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How to cast a spell online, find a spell caster online & safety precautions

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More and more people claiming to be psychics offer to cast a spell online.

Can they be trusted? If yes, how to choose the best one?

To begin with, never try to find a spell caster by googling “cast spells online”. Google “spell caster online” or “spell casters online” to have a chance to find a good spell caster. Speaking of psychics, I would rather you do not order any spells from them. A psychic is a person with extrasensory perception. They can predict the future, see the past, talk to the spirits of the dead or nature, find lost items, etc. However, these people have nothing to do with magic. True spell casters study magic for many years practicing both online spell casting and physical rituals. Besides, they help people only after getting Higher Powers’ permission (you can call it a blessing if you want).

I don’t understand how the work can be done by a spell caster online.

Don’t they need to meet their clients in person?

How to casting a spell onlineIn special cases, they do. But generally rituals can be performed remotely. This is why I do not claim that all those offering to cast a spell online are liars. Moreover, I myself work with about half of my clients remotely, and none of them has ever questioned my abilities, skills and experience.

Naturally, to work with spell casters online, you need to talk to them by email or phone. They may ask for your picture or some personal things. In some cases you may be asked to provide a lock of your hair. Without getting into specifics, I would like to point out that a picture is often all a spell caster needs to scan his clients for energy and physical diseases, find out their fates, and help them.

I reached out to someone who claims he can cast spells online.

I filed an application and made a money transfer. This is when I lost touch with that man. I sent him five emails but he didn’t reply. I guess it’s no accident and my request to cast a spell online hasn’t been fulfilled. The other day I visited his website again and saw it’s no longer there, and someone’s selling the domain name.

Sadly, it is a common problem. There are a lot of frauds and scammers claiming to be a “spell caster online”. In fact, they trick people out of their money and disappear. This is why I always advise my readers to check two things before ordering some online spell casting services. A spell caster who has been working online for three, five and more years is more trustworthy than someone promoting himself as such through social media or a website which was created a few months ago.

I understand why professional spell casters who have just started offering to cast spells online can be mad at me. I know I am staining their reputation. However, I am sure they will not mind waiting for a year or two – this is how much time it takes to win a reputation of a reliable spell caster.  

Is online spell casting less effective than spells cast with the client present?

When spell casters cast a spell online, its quality depends only on the powers of each specific spell caster. Besides, there are a lot of rituals, especially black magic ones, which cannot be performed with the client present because they are too dangerous and the spell caster has to be alone while performing them. As a result, when the work is done by spell casters online, it is often less dangerous than the spells cast in the presence of the customer.

Speaking of people offering to cast spells online, what do you think about remote fortune-telling?

I think it is okay, provided the fortune-telling is performed with the use of tarot cards or other fortune-telling accessories. Moreover, I do not think such fortune-telling is inaccurate. Yet, I naturally do not believe spell casters using some online fortune-telling software and sending all their clients the same fortune-telling results.

I’m a computer programmer and I have an offer. What would you say if I ensure that all people googling “online spell casting”, “cast a spell online”, “spell caster online”, “spell casters online” end up on your website? You get new clients, and I get my 20-30% per each order.

How to cast a spell online with candles

You are not the first to make such an offer. Some people even offer me to perform rituals instead of me (they know how popular I am in many countries and on different continents). However, my answer is the same – NO. Every ritual involves three parties: the client, me and Higher Powers enabling me to help the client. My clients are brought to me by Higher Powers in the first place.  As you see, there is no place for anyone else here. Otherwise, this would be not magic, but a sham. 

I ask a spell caster to cast spells online for me. How can I know he actually performed the ritual?

You can know if online spell casting has been performed or not only by the results. Even if you meet your spell caster in person, you still cannot know if your rituals has or has not been performed. Thus, every time you ask a spell caster to cast a spell online, you take a risk. To reduce such risks, work with reliable spell casters with positive reviews.  

When you find a spell caster online, offer him to make a contract. If your spell caster is a fraud, you have a chance to win in the court of law. In addition, do not be shy. If you see the work done by your spell casters online has brought no results, threaten to sue them or report them to the police. As a rule, such threats are enough to force a scammer to give you your money back.

Are there any methods or signs to understand if a person offering you to cast spells online is a scammer?

When you find a spell caster online, you can determine his qualification by the below characteristics:

  • When his website was created;
  • Online spell casting reviews about him;
  • His price list (when you cast a spell online, you never know its price because prices are calculated individually for each client);
  • How fast your spell caster promises you to see the results (provided you found your spell casters online) (experienced spell casters know that it takes most rituals quite a while to bring first results);

  • If your spell caster agrees to talk to you by phone or Skype – unlike reliable spell casters, frauds try to make sure no one sees their faces and hears their voices;

  • What you are promised (experienced spell casters know that magic may fail to help a client for various reasons so they never give a 100% guarantee).

  • I’d like to work with you. But I don’t want you to cast spells online for me. I want to meet you and be present when my ritual is performed. Is it possible? Or do you do only online spell casting?

    I can answer your question only in person, so please contact me. However, I would like to point out that rituals performed with the client present are normally more expensive than those performed online. 

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