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Love spells to get your ex back to be cast at home

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Before you cast any love spells to get your ex back, let us figure out what kinds of ex-partners one can have.  To this end, let us imagine different partners you may have been in a relationship with.

A love spell to get your ex back is the most effective when cast on your ex-spouse

When you marry someone for love exchanging your vows, according to the higher laws, a bond is established between you and your spouse on the level of your karma or destiny. When you divorce, this bond is not gone. As a result, if not in this life, in your next life you will meet to go through various relationship models. If your spouse betrays you or causes you pain, he or she will be punished in one of the next lives, punished by you.

Casting love spells to get your ex backThis bond if very strong, even though sometimes you do not feel it. It is this bond that makes love spells to get your ex back so effective. Thus, sometimes even a simple love spell can prove to be very effective if cast on someone you were married to even in one of your past lives.

It is more difficult to put a love spell to get your ex back if you were not married but lived together. Living together makes the partners’ energies very sensitive to each other, so one partner can always put one of the love spells to get your ex back on the other easily.

It is even more difficult to put a love spell to get your ex back if you were dating but never lived together. If that is the case, you need special powerful love spells to get your ex back and usually only advanced spellcasters are capable of casting such spells successfully.

Among your ex-partners, some are still more difficult to influence with a love spell than others. I am talking about your ex-partners who never loved you. Magic practitioners know that it is easier to revive love than to create one. The stronger the feelings were when you were dating, the easier it is to revive them.

The feelings you had for each other are always very important. The fact that you lived together and even were married does not mean you loved each other. Statistically, only 12 out of 100 couples get married for love. The other 88 couples marry for convenience (it is a marriage of convenience for at least one of the spouses). A lot of people get married out of fear of being alone, and some people like your or your parents’ money in you. The key reason men get married is to get a permanent sex partner, while for women it is a desire to have a baby born to parents who are legally married to each other.

Here is a simple fortune-telling method to help you find out if you can put a love spell to get your ex back successfully or not. It will help you determine your partner’s attitude towards you currently and in the past, allowing you to select the right love spells to get your ex back.

It does not matter who will be casting your love spell to get your ex back

The age of the target does not matter, either.  There is one thing, however, which has to be taken into account. It is whether or not you have children together. According to the laws of magic, people lose almost all their magical abilities the moment their first child is born. The exception is when such magical abilities are needed to help the child. I am sure you have heard of “maternal magic” and its power. It applies to the people wanting to help their children.

If you have children and want to cast love spells to get your ex back but your ex is not your children’s biological parent, the spells will fail. If your ex is your children’s biological parent, your love spell to get your ex back will prove super effective.

There are some exceptions, of course. Thus, under the above described conditions the fact that you have children will not prevent the spell from taking full effect if your ex-partner loved them as his or her own and never stopped loving them.

This is easily explained. When we are born, we select our parents. Even if your parents make you unhappy and your life miserable, it is not their but your fault. You made this choice in order to go through some ordeals and learn your lessons. When a ritual to cast one of the love spells to get your ex back is performed to reunite the parents, Higher Powers, which goal is to protect children, will do everything they can to make it happen, because that way the children will get to live with the parents they once chose.

If a love spell to get your ex back can stand between your children and their true parent who will be replaced with your ex, Higher Powers will prevent the spell from taking effect, as all children remain under their protection until certain age.

Love spell candles to get your ex backIt is not a problem for true spellcasters, however we are talking about amateurish magic. This is why I, spellcaster Maxim, want to list all the reasons why you can succeed or fail at casting love spells to get your ex back.

The best love spells to get one’s ex back are love spells cast with the use of old personal clothes, meeting the following requirements:

- It belonged to your ex-partner;

- Now it belongs to you;

- It is your ex-partner’s article of clothing;

- You have not washed it since it was last worn by your ex-partner.

Preferably, all four requirements need to be met. The less requirements are met, the less effective your love spell to get your ex back will be if you use this article of clothing. If none of the terms are met, this thing will be useless for your love spell.

If that is the case, use a photograph in your love spell. However, not every photo can be used in love spells to get your ex back. First and foremost, make sure (it is very important!) the picture was not taken when you were dating.

If you put a love spell using an old photo, the target will find himself/herself feeling nostalgic and missing the past. However, the longing to get the past back will not influence the future. It will make your ex-partner feel sad and even try to meet you, but the ritual will not make your ex fall in love with you again. It is not the result you want, is it?

It does not really matter for a spellcaster like me when the picture was taken, but for you this may be the key for reaching your goal. Therefore, it is important that you perform your ritual using a recently taken picture of your ex (taken a couple of weeks or even days ago).

You do not have to be a secret agent or a detective to get a recent photo of your ex. Nowadays, almost all people use social media. Find your ex’s page and download any picture showing your ex. Make sure your ex is the only person in the picture. If there are any other people in it, the picture is useless. By performing a love ritual using this picture, you will hurt yourself as your spell will influence the people you do not have a right to influence.

Also, I suggest that you, before casting a love spell to get your ex back, try to tell your fortune. I know that after your ex left you, you may be feeling lonely, thinking you have missed your only chance at happiness. However, you may be wrong. What if your ex-partner left you to allow you to find true happiness with another person? Or what if Higher Powers broke you apart because they knew your relationship would give you nothing but pain?

Thus, the other day I talked to one of my clients and she admitted she thought the fact that her husband left her was her punishment. She was devastated. After a while she learned her ex became addicted to drugs and got his new girlfriend who later became his wife addicted, too. It turns out their divorce did her good but not bad.

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