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How to cast love spells at home fast and with ease

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What makes love spells easy to cast at home

True love spells are quite easy spells and they can be cast at home. At the same time, women are better at casting such spells than men. It does not mean, however, that women at better at practicing magic in general. On the contrary, the world’s most powerful spell casters are mostly men. This has to do with the difference between the male and the female psyche. Men tend to have a goal and they cannot rest until it is achieved, while women tend to dream more. Since home magic is usually fueled by the energy of dreams, women achieve better results with simple love spells than men.

Love spellsThere is another factor contributing to women’s success in love magic performed at home. Their love is purer and stronger and so is the energy of their love – the energy needed for love spells which are cast at home to work.

As for men, they cannot really love. True love is a desire to belong to the partner, let the partner control your body, soul, and fate. Men are not like that. There is always something mixed up in their feelings, such as:

- Sexual desire;

- Need to be proud of their woman;

- Need to be perceived by the woman as a manly man;

- Desire to dominate;

- Ability to protect and control;

- Desire to have the household problems taken care of;

- Desire to have a low maintenance woman.

One can say a man truly loves a woman not when he has some feelings for her, but when all his desires and needs are satisfied next to this woman. Since this confusion always affects the quality of love spells, men are less successful in casting them at home. Luckily, this does not apply to professional magic practitioners. For example, I can put a love spell on any woman and make her go crazy over you.

I am just as successful in casting powerful love spells on persons of the same sex as the client. I, spellcaster Maxim, have mastered all kinds of both, modern and ancient magic, but my specialty is still love spells. Today I am one of the world’s leading spellcasters delivering results exceeding the client’s expectations.

However, sometimes I have to refuse service to people. These people include:

1. People suffering from mental health issues;

2. Underage people;

3. People suffering from serious energy diseases;

4. People having a celibacy wreath or a generational loneliness curse on them;

5. People who want to be with someone who is currently in a relationship (such people need to order a break up spell before using a love one);

6. People who are in love and want to be with a famous person – actors, politicians, musicians, athletes, etc.;

7. People who have not found the courage to introduce themselves to the one they love or try to become friends, but who are willing to use a love spell by a professional magic practitioner to be with this person.

There are others reasons why I can refuse service to a person but they are rare exceptions. Anyways, this happens quite rarely and about 99% of all people asking me for help become my clients and benefit from my powerful love spells.

How to cast love spells at home

Love spell ritualThere are several groups of love spells:

The easiest love spells are mental ones. You create a scenario of your future and replay it in your head once a day. You can modify and improve it adding some details, accelerating or slowing down some events. The key is to be fully focused on your dream. You should learn to forget about everything else while thinking about your future. You should disconnect yourself from the reality. As a result, your mental energy will start impacting your fate and eventually this love spell will make your dream come true.

However, sometimes the outcome can be completely different. If the future you are dreaming of is impossible with the person you love, Higher Powers will find a way to remove this person from your life and then ensure that you meet someone who can give you the life you have always wanted (I guarantee this to you as a very experienced magic practitioner).

The second group of love spells includes those cast using photographs. This kind of love magic works only when you have a photograph of the person you love. While photographs were not easy to get a few dozen years ago, today almost every person has a social media account with hundreds of pictures posted. Besides, almost every person has a smartphone with a built-in camera so taking a picture of the one you love has never been easier.

Such love spells require a printed photo. Love spells cast with the use of digital photos are less effective. There is a wide variety of love spells which can be cast with the use of a photograph. On my website alone – my website is called Spellcaster Maxim – you can find more than 80 love spells like that and there are many more that I have not told you about yet.

Today I want to tell you about one more love spell.

Buy the largest box of chocolates you can find. The better and more expensive the chocolates, the more effective this love spell will be. Take the chocolates out together with the tray, put your photograph into the box, and put the chocolates back. Put the photograph of your loved one on top of the chocolates. Close the box. Buy some red wool threads and yarn and wrap it around the box.

Put the box under your bed and do not touch it for seven days. Then cut the threads with scissors and take the photographs out saying,

“I’m setting you (your loved one’s name) free to love me (your name). I am setting myself (your name) free to love you (your loved one’s name).”

Make the box look like it has not been opened. Use the threads to make a lace. Its length in feet should be equal to your age (rounded number) + the age of the person you love (rounded number). For example,

If you are 30 and the man you love is 40, you need a 7-feet long lace.

If the second digit in your age is 5 or less than 5, disregard it. If it is more than 5, consider it an extra ten years. For example,

28 + 32 = 3 + 3 = 6-feet long lace.

Put the photographs together face to face and wrap them around with the lace. Put them away as a very powerful talisman facilitating your love spell. As for the chocolates, give them to your loved one.

If he eats at least a couple of chocolates, the love spell will be activated. In case you want to break it eventually, just unwrap the photographs, burn the lace, and leave his photograph at his place without him knowing it.

The other love spells, such as love spells cast using candles, food, fruits or knives, are too difficult to cast at home, unless you are an experienced magic practitioner. To learn more, read about powerful and effective love spells HERE, find out why powerful love spells should be cast by a professional spellcaster and why amateurish magic practitioners fail at them and also have to deal with their unpleasant or terrible consequences. 

The most important love spell-related questions

Love spell casterQuestion:

“Why is it not allowed casting a love spell on a person twice? You claim simple love spells aren’t dangerous. If it is true, why can’t they be cast over and over again until the desired results are reached?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

In most cases simple love spells are intended to communicate the spell caster’s wish to Higher Powers rather than impact the energies of a specific person. You open your heart to Higher Powers and ask them to make your biggest dream come true – be with the person you love. Higher Powers do not fulfill your dream immediately. Before helping you, they literally weigh your soul and heart to see if it is actually filled with love. If there is not enough love or if it is not strong enough, Higher Powers decide not to help you cast your love spell at home. So there is no point in trying to cast the spell again as Higher Powers will not change their decision. If your love is strong, your wish will be fulfilled at your first try.


“What’s the most important thing for a successful love spell? Is it love?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

There are three types of energy making a love spell effective:

- The energy of your dream – it defines the target and the life you want to have in the future;

- The energy of your love – it shows you are willing to take care of and responsibility for the person you are in love with;

- The energy of your faith in success – it opens up your chakras for a more effective love spell.

Your love spell will fail if any of these energies is missing.


“A friend of mine put a love spell on a man whom she didn’t love at all. She loved his money. How come it worked?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

She may have succeeded for one of the following reasons: either she used a black magic love spell or she hired a professional magic practitioner to put a love spell on the man. Professional spellcasters can put a love spell successfully pretty much on any person. As for black magic, love is not needed to use it. However, before using black magic to become happy in love, remember that black magic cannot make you happy in love. A black magic love spell cannot make a person love you. What this person feels under the influence of a black magic love spell is anything but love. It can be:

- Addiction on an energy level;

- Suppressed will;

- Obsession;

- Hypnotic illusion.

You should understand that in a state like this no one can be happy, not to mention be able to make another person happy. That is why I am telling you about white magic rituals (well, at least in this article) which can give you true love. So do not compare yourself to your friend who used a black magic love spell because your case is completely different.


“I love my wife but she seems to no longer be interested in me. Can I make her love me again with a love spell? If I can, will you tell me about the ritual that I should use?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Sometimes when I need to give advice, I feel not like a magic practitioner but like a psychologist – a profession I am quite skeptical about. But I cannot help suggesting that you first try to understand why your wife has fallen out of love with you and what it is that you do that is making her unhappy, and then try to change it. Often such changes are the best way to get love back.

A love spell is better of course if you want immediate results – a love spell ordered from me and not cast by yourself. But you asked me to tell you about a love spell to bring back lost love and I cannot disregard such request. The recipe will be presented in a video that you can watch below.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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