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Extremely powerful love spells cast on food

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A lot of extremely powerful love spells are cast with the use of some foods, drinks, spices, fresh fruit and vegetables. For those using my website as a guide on love magic and other types of magic, I am going to list some rules for casting powerful love spells on food. This information will be useful for all spellcasters practicing to cast a powerful love spell on food or drinks.

1. To cast extremely powerful love spells on salt, take a pinch of salt and wrap the rest into a clean sheet of paper or pour it into a new jar with a lid and use it later as needed.

2. Make sure your magic salt does not get into the food of other people and that no one but the target of your love spell gets to touch the jar.

Extremely powerful love spells3. If you want to break the love spell but you have some salt left after casting one of the powerful love spells, do not throw it away or dig it into the ground. Dissolve it in warm tap water and then wash the sink thoroughly.

4. Do not eat your magic salt or you may put the spell on yourself.

5. Never use menstrual or other blood in your extremely powerful love spells. Such rituals often lead to diseases, physical or mental, or accidents.

6. Do not use raw or spoiled meat, animal blood or dead animals in your powerful love spells. Such complex rituals are available only to highly professional spellcasters.

7. Magical ingredients which need to be fried/boiled/grilled should be added to a meal only after frying/boiling/grilling.

8. If there is a chance of someone rather than the target of the love spell eating your magic meal, put it into a bag and throw it away three days later. Make sure no one touches it until you throw it away.

9. This rule also applies to the leftovers from the food a powerful love spell was put on

10. While casting one of the extremely powerful love spells on an apple, use undamaged apples. Never use wormy apples, apples that have bruises or soft spots, or that have begun to rot.

11. This rule applies to all kinds of fruit and vegetables people eat fresh.

12. As for the tools, if you need, for example, a knife to half your apple, do not use the one from your kitchen. Buy a new knife and make sure to throw it away after the ritual. More information about accessory utilization can be found on my website.

13. If you need candles, buy new ones. If you need yarn, buy a skein. Throw away what was not used in the ritual. Nothing of what you use in powerful love spells can be kept in your house, unless specified otherwise in the ritual description.

14. If you want to cast a powerful love spell on a person you have never lived together with before, use only new tableware. If you want to cast a spell on your spouse, use the tableware you normally use (keep using if after the ritual, too). Make sure you do not cook in this tableware for anyone but the target of your love spell for 4 months after the ritual.

15. Do not put extremely powerful love spells on alcoholic drinks

Extremely powerful love spells heartThe spell may increase the desire to drink alcohol. If the target has a drinking problem, the spell may lead to a drinking bout.

16. While casting powerful love spells on coffee or tea, do not use artificial sweeteners. Use honey for tea and natural sugar for coffee.

17. Use cane sugar only if it is locally produced.

18. Use sweet dishes for casting love spells on women, and salty and spicy dishes for casting love spells on men.

19. Do not put a powerful love spell on a dish cooked by another person or purchased at the grocery store

You are the only one who can touch the ingredients (except for the people who grew them and prepared them for sale).

20. While choosing carrots (they are often used in love and sex rituals), buy those covered in soil. Do not buy pre-cut or pre-grated vegetables.

21. The above rule applies to all ingredients you use.

22. Different types of thermal treatment impact the magical abilities of foods differently. Below are some of the best thermal treatment methods:

  • Gas stove;
  • Electrical stove;
  • Electrical oven;
  • Gas oven;
  • Open fire;
  • Charcoal;
  • Microwave oven.

23. Cook your dishes and make your drinks for extremely powerful love spells only at your place. You can carry them outside, provided you can guarantee that no one but the target of your love spell will eat or drink them.

24.Do not cast powerful love spells if you are feeing unwell, anxious or depressed

Other contraindications include fears, premonitions, nightmares and fatigue. Women must not do magic during their periods. Men and women must not do magic if they are sick.

25. Make sure you are home alone while cooking your magic dishes.

26. Cast a powerful love spell on food only if you are in love with the target.  Do not use this kind of magic for revenge or to marry a rich man.

27. Avoid exotic foods. Extremely powerful love spells are more effective if put on local dishes.

28. National dishes make love spells quite effective, too. For example, to put a love spell on an Indian person, use Indian dishes; to put a love spell on a German person, use German dishes, and so on.

29. Powerful love spells work 50-70% of the time, unless you are a professional witch or spellcaster. Therefore, instead of wasting your money, work with professional magic practitioners like myself.

30. Before performing such rituals, make sure you do not have a loneliness curse on you. If you do, the spell may break you up for good.

31. Pay attention to details. If there are any leftovers, wrap them in paper and throw them away. Do not burn it!

32. Do not wash the plate you served your magic dish on. Clean it with a tissue (follow the above described procedure for utilizing the tissue), wrap it in a clean towel, and hide it away. Keep it until your extremely powerful love spells bring the desired results. Then you can wash the plate and keep serving food on it to your beloved.

33. Food magic is very powerful and its spells are very hard to break

Therefore, do not use it without being sure your feelings are strong.

34. As for seafood which may be used in raw seafood dishes or which is cooked alive, it is prohibited in magic, especially in white magic. You can use seafood killed not by you and not for you. Thus, you cannot pick a fish and ask the seller to kill it. However, you can use seafood which was already dead when you were buying it.

35. Powerful love spells put on food are considered to belong to women’s magic, but men who can cook can benefit from it as well.

This article contains just a part of the information about the powerful love spell and it is posted for free, so naturally there are some issues which have not been covered. I will continue talking about it in one of my next articles, so stay tuned to procee d with studying magic!

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