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How do spells for protection work?

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Before you decide to use spells for protection from someone

Spells for protection can be cast on any aspect of your life. With magic spells for protection, you can protect your family and child, business and relationship, apartment and house, health and talent, success and money. As with black magic that can destroy any constituent of your fate, spells for protection from someone can protect any of them. If you feel your life is being destroyed or is under some negative influence, do not hesitate to contact me and order my spells for protection.

Casting spells for protectionAs a rule, I cast magic spells for protection immediately. However, sometimes I have to scan my client’s subtle bodies before casting my spells for protection from someone. Often people do not understand what prevents them from being happy and the mission of each professional spellcaster, including me, spellcaster Maxim, is to help clients identify their problems and fix them.

Below are some examples when people make the wrong decision by choosing to use spells for protection:

  • You are single. You believe it has to do with some ritual performed to not let you find love. You use magic spells for protection but they do not help. The problem is you have a malfunctioning sexual chakra. It generates the energies making women see you as a friend but not lover. In that case, a protection ritual will be useless for you.

  • You are poor. A dishonest spellcaster will probably offer you to cast his spells for protection from someone which will also protect you from poverty. If you contact me, I will study your subtle bodies and then your karma and it will turn out your poverty is caused by the fact that at some point you chose the wrong path. If you fix this and your life will correspond to your karmic program, I will help you make a lot of money.

  • You have poor health which you think is the result of some hex or witchcraft. Spells for protection will hardly help you if it turns out you are an energy donor. Your poor health results from the fact that you are always short of energy. By rearranging your subtle bodies, I will help you recover and improve your health.

Before you decide to use magic spells for protection, you should find out what causes your problems and only then decide how to fix them.  

How spells for protection work

Remember that magic spells for protection are not an elixir to be used in the hour of danger or some program to be implemented into the subtle bodies of the one who needs it. True spells for protection from someone are cast on an amulet or talisman – a powerful magic accessory emitting the energies of protection. 

All amulets work in about the same way: the longer you have it, the stronger it gets. This is why spellcasters are hunting for ancient talismans and amulets. The older an artifact is, the more powers it has.

However, an amulet can be broken and so can the energy inside of it. I, spellcaster Maxim, have already told you how to work with the artifacts charged with spells for protection and I suggest you look through these articles again.

To protect people, I use amulets and talismans. If you work with me, I will custom-make a protection amulet or talisman specifically for you. Note that there are no multi-purpose protection artifacts. Each talisman can protect you from some specific type of negative energy. If you want to protect yourself, for example, from getting fired, diseases and infidelity, you will need three amulets, namely:

  • A successful career amulet or amulet protecting from getting fired;
  • A health amulet or amulet enhancing the function of the lower subtle bodies;
  • A fidelity and strong love amulet that will protect you from anyone trying to break your marriage.

Below are the answers to some questions asked by the readers of my website:

“Can magic spells for protection help people with high energy levels? I think I might have some magic abilities which keep attracting problems into my life. Your answer is really important to me.”

Protection spells can help any person regardless of his or her energy levels

Spell book for protection

I make a talisman for each of my clients. My talismans are customized to meet each client’s specific needs. 

“My grandmother had a pendant protecting her from diseases and poverty. Thanks to this pendant, her life’s been amazing. Before she died, she gave the pendant to me. Putting it on gave me a terrible headache. I almost fainted! I keep trying to wear it but I can’t. Why does the pendant refuse to accept me?”

The pendant does not accept you because it is not tuned in your energies. It needs to be adjusted. This is how you can ensure that the spells for protection from someone contained in the amulet you got from your grandmother will start influencing your life. Moreover, you will no longer have a headache every time you put it on. I can adjust your pendant, so if you want you can ask me to do so.

“I can’t help feeling that there are some entities in my house. I found some spells for protection on the Internet and cast them but it didn’t help. On the contrary, it seems like it made the entity even stronger.”

This is a common situation. It happens when people, instead of casting magic spells for protection on some magic accessory, cast their protection spells on the energies around them which is basically nothing. When white magic spells are cast, nothing fatal happens. However, black magic spells give “food” to the entity making it, as you have noted, stronger.

“I’ve been reading your website for a long time and I know that you do not cast certain spells. Does it apply to your spells for protection from someone?”

As with any spells, I do not cast protection spells on people who have curses on them or whose karma does not allow that. Speaking of cursed people, I, spellcaster Maxim, need to remove the curse and heal the subtle bodies before casting a protection spell. In the second case, the people’s karma requires them to learn how to protect themselves. Otherwise, they will fail to fulfill their karmic mission. 

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