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How good or bad spells online are

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As the Internet becomes more integral to modern life, more and more spellcasters offer users to cast spells online. However, this trend may appear suspicious to people familiar with traditional magic. The fact that some people consider a love spell online as efficient as any of love spells cast during a personal meeting, indicates that these people lack magic-related knowledge. Today, to resolve all doubts regarding the online spell, I’d like to talk to you about online spell-casting to help you understand whether it’s a good or bad idea to use online spells.

Spells online First and foremost, not all spellcasters live in the same country you do which, however, doesn’t make them bad spellcasters. On the contrary, the Internet enables you to contact spellcasters offering spells online regardless of their location. Moreover, you can choose the best ones. To find out how to understand if a love magic spellcaster is a good or bad one and how to avoid making a mistake selecting a sorcerer or witch to work with, read other articles posted on my website.

Love spell online on photo

A love spell online is cast in pretty much the same way as love spells cast in your presence. The key tool of each spellcaster is his mystical powers enabling him to influence the object of the spell regardless of his or her location and energies. The spellcaster accesses this person’s subtle bodies through a photo or personal thing that you should give the spellcaster casting an online spell for you. That’s what you also do when you meet a spellcaster in person. This means that it doesn’t matter for a powerful spellcaster whether you meet him in person or not, because he influences the object of the spell remotely anyway. All you have to do is to provide a personal thing belonging to the object of the spell or a photo meeting the corresponding ritual requirements.

Some people think a face-to-face meeting with a spellcaster ensures that the spellcaster tunes in to the energies of the person you want a love spells to be cast on. Let me tell you something: if a spellcaster asks you for it, it means he doesn’t have enough personal powers to scan the energies of the object of the spell remotely. I wouldn’t work with such spellcasters because their lack of expertise may affect the efficiency of their love spells. 

A professional spellcaster who casts spells online can scan you even without seeing you in person but staying in touch with you via email. When you send him a photo or personal thing of the one who you want the spellcaster to cast a love spell online on, the spellcaster will scan this person, too. You will be amazed how many details an experienced spellcaster knows about people without seeing them.

Sometimes spellcasters ask their clients to indicate the date of birth of the object of the spell. This makes it easier for them to make astrology charts to select the right ritual and day on which to perform it. 

The spellcaster may also ask you about your date of birth to compare your horoscopes and identify the right kind of magic to use to ensure the efficiency and safety of his spells. 

This is when you can figure out whether you’re dealing with a true spellcaster or amateur one, a fraud. You can do that after your first conversation with the spellcaster who offers you to order an online spell from him. 

You should never trust spells online who:

  • don’t ask you for photos or personal things of the object of the spell to cast their love spells;
  • don’t ask your date of birth and that of the object of their spells online;
  • don’t ask you to follow some instructions which I, unfortunately, can’t give you now. I give my clients the instructions to follow right after they contact me to ask me to cast a quality and safe love spell online;

  • don’t give you any instructions after your online spell is cast;
  • don’t offer you to cast a protection spell for you to ensure your future happiness;
  • don’t ask you about you, your feelings and the object of the spell;
  • don’t tell you which ritual they’re going to perform or don’t let you choose a spell you like from their love spells; to yhe end, a spellcaster has to tell you which kinds of magic he offers and describe the advantages and disadvantages of each one;

  • don’t tell you what kind of magic they’re going to use and what ritual they’re going to perform and how;
  • don’t let you change your mind or refuse their services;
  • refuse to discuss with you a possibility that their spells online will fail in which case they will have to give you your money back, meaning they give you a 100% guarantee which is impossible in magic;

  • don’t examine you before casting a love spell online, whereas magical examination ensures the safely of all parties concerned as well as that the ritual will be performed successfully; as I’ve already mentioned many times, magic retribution may affect not only you and the object of the spell but also your family, including your children, if you have any;

  • disregard your wishes because they think they know better what happiness and love mean for you;

A true spellcaster can fix other aspects of your life as well which are not love-related. He can help you get prettier and richer, cure your diseases and help you get rid of your psychological complexes, as well as cleanse your subtle bodies. It goes without saying that a true spellcaster can tell your fortunes to tell you what your life will be like after your online spell is cast. This allows you to decide whether you should refuse using love spells if, for example, it will ultimately make you suffer and cry. Or, on the contrary, use a love spell if the examination of your case shows that the ritual will bring you happiness.

Statistics Online spell

Skull love spell onlineLet me give you some statistical data regarding my personal experience and my spells online. More than 90 out of 100 people (I have way more customers monthly) who contact me order a love spell online, while only 10 want to meet me in person. Speaking of the success rates, they are equal in each group. This means that my powers and expertise enable me to perform love rituals both online and in your presence. Both an online spell and a love spell cast in your presence are equally effective and safe.

There is one more factor which you shouldn’t forget about. Love spells cast in your presence will be more expensive to you than spells online cast remotely because their cost includes travel and accommodation expenses. If you ask your spellcaster to come to your city and this spellcaster is used to staying in expensive hotels, the cost of your spell may get exorbitant.  Ordering a love spell online, you may not worry about any extra expenses.

Yet, your intuition is what you should rely on while choosing between traditional magic and online spell casting. If your intuition tells you that you will make a mistake if you use the services of some spellcaster, don’t. Trust your intuition! It’s more powerful than you think and it knows for sure whether any your undertaking is worth trying. The only difference is that with some people their intuition talks for hours, while with others for a couple of seconds.

But it still talks to you. So if you’re considering ordering online love spells, listen to your intuition and I assure you you will make the right choice. You will also make the right choice if you come straight to me instead of looking for someone else to help you. 

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