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How a Haitian love spell works

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Is it true that any of the Haitian love spells calls up a demon fulfilling the spellcaster’s requests?

No, it is not true. If it were, the Higher Powers would have destroyed Haitian magic a long time ago along with anyone practicing it. In fact, every Haitian sorcerer tames some supernatural entity or uses the help of a Haitian magic egregor while casting a Haitian love spell. This means that by influencing people, Haitian magic does not sacrifice them to some demons. They just feel some slight magic influence after which they feel love for those who put Haitian love spells on them.

Many authors claim Haitian spells turn people into zombies

What do you think about it? Given this quite peculiar feature of Haitian magic, is it worth using it at all?

Casting haitianl love spellsIf you have read the articles posted on my website, you must have noticed how strongly I recommend my readers to never cast Haitian love spells on their own. I do so because I know what forces will help you cast your Haitian love spells.

When Haitian spells are cast by a skilled spellcaster like I am, one the priorities of the spellcaster is keeping the powerful forces called up by the spells under control. This allows experienced spellcasters promise their clients that Haitian magic will not ruin their lives.

When you try to use voodoo magic on your own possessing no special skills or knowledge, you call up not the Higher Powers. You send your call for help into the Universe without knowing who will respond. This is no surprise that these are some evil entities commonly called demons that respond to your call. You cannot know whether they will help you or not. However, after you draw their attention to yourself or the person who you are putting a Haitian love spell on, they will never leave you in peace.

Can I order Haitian spells not from a Haitian magic spellcaster?

Yes, if you are working with an experienced spellcaster. It was many centuries ago that people believed magic healing was for men, while women could only help in delivery. Today it is not like that. Modern people have higher energy levels and far better developed consciousness which enables them to master more than one branch of magic or even all of them.

This is why modern spellcasters are able to provide all kinds of magic services without being initiated priests of some cults and magic disciplines.

I ordered a Haitian love spell from a witch

She cast it and the man who had been ignoring me for almost 6 years fell in love with me. After the ritual was completed, the witch sent me the voodoo doll that she used in her ritual. I don’t know what to do with it. I hope you will tell me what I should do with this voodoo doll: keep it or throw it away.

It is a good thing that the witch sent you the voodoo doll. By doing so, she enabled you to control the effect of her magic spell. However, her not telling you what to do with this doll indicates that the witch is either inexperienced or irresponsible.

Haitian doll love spells

Below are some of the instructions on what to do with your voodoo doll. I hope you will follow them carefully. 

1. Keep the voodoo doll wrapped in sticky tape in a drawer or box.

2. Do not show the doll to anyone, especially the one it represents.

3. Be careful with the doll. If you accidentally damage it, the person it represents may fall ill and the spell will be broken.

4. Keep the doll away from cold and heat. Low temperatures may lower the intellectual abilities of the person it represents making this person lazy, indifferent and boring. High temperatures may cause permanent insanity.

5. Do not use the voodoo doll in your rituals. If you do so, the Higher Powers will punish both you and the witch. However, the witch will shift the punishment onto you, meaning you will be punished twice.

6. If you decide to get rid of the doll, ask a professional spellcaster to help you. Otherwise, you may harm both the object of your love spell and yourself.

7. If you are afraid of your voodoo doll or see it in your dreams, especially nightmares, seek professional help immediately.

It seems to me that Haitian spells may be useful only to Africans or Haitians, while they are unable to help even the off-springs of those Europeans who immigrated to America. Am I right?

You are right but not completely. People do have a genetic memory which makes them more susceptible to one branch of magic and less susceptible to another. There is also an energy memory which is passed on from generation to generation. However, this does not mean Haitian magic will be less useful and less dangerous to you than some other branch of magic.

Any branch of magic produces a similar effect on all people who fall victim to it, just like medicines help people equally regardless of their origin and location.

Can a Haitian love spell be removed from a person with the use of a different branch of magic or it can be removed only by a Haitian magic spellcaster?

I cannot answer this question without studying the person who has a Haitian love spell on him. I cannot tell you which branch of magic can help this person without knowing what is influencing him exactly.

Let me remind you that many magic spells are removed with church rituals. This means that one branch of magic can easily break spells belonging to another branch. This is why you may not necessarily need a Haitian magic spellcaster to break your Haitian love spell.

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