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How to cast a love spell on a woman if the man considers himself a loser?

Homepage Practical magic How to cast a love spell on a woman if the man considers himself a loser?
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How to cast a love spell if the man believes he is not handsome?

How to cast a love spell on a woman if the man believes he is not handsome? Often the answer has nothing to do with magic and the man needs to get a new haircut, dress better, start working out and lose some weight to become attractive. However, most women do not really care how a man looks. Below is a list of things women look for in a man (from most to least important):

  • Kindness and ability to support
  • Social status;
  • Sexiness;
  • Financial stability.

If you have it all, it does not matter whether you are handsome or not. If you still think you are not handsome and it makes you uncomfortable in a relationship, buy one of my rituals to improve your attractiveness. That way, no woman will be able to resist you and you will no longer be obsessed with the question “how to cast a love spell if you do not like your looks?” However, I would advise you to improve not your looks in general but the traits needed to attract the woman you are in love with at the moment.

How to cast a love spell on a woman if the man has a low income?

How to cast a love spell on a woman

  The answer to this question embraces several rituals. Some of them are designed to change the woman’s consciousness to ensure she does not care about money and looks for

  other qualities in a man. 

Other rituals which can help a man understand how to cast a love spell if you are poor are money rituals. Money magic (provided there are no karmic contra-indications) can help you increase your income. Thus, it can help you get promoted or strengthen your business. Sometimes it enables men to fulfill their talents. Others earn more after turning their hobby into a business.

I, spellcaster Maxim, have an individual approach to each client. People, being eternal and multi-level creatures, need different magic spells. Only the right spells can improve a man’s fate along with his financial situation.

How to cast a love spell if the man is not tall?

Unfortunately, magic cannot make you taller. About two centimeters is all you can count on. However, magic can change the energies you radiate ensuring that all women do not care about your height and sincerely believe you are far better than any other man.

How to cast a love spell on a woman if the man is low in sexiness? 

How to cast a love spell if the man is low in sexiness? In this case we are dealing with influencing the function of our sexual chakra. This chakra is easy to influence, provided you are a spellcaster as experienced as I am.

How to cast love spells on woman and man

Higher chakras are more difficult to activate but we will talk about it later. In the meantime, I would like to offer you a magic recipe to improve your sexiness. Most men, regardless of their age, can improve their sexiness by simply changing their diet. Stop eating flour-based, fatty and fried foods, eat more vegetables and protein (boil your meat and chicken). If you are still low in sexiness, work out three times a week and remember that the best exercises for your sexual chakra include:

- Weightlifting;

- Boxing and wrestling;

- Hiking (2+ hours).

How to cast a love spell on a woman if the man does not think he is smart?

As I said earlier, our higher chakras are more difficult to work with. First and foremost, a lot of people never use them. If you are stuck at your fourth chakra, your soul chakra, and need to activate your sixth chakra, you need to activate your fifth chakra first and only then you can work with your sixth chakra.

Another serious issue is a possibility of having a mind parasite or being cursed. Most energy diseases strike the mind and consciousness chakra for it enables them to control the victim’s body and fate. This is why I, spellcaster Maxim, will have to first cleanse and then restore your mental body. Before activating your sixth chakra, I will also need to ensure that you are protected from your mind parasite and other dark energy programs.

It is a lot of work and it is not cheap. However, this will make your mind clear and strong meaning you will become smarter. It will be easy for you to learn new things and study foreign languages, your will “devour” books remembering them in detail. More importantly, you will understand any woman and know what to do to win her heart even without magic.

How to cast a love spell on a woman if the man is overweight?

You can find the answer to this question in one of the articles on my website on how magic can help you lose weight. I also provide personal consultation so you can make an appointment if you want. What if I can influence the woman you love ensuring she will love you the way you are?

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