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How to cast a love spell on a man – Basic rules (Part 1)

Homepage Practical magic How to cast a love spell on a man – Basic rules (Part 1)
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Before you cast a love spell on a man, you need to study the rules followed by all experienced spellcasters. They do not belong to the sacral part of magic, so I can tell you about them in detail. I suggest you read them carefully so next time you come to me or another spellcaster, you do not get a refusal. Everyone who knows how to cast a love spell on a man properly, follows the below rules, while those who are unable to provide quality magic services for some reason, do not.

Do not try to find out how to cast a love spell on a man by yourself

Casting love spell on a man1. It is okay to read some articles about it for information but do not try to practice magic by yourself. Every year hundreds of thousands of people get hurt because of it. Amazingly, only 10% of them get in trouble because of black magic sorcerers, witches or priests. The other victims get hurt simply because at some point they decide they are skilled enough to practice magic on their own. As a rule, they forget that knowing how to cast a love spell on a man is not enough, and one should always know how to avoid or handle the consequences of using magic.

2. Never cast a love spell on a man if the man is married, in a relationship, is in love, dating someone, or dreams of getting his ex-girlfriend or ex-wife back. To begin with, cleanse the emotional body and soul of the man of all past feelings and affections to allow him to turn over a new leaf. Otherwise, there will be a conflict of two emotional programs causing the man to have a nervous breakdown or develop some psychological disorders. Also, if you cast a love spell on a man like this, your spell may strengthen his feelings for the other woman making it almost impossible to break them up.

3. Speaking of how to cast a love spell on a man, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that statistically every tenth man is homosexual. If that is the case, casting a love spell on him successfully may be quite challenging. Such men need to be recoded first, both energy-wise and at a hormonal level. Also it is needed to help them overcome their fears of being in a relationship with women, while convincing them such a relationship is both natural and desirable to them. This is the only way for you to be with such men.

When you cast a love spell on a man, your spell changes both your fate and that of the man

4.Fate comes in the form of an unwritten book in some people. Such people shape their future themselves deciding who to live with, who to start a family with, which country to live in, where to work, and so on. Also there are people whose future is predetermined. They are deprived of their right of choice. Since we are talking about how to cast a love spell on a man, such men can be in a relationship only with the women destined to them.

There are a lot of spellcasters claiming they know how to cast a love spell on a man, who for some reason get confused when it comes to working with men with their future predetermined. As a rule, they do not know that every fourth or fifth man cannot be cast spells on at all, and any attempts to do so and cast a love spell on a man like this are brutally punished.

Love spell on a man ritual

This is why I always begin my work with examining my clients and their targets. When it turns out magic spells cannot be used, I offer my clients other options, such as using some powerful love charms or influencing the man through the woman (I modify her energies to turn her into one of those destined to the man, allowing the man to fall in love with her).

5. Another danger is that powerful magic strengthens not only love but also all negative energies, if any. Every person has some negative energies inside, such as diseases, violence, alcohol addiction, etc. As a result, if a love spell is cast improperly, the target may, for instance, become lazy or even die in an accident. Such sprouts of future problems are like the sword of Damocles hanging by a single hair over the person’s head. One mistake and the sword will fall down injuring and maiming them. Powerful magic works like this, too. 

Therefore, before I perform any rituals, I examine the subtle bodies of everyone involved to select a spell that is both, effective and safe.

6. Do not use love magic without creating a reliable energy channel with the target. The best way is through their photographs, personal things, hair locks, saliva, etc. Even a cigarette butt or some lunch leftovers may work. So do not be surprised if your spellcaster asks you to provide any of those.

You must be surprised if your spellcaster or witch does not. It is impossible to know how to cast a love spell on a man without understanding such simple things. For example, it is almost impossible to influence a man without having his picture. The majority of love rituals cannot be performed successfully without knowing the target’s full name, date and place of birth. If a church ritual is performed, the spellcaster needs to know the target’s Christian name. Thus, Orthodox Christians have two names – one official and one baptismal name. 

7. True magic cannot be performed for free. Our world is based on energy exchange. By taking money from their clients, spellcasters inform Higher Powers that the preparation for some ritual has begun. Upon learning about it, Higher Powers supply the spellcasters with the energy needed to help their clients. Without the money, Higher Powers will not help the spellcaster. As a result, the ritual will prove ineffective and expire fast.

Please remember about it if your spellcaster has a post-payment policy or offers you to pay in monthly installments. Such spellcasters count not on their skills but on luck expecting your problem to solve itself.

There are more rules but they belong to the secret sections of magic, so I will be able to tell you about them only after you make an official request asking me to cast a love spell on a man. To ask me to cast a love spell on a man, please place an order online using my website. I will review your order and reply to you as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Spellcaster Maxim

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