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Lottery winning spells which you can order right now

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Perhaps, each of you has dreamed, at least once on your life, of learning how to cast lottery winning spells to win a jackpot. Some of you forgot about this dream, while others decided to focus on something more reliable such as a career or business. However, those who actually tried to learn how to cast lottery winning spells came to realize that it would take them dozens of years, but who has this much time?

Lottery winning spellsSince such dreams are quite common, I, spellcaster Maxim, am sure many readers will be happy to learn that I offer lottery winning spells allowing my clients to win big money. I believe you have a lot of questions regarding this piece of news and I would like to answer them now, before you start asking me via email, in your comments or by phone.

Do lottery winning spells exist?

Yes, they exist and they bring amazing results. Moreover, almost all people can take advantage of lottery winning spells by ordering one from me.

With a lottery winning spell, can I win some specific amount or as much as I want?

People have different fates so I cannot answer your question for sure. If you have no karmic restrictions regarding lottery winnings, you can win any amount. By the way, this is why I do not recommend limiting yourself. By thinking “I don’t need a million, a few thousand will be enough” you create limiting barriers around you preventing you from winning even one dollar. Dream, dream big! The clearer the message that you send into the Universe, the more you will like its response. The message is your dream to win a lot of money. The response is the lottery money you win.

Are there people who can’t use lottery winning spells?

First and foremost, these are people who are prohibited from winning lottery money by their guardian angels. Guardian angels are our wise protectors understanding that money may lead us astray. For example, as soon as you get rich, you will show the worst in you, such as greed, arrogance, vindictiveness and scorn. In this case your guardian angel will never let you get rich and will do everything it can to prevent magic from fulfilling your dream.

Can I win only once or many times using a lottery winning spell?

Above all, this depends on your karma. You can either win once but this will be a big jackpot or you can be winning the amount you want in parts. You can even win several jackpots if you are lucky! My knowledge and skills enable me to ensure that you win several jackpots, provided this does not contradict your karma.

Why don’t you play lotteries if you know how to win a jackpot?

First of all, what makes you think I do not play lotteries? I cast my lottery winning spells to check their efficiency once in a while. For example, I have won over $270,000 over the last year. Secondly, magic requires that spellcasters earn money not by playing lotteries but by helping people and improving their fates. To be honest, the satisfaction you get from helping people is far better than just being wealthy. This is why I have chosen to continue learning magic and improving my skills.

Can we do it this way: you help me win and then I pay you for your help? I promise to give you 30% or, if you want, even 50% of the money I win.

Lottery winning spells ritualUnfortunately, this is impossible. Do not think I am being greedy or try to protect myself from being scammed. The thing is the Higher Powers do not work on credit. If you want their help, you are going to have to exchange your energies with them. Money is what energies can be replaced with. For example, by giving a 10-dollar bill, you give the energy you spent to earn it. By the way, this is why the money of the poor is considered more reliable than the money inherited from a rich relative.

When you work with me, you pay me for my services part of which is giving my energy to the Higher Powers. This means their terms are still met. However, in your “business” relationship “You – The Higher Powers” there appears a third party that is me, spellcaster Maxim, exchanging my energies for your money.

Does it mean money is all you need to win a lottery with magic?

There is one more thing. It is GRATITUDE. Regardless of how much you have won – $5 or $1,000,000 – be grateful to the Higher Powers and consider yourself lucky. This will ensure that the next time you play a lottery, the Higher Powers will help you win a bigger sum. The Higher Powers like to test people’s ability to be thankful, share (if they are obliged to according to their karma) and be happy with what they have.

If you win as much as $1,000,000 and do not express your gratitude, you will lose this money. I believe you have heard of people who won $50 million but went broke. Their fortune disappeared before they had a chance to get a new home or even a new car. Such people lose their money due to temporary insanity sent on them by the Higher Powers for not thanking them for their help.

Is it considered gratitude to give part of the lottery money I win thanks to a lottery winning spell for charity?

Do not mix good deeds with gratitude. By doing good things, you improve your karma, meaning you atone for the sins you have committed in your past lives and ensure happiness, health and joy in your future lives. By thanking the Higher Powers, you give them part of your energy to pay for their help that is having introduced lottery winning spells into your reality. 

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