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How to cast a love spell on a woman – Basic rules (Part 2)

Homepage Practical magic How to cast a love spell on a woman – Basic rules (Part 2)
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I wrote an article a while ago listing the guidelines for casting a love spell on men. However, such guidelines exist not only in love magic for men. I am writing this article for those who want to know how to cast a love spell on a woman properly and avoiding its unwanted consequences.

Here you will find the guidelines to follow to cast a quality love spell on a woman

Love spell candles on a womanTo begin with, I would like to remind you that, even if you have found a seemingly good recipe describing how to cast a love spell on a woman on the Internet and have prepared everything you need, do not do it. Do not try to practice magic, unless you are an experienced spellcaster. Always work with powerful and proved spellcasters, sorcerers and witches.

I have spent more than one day in total telling you about the risks people expose themselves to when they use magic without having proper training. Also, I have told you a lot about how to select a good spellcaster out of hundreds of offers and which criteria to consider. Therefore I hope the information you draw from my website will not be limited by this one article and you will stay here for a while to improve your knowledge of magic.

Let me tell you one secret – my website has a number of articles telling about how to cast a love spell on a woman. They contain simple and safe spell and ritual descriptions. They have been selected with a focus on your safely, so even if you fail to perform your ritual properly, you will not get hurt.

Your safety has always been my top priority, and I am committed to ensuring that none of my readers, male or female, ever suffers because of the information presented on my website.

Now let us talk about the rules everyone interested in how to cast a love spell on a woman should follow to ensure the spell’s effectiveness and safety.

1.  Rule number one for everyone who wants to know how to cast a love spell on a woman is as follows: THE WOMAN HAS TO BE SINGLE. Before casting a love spell on her, free her from all her current relationships. Your love spell may fail in she is married, even if she has been living alone and has not talked to her husband for a long time. An improperly cast love spell may revive her feelings for her husband. Therefore, before a love spell is put, special rituals to free the target from all past feelings and affections are performed.

2. DO NOT CAST LOVE SPELLS IF THE WOMAN IS SICK OR WEAK. The list of the diseases is pretty long and includes genital organ diseases, hormonal and mental disorders. Women are more difficult to influence with magic than men. In brief, a man needs a pretty woman who can become a good friend to him and a passionate sexual partner. To make a woman fall in love with a man, more chakras need to be influenced. To make a woman have strong feelings for a man, she needs to not only find him sexy and be proud of him. She needs to feel safe with him, knowing that he can take care of her and their future children (or the children she already has). She needs to know he is faithful and honest, and that he will never leave her.

It explains why a love spell may be put on a man successfully even if only one chakra is influenced, while women need to have several chakras influenced at the same time. This cannot pass unnoticed for the woman’s health. One of the main principles followed by those who know how to cast a love spell on a woman is DO NOT HARM ANYONE, so make sure your love spell does not harm the woman. Therefore, it is always better to work with professional magic practitioners.

Casting love spell on a woman3. BE VERY CAREFUL IF THE WOMAN HAS CHILDREN. Children are always protected by Higher Powers. As a result, Higher Powers may reduce the spellcaster’s influence to naught if a relationship with the man might harm the children in some way.

Also, Higher Powers keep an eye on those trying to cast black magic love spells . Such love spells plait dark energies into the woman’s subtle bodies deforming them. As a result, the woman may become a bad mother, stop taking care of her kids and loving them. This is why Higher Powers rarely allow such spells to influence women, sending them back to the men casting them.

If you let me cast a spell for you, none of it should worry you. I cast all spells professionally, which is why I am considered one of the best spellcasters to work with. My clients’ safety has always been my priority. This is another reason why Higher Powers help me fulfill my clients’ wishes – they know my spells do only good to people.

Thus, I free women of their past relationships so delicately that their breakups cause their ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands no emotional or psychological traumas. My spells do not damage women’s fine energies. If a woman has children, she does not stop loving them after my love spell is put on her. In addition, her children happily accept the man their mother has fallen in love with and treat him at least as a good friend, if not a father.

4. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PUT A LOVE SPELL ON A WOMAN SUCCESSFULLY IF YOU HAVE NEVER MET BEFORE. I guess I have already told you about it. If the woman does not know you, she cannot fall in love with you, and no powerful spellcaster who knows how to cast a love spell on a woman properly, can change it. If you put a love spell on a woman who does not know you, she will fall in love not with you but with someone else who just happens to be around at the moment the spell takes full effect.

Therefore, I never perform my rituals if this condition is not met. However, I do not refuse to help my male clients, either. I just offer them my help in arranging their meeting and becoming friends based on mutual affection and interest. After that I get to casting my love spells.

I can arrange your meeting using one of my rituals, or offer you a special charm. Charged properly, it will draw the woman to you making her fall in love with you. After that (provided you use your charm properly), the charm will ensure that the woman stays with you for as long as possible.

I know some of my readers will be disappointed having failed to find any detailed love spell descriptions, as they expected this article to teach them how to cast a love spell on a woman. However, I am sure my loyal readers are not surprised, because they know that I am against amateurish magic. I practice safe magic which can be performed only by professional magic practitioners. Therefore, if you need a love spell, let me cast it for you and make the woman you love fall in love with you.

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