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How to do voodoo spells for the first time

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The first thing those studying how to do voodoo spells at home do is reading some books about magic

I, spellcaster Maxim, suggest that you start with the most popular books, such as those for dummies books. When you know the basics of voodoo, you can start reading more complex books on how to do a voodoo love spell at home.

Witch cast voodoo spellsThis not only opens for you the door into the world of true voodoo magic, but also allows you to prepare properly. First and foremost, you prepare your soul containing important information about your destiny and karma. Almost all people are unable to hear the voice of their soul but we can feel emotions. When your soul tells you, “Do it! It’s good for you”, it makes you feel excited, impatient and joyful, clears your head and lets you feel important at least for a while. When your soul wants to keep you from doing something, something bad, it makes you feel scared, have premonitions and hallucinate. Some people feel very tired or have headaches. Such people should not use voodoo magic. Knowing how to do voodoo spells will do them no good.

Always listen to your soul. When it comes to voodoo, this can be your only way to avoid getting hurt. If you disregard its signs, something terrible can happen to you. What? Please read my articles about it.

Secondly, by reading books prior to studying how to do a voodoo love spell, you can prepare yourself to work with the voodoo magic’s egregor. It will guide you through your studies and help you learn how to do voodoo spells properly. The egregor will also assign a spirit to you to help you cast spells in the future. You will feel a strong connection with your spirit and know it immediately. It is like meeting an old buddy you have not seen for years.

Magic is based on the feelings regular people do not have. Therefore, until you experience them along with the altered states of consciousness, your future cannot be predicted. In short, you will feel what you have never felt before. Thus, your future experience will be your permission to learn how to do a voodoo love spell.

Do not begin studying until you have the approval of your egregor or your personal spirit. They will speak to you in the language of your feelings and emotions, too. For example, you can wake up in the middle of the night and find yourself wanting to browse the Web. You type your request in the search box and it gives you five different websites. You will know which one is useful to you and which one is not immediately. This is how your spirit is helping you study – you easily find relevant information about how to do voodoo spells.  

Some beginning voodoo spellcasters do as follows. When they find some information, they take a break and try to see their future. They try to hear their intuition to figure out whether they are going to need this information at some point in the future or not. Right now this will be quite difficult for you. But if you keep practicing, after a while you will select only the useful and, more importantly, safe methods describing how to do a voodoo love spell.

Spellcasters study their whole life. Therefore, you need to be prepared that learning how to do voodoo spells will take you more than just a few years. Let us imagine you have completed the first, introductory, stage of your studies and are ready to move forward and perform your first simple rituals. Should you do it? Of course, not.

To begin with, you need to make an altar. To find out how to make one, read my book about it (you can find it on my website). In addition, this book contains a ton of useful tips for beginning spellcasters. Right now it is important that you understand that the altar is where you begin. There are two reasons why you need an altar: to strengthen your energies and to protect yourself.

The materials used to make your altar and its appearance changes from time to time. It is not unusual. Like sportsmen changing their exercise machines to perfect their body, or musicians striving to master the most difficult instrument to fulfill their potential, the spellcaster always needs an alter better than the one used before.

As for the method of how to do a voodoo love spell, it never changes

However, by changing the altar, the spellcaster changes his magic. A similar thing happens when the spellcaster’s strengthened energies lead to a stronger effect of his spells. At this stage, you should focus on your energies. Beginning spellcasters fulfill this mission in different ways, however the results are the same – having developed their energies and taken control of their emotions, the spellcaseters moves to a new level of consciousness, the level allowing the spellcaseter to influence people and change the world.

Casting voodoo spell with dollAt this stage you will be strong enough to influence your present and your future. Now it is time to start learning how to do voodoo spells. Do not try to put your spells on other people right away. Experiment on yourself first. Believe me, there are a lot of things you need to change in yourself. While studying how to do a voodoo love spell, you can get rich and healthy and find love. As you keep studying magic, you can make yourself younger, smarter, more beautiful and desired. In other words, you can reach the internal and external perfection you have always wanted.

After that, try to learn how to do a voodoo love spell on your family members

You know the energies of any of your family members better that anyone else’s, so it will be easier for you to work with them and influence them. This is when you can try using a gris-gris bag.

When you improve harmony in the life of your family members, try to influence other people by performing various voodoo rituals and using the voodoo doll.

This is not easy. On your way you are bound to come across multiple negative and destructive energies. Make sure it happens when you put your spells on yourself. That way, you will not hurt anyone and Higher Powers will help you, while your guardian spirit will teach you how to perform protective magic. If you start with learning how to do voodoo spells on strangers, you will end up having some serious karma damage and developing various diseases (including mental ones). The laws of magic are unshakable. It has always been and will be like this.

Now let me answer some of the questions my readers ask me in their letters.

- Should I study voodoo magic if I’m not from Africa?

- Unlike your inner strength and ability to focus on your goal, your origin and race are irrelevant to the voodoo egregor. Therefore, my answer is yes, you should.

- I believe in God and go to church on a regular basis. At the same time, I’m interested in magic and I’d like to study it. Can I do it being a religions person?

Church and magic rituals have a lot in common. Besides, all religions are based on a human who we could call a great magician today. Thus, your faith should not keep you from studying magic, provided you do not consider it a sin. If you do, your feeling of guilt can become an unsurmountable obstacle in your way to becoming a spellcaster.

- I’m 15 and I want to study magic. However, according to you, I’m too young for it. Can my case be an exception?

- It is not what I say. It is what magic says. So if your goal is to become a professional spellcaster, wait a little and start studying magic after you turn 18.

- Studying magic is a very long process. I don’t want to wait that long but I need a spell now. Do you, spellcaster Maxim, know any spells which could be cast by someone like me, someone who has never studied magic before?

- I can teach you how to perform a simple voodoo spell to attract money. This is what the video below is about.

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