spirits. They are disobedient and can be not very smart. Inexperienced spellcasters often lose control of their voodoo spirits. Also, their clients get hurt badly as a payment for the spirit’s help. In particular, they pay with their vital energy as this is what voodoo spirits feed on.


We are talking about powerful professional magic practitioners, so we assume all of them can cast a quality love spell. In this paragraph we are talking about our expectations and if the results meet them.

Traditional magic is known for arousing love in people. This is what you expect when you order a love spell from a powerful spellcaster. This is how a traditional magic spell for love works – it awakens the best in people, opening up their heart and filling it up with light. As a result, the target feels love for you (provided your love spell was cast by a powerful spellcaster), which will eventually transform into friendship or attachment as the love spell fades.

Despite its name, voodoo magic for love does not arouse love in people

Voodoo magic for loveIt causes one person to need another person. This is achieved by quite an unpleasant magic relation. One of the participants, the target, turns into an energy vampire who cannot live without the donor, that is the spellcaster’s client.

There is no love here. Instead of love, there is fear to lose the partner, there is jealousy, desire to possess and control, selfishness, etc. It is not a happy relationship. Surprisingly, many people like it. I have met a lot of people who are ready to put up with the partner’s jealousy and humiliation to be close to the one they love. I take pride in the fact that I managed to change their mind and use a traditional magic spell for love instead of voodoo magic.


When you take advantage of magic, you need to pay. You pay with the money that you give to your spellcaster for the services provided, and also you need to pay with your energies, as no spell can work without energy. When you use traditional magic, you pay with the energy of your love. It makes the ritual viable, making it work according to the following simple formula: the more you love, the stronger the love spell and, as a result, the more the target loves you.

An improperly performed voodoo ritual feeds on your negative energy. The more you are jealous and the more you fear to lose your partner, the more effective the voodoo love spell is.

Thus, when you use traditional magic, your love spell is fueled with your happiness, while when you use voodoo magic, your love spell is fueled with your insecurity, anger, and unhappiness.


To find authentic voodoo artifacts to cast voodoo spells is really hard. True shamans almost never sell them, so the spellcasters have to make them by themselves. It is a time-consuming process requiring a lot of energy. The work of the spellcaster has to be repaid, which is why the price of such services is always very high.

Traditional love spells can also be expensive, especially if the task is difficult to accomplish. However, in general such spells are much cheaper.

I know many of you disagree with me now because you have seen the price lists of some voodoo shamans and their prices are not higher than those of traditional magic services. Well, true magic practitioners do not have price lists. They cannot know the price of a spell until they know what exactly they need to do. Therefore, only amateurish spellcasters can tell you how much a ritual costs before discussing your case with you. Besides, do not forget about magic accessories required for voodoo rituals which are rare and consequently cannot be cheap.


In most cases magic does not cause immediate harm and does not change your life dramatically, unless the spell backfires and you are punished for what you have done. Nevertheless, some changes are unavoidable. Magic leaves its marks on your karma. Which marks? It depends on what you used magic for.

If you used a magic spell for love to make someone happy, you created good karma. Even if your feelings later faded and you broke up, your karma is still going to be positive ensuing your happiness and success in all your undertakings.

When you use voodoo magic for love, you create bad karma. As a result, the least you can expect from fate is being dependent on your future partner, always feeling jealous and needing your partner as your energy donor.

I ought to warn you about it, even though I perform voodoo magic for love. I do it not because I am following some fashion trends (voodoo has been very popular lately). I do it because in some cases it is the only thing that can help the client. I will talk about it in my future articles so stay tuned. For your information, I post new articles at least once a week.

Now I would like to tell you how to make your love spell work faster. If you are interested, please watch the video below and do not forget to subscribe to my channel and like the video.

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